Pavlo Simtikidis bringing Mediterranean sound this week to Savannah Center

Pavlo Simtikidis

Pavlo Simtikidis

Pavlo Simtikidis’ musical formula goes something like this: blend a Mediterranean sound with flavors of Greek, Latin and Pop.
Put those sounds all together on Pavlo’s classical guitar and you have the music of a world-renown artist. He will appear Jan 13 at Savannah Center.
Pavlo, who is from Toronto, may not be a household name in The Villages, but he is highly acclaimed in Canada and throughout the world.
 He has sold more than 500,000 records with such albums as “Pavlo” and “Fantasia.” He also earned a JUNO Award, the Canadian version of the Grammy.
Here is a video of a performance:

The PBS special, “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights” has been shown in Canada and the U.S. Among the artists Pavlo has worked with include, Olivia Newton John, Jose Feliciano and Rik Emmett.
Pavlo has worked hard to create success over the past two decades.
“ I find when I follow my passion and do it for the right reasons, it always finds a way to succeed at some level,” he told the Toronto Star. He has a worldwide appeal, selling records and performing in places like China and South Korea.
“It’s because it’s instrumental, and because of the infectious grooves that Mediterranean and Latin music bring to the table, it opens up to the world . . . no language barrier,” he told The Star.





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