Perceptions about residents and crime north of County Road 466


To the Editor:

We enjoy our winter home on the Historic Side of The Villages. The perception by some, that Historic Side residents must all be in a low income or low-life category, is biased to say the least. Owning a second home in Florida made us choose wisely. Not being pretentious types, we and many others, bought lovely manufactured homes north of 466 that made good financial sense.  A higher incidents of petty crimes this past year is often by low-life from outside The Villages, beginning to find ALL of our areas an easy target. We note that not much is being done to enforce age restrictions for being a permanent resident in The Villages (i.e., parents who buy homes for adult offspring under age 55, with criminal records, often drugs) or allow them to stay indefinitely are doing no one any favors!  Troubled people come from all walks of life and all parts of our Villages. Improved security is no doubt in order, but let’s not lose the wonderful sense of community that has made The Villages so appealing.

Marsha Weber
Village of Country Club Hills


  1. Today’s manufactured homes are available in floor plan sizes as small as 600 square feet and as much as 3000 plus square feet. The average size home purchased is approximately 1400 square foot, which would equate to a double wide 24 feet wide and 60 foot in length, or a single wide 18 feet wide and 80’ long.

    I would not consider these to be trailers.

  2. Mark, a trailer has a hitch and wheels. The manufactured homes on the Historical side are classified at Manufactured Homes due to no hitch or wheels on the home. Nasty remark. The Villages does not have trailers. They have manufactured homes..

  3. Amazing how some people think that their backyards are so clean. Also amazing how, unless there are medical situations, more and more residents feel the need to invite adult children and Grandchildren to live with them. Just like everything else, 55 and over seems to have been added to the PC list of incorrectness.

    • As the community has grown the problems have increased and as advertisement has increased to inform people outside of The Villages that all the restaurants, bars, squares, and gates are open to the public, the problems have increased. Many of the people who are under the age of retirement who work in the businesses rent homes in The Villages, not in the separate little family areas for workers. I know many of them just from going to doctors, dentists, and hairdressers. Remember they built schools for children of employees of The Villages, those employees work for ANY the businesses in The Villages. It seems The Villages no longer cares what the residents have to deal with as neighbors! Having just found out we have a sexual deviant around the corner who basically is attached to our back yard, and is now living with his defenseless grandparents makes us want to move sooner than later. We now refer to that house as the loser house, because the couple who owned the house before, had a son who followed them from NY, lived off of them. When they moved to S. FL, near family who would be of help to family who would help them as they grew older with heath problems, he followed as soon as he broke up with yet another girl friend. A drunk, and another almost 60 loser.

  4. Seems to me we have just as many over 55 with issues. We’ve had murder, theft, vandalism etc in the old enough to be here group. Yep the younger ones can be an issue but some of the elders are also irresponsible. With enough people you get problems, it’s unfortunate, but still love it here.

  5. We live in Silver Lake and we are happy with our choice. However we do seem to have a number of undesirables in this area and it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to do anything about it. Mom and Dad think they are doing Junior a favor by indulging him yet again by letting him live here and giving the area a bad name. Once a scum bag, always a scum bag and The Villages turns a blind eye. It makes me sad that crime is taking over and as far as I can see all they get is probation, which means nothing. I hope someone wakes up before this wonderful community is ruined. Oh and by the way, not everyone on the historical side is poor…….

  6. The Villages has a 85/15 rule which means that up to 15% of residents can be under the age of 55. Does anyone track that?? I doubt that but that would be a good question for Janet Tutt. You should email her.

    • Supposedly that’s the rule but I would bet money there is no control over it and no one is even counting. When we signed 15 years ago, we were in our early 50’s. The sales rep made this big deal about going back and having to check to see if it was okay. He comes back and says “you’re in luck, we are still under 10%”. Note at that time it was 10% under 55. From all the crime, drugs, beating up people that is on here very day, I bet it’s much, much higher than that. Too many people are letting their loser kids/grandkids move in or they are letting them rent a place or even paying for it. That never works. They have to get right the hard way.

      • You are right, once TV sells a property to the “Original Owner” all bets are off. If they try to enforce anything “Big Brother” will come down hard and the Morse family does not have enough money (or desire I bet) to fight that fight.

        TV may as well give up the goose. UNLESS they want to take over the roads (not going to happen) and turn more like Del Web or OTOW – TV may as well just admit they are what they are – an open neighborhood with control only when an anonymous source wants to bitch about a very nice lawn decoration.

        They could “maybe” make the squares private (retailers would all be gone). The pools and golf would become “clubs” and the counties would fight over lower tariff’s for what they offer. Everything is eventual.

      • Sherry, am SURE you know the salesperson leaving to check, was all an act… it would not surprise me at all to find more than 50% are “underage”… but age has nothing to do with it, neither does which side of the road/bridge you live on>>> crime is all over… just very glad we have such dedicated LEO’s, now if we could just get the black robes to grow a pair