Pair of suspects identified in slaying of Daily Sun employee and his stepson

Andy Fockler

Andy Fockler

Bailey Zylo

Bailey Zylo

Two suspects have been identified in the slaying earlier this year of a Villages Daily Sun employee and his teenage stepson.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives have identified 19-year-old Emanuel Angelo Tuggerson and 20-year-old Isaiah Ishmael Richard as suspects in the homicides of 18-year-old Baily Zylo and 38-year-old Andy Fockler on Jan. 29 at their home in Weirsdale.

Emanuel Angelo Tuggerson

Emanuel Angelo Tuggerson

Isaiah Ishmael Richard

Isaiah Ishmael Richard

Richard was located and arrested by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and Tuggerson is at the Marion County Jail on unrelated charges, and will be served with an arrest warrant for these charges while in custody.

In January, Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to 14241 SE 151st Place Road in Weirsdale after receiving a 911 call. Found dead at the scene were Zylo and Fockler, who worked for nearly two decades at the Daily Sun press facility on Rolling Acres Road.

Richard and Tuggerson are being charged with two counts of murder in the first degree and are being held on no bond.




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  1. Robert Basye says

    KUDOS to Marion county major crimes detectives for rounding up these dirt bags , no matter what the reason they committed the murders.

  2. Chip Griffen says

    Stereotypical people, who, to prove the stereotype correct – murdered two people. Now, watch they complain that they are “stereotype’ed”. Sorry folks, “Profiling” works for a reason.

    • James Radatz says

      My major stereotype is boozers and druggies that get behind the wheel i/e, The drunk that ran down injuring 20 people in N.Y. killing one. Boozers and druggies that drive, belong in an 8×6 for several years. I don’t stereotype by race, but by attitude and behavioral performance.

      • Paul Donovan says

        Terrible “accident” but it has been reported that the guy who ran over all those people had a 0.0 BAC. This was an intentional act and whether or not it was international terrorism is immaterial. It was a terrorist act.

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