Overwhelmed, frustrated neighbors appeal for some relief from neighbor’s ‘trashy’ yard

Overwhelmed, frustrated neighbors appealed to Community Development District 1 supervisors  for some relief from a neighbor’s “trashy” yard.

The property in question is owned by Tom Dugan and it is located at 1902 Antonia Place.

Neighbors said this has been going on for six years.

They said they have tried to help.

“We have tried to encourage Mr. Dugan to come into compliance. We’ve even volunteered to try to help. We cleaned out 30 bags of trash from the garage one day. I think the garbage men were overwhelmed,” said neighbor Don Doggett.

Vehicles crowd the driveway 1902 Antonia Place.

Vehicles crowd the driveway at 1902 Antonia Place.

Neighbor Rex Hamlett got emotional when he described how he considered trying to sell his house to get away from the situation. He got the sobering news from a real estate agent that he would be forced to absorb a huge loss on his home if he tried to sell it. The agent pointed to the neighboring property as the reason.

Dugan was represented by Mark Wagner, who previously lived at the property. He said he is no longer living with “Uncle Tom.” Wagner identified himself as “the problem child” who had lived at the property.

“I’m gone,” he told the audience at Friday’s CDD 1 meeting. He implored them to show some compassion for Dugan.

He promised that the property would be cleaned up.

“It will be done today,” he said.

However, neighbors indicated that would be a monumental task that likely could not be addressed in a single day.

The board found Dugan in violation of deed compliance and gave him three days to clean up the property. If it is not brought into compliance, he will be fined $150 and fined an additional $50 per day until the property is brought into compliance. If the fines reach $1,500 the case will be turned over to District counsel.


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  1. Ed Laucks says

    They’ve dragging their feet on this for 6 years. But, someone has a decorative bird on their lawn, this community swoops down real fast and order it removed. Seems to me that anonymous people have more power in The Villages.

  2. Jan Lindsey says

    As one of the neighbors affected by this deteriorating situation, I can say as quickly as possible that the bottom line is, in fact, that there are regulations set up years ago for some of the older sections of The Villages which are so full of loopholes and generalities that it is almost impossible to get anything changed. Please take the time to re-read the Standards section…THEN carefully read the “enforcements” of non-compliances. Thank goodness, because of the months of our meetings, phone calls, and neighborhood encouragements, the Standards Committee has been able to amend reinforcements of codes. Bottom line: we as all neighbors need to see these reinforcements acted upon quickly and fairly.

    • Jan Lindsey says

      Just a PS…take a quick ride to 1902 Antonia Place to get a better look at the house…and be sure to ride past it so that you can see the screened-in lanai in the back!

  3. Linda Helmbrecht says

    Wow, talk about unfair rules. No pretty bird, but wait, all the trash and clutter is ok?!
    Something doesn’t sound right. And 6 years?
    I do believe TVs have some major flaws in their laws(regulations). Kudos to neighbors who pitched in and helped, unfortunately it didn’t improve the owners frame of mind, or desire to do better. JS 😱

    • James Smith says

      The villages compliance and enforcement department is nothing but a waste of time . They don’t even enforce their own regulations . That is , unless someone does something nice to improve their property ,and then they jump right on it . Maybe what everybody should do , is go together and hire a lawyer and sue the shit out of the villages . Then maybe they will get off their ass and start doing their job to clean up these properties .

    • Keith Oster says

      There should be a show that goes back to all these shows like holders, and any of the other fix it up for them shows, five years later to see what happened to the hoarders , restaurants, etc.

  4. Richard Kimball says

    This is just another reason that proves my point that The Community Watch is a waste of time. Dissolve it and save us the costs associated with it.

    • Elwood White says

      Richard, I like the fact that there are people assigned to ride through the neighbor hoods. That at least should make those in the area for other reasons a little nervous. What we need to do is give them a list of violations, educate them, and give them more authority.

  5. Ween74 says

    I find it incredile that the beautiful decorative bird has been picked on and should be removed while this mess has been allowed to go on for 6 years. Really????!!!!

  6. Lewis Forrest says

    dont know what to say, this happens alot, 6 yrs going on is ridiculous, good old village committees.. I knew of a situation where they didnt even have electricity just hanging out , drugs, etc.. when complaint was called in the villages said oh, if there is no over growth or weeds not our jurisdiction .That right there told me alot, good luck.. 150.00 wow that should break them.

    • Joseph Bailey says

      Who gets the $$$$$$$$$. At $150/ day??? The developer???…certainly not the town or state…who made them judge and jury…and if we all signed that ream of paperwork; how many of us actually read all that crap?? That’s why you don’t need a bottom feeder(lawyer) at your closing…they slip all their crap in and we sign away; myself included.

  7. William Charles says

    I think the neighbors tried to help and were complaining to the owners for 6 years. Not to Community Standards. If they did complain and nothing was done it was because the CC&R’s for that district is not very strict. Now it has progressed to the point where Community Standards has some infractions to work with.

    • Helen Hamlett says

      Charles, we did call Community Standards multiple times. I can’t even remember how many times, and we weren’t the only neighbors calling. We always told them who we were and that resulted in threats from the “problem child”. Each time we called CS would send out someone to tell them to clean it up, but in no time at all it was a mess again. You’re right the standards in this district are not as strict, but we’ve been told they can’t be changed.

  8. Helen Hamlett says

    The picture does not even come close to how bad this property has been. It’s been almost 24 hours and it’s still a mess over there. The driveway is full of trash and junk, once again he has not met his promise to get it cleaned up. Luckily “the problem child” is gone, but will he be allowed to return?

  9. Tom Stockman says

    I am curious as to what difference it makes who notified deed and restrictions about a possible violation of the rules that were agreed to and signed at closing by every homeowner…as the villages have grown the number of people who think that the rules are not for them has also grown…the deed and restriction department sends an inspector out to confirm or reject the possible violation….if the home in question is in compliance there is where it stops…if not in compliance the homeowner is notified and given time to correct it…they make the decision.

    • Jan Lindsey says

      Read the standards: there is nothing the Standards Committee can do if the item is INSIDE the home…or at least that is what we the neighbors in Section 1 were told. Maybe try a nice sunny window? (Check YOUR SECTION’S standards.) Just a thought. Do not want to add more conflict to this situation…..please!

  10. Jeff Summerfield says

    Puts the ‘Bird in ithe Yard’ saga into the shade.
    Full weight of the Compliance Police onto the ‘Bird’, yet this has been allowed for six years.

    • Bill Williams says

      Good comment Jeff, I can only reinforce what you have already said. Six long years, what’s up with the compliance police riding around in their new vehicles, do they not see? This cannot be the first complaint. Then there’s much craziness about a bird and white crosses, oh please! How many golf carts does ‘uncle tom’ need? Six years, that’s what I find mind boggling, and, that one person can bring down the whole neighborhood. Six years and this mess is gonna be squared away in a day? Good luck with that. Prediction, all the good neighbors will get out in force to help clean up this mess, and in six months, or less, it will return to this mess.

  11. James Radatz says

    When problems occur, this is the way to address it. Not being sneaky and complaining without letting the guilty person know who or why. In this case, I would suspect that this guy will comply. If not, he knows that they will hit him in the pocketbook. Additionally, I compliment the neighbors in attempting to help the guy clean up his property.

    • Janice Pena says

      This has been going on for 6 years-I doubt he will comply now. My question is, what others said said-full weight of compliance immediately with the very attractive bird-but this has been ignored for 6 years? I, too, compliment the neighbors for trying to help.

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