What do the polls really tells us?


To the Editor:

I see in the Letters to the Editor the selective use of poll numbers to support the writer’s position on Trump and his administration. However this person’s argument is illogical since the subject was Trump and his cabinet, yet the author used questionable polling numbers about Democrats. Evidently they have succumbed to Trump’s belief, as he recently tweeted, ”Any negative polls are fake news.”  You can’t have it both ways, what makes the polls you reference true and polls critical of Trump false?
Here are few poll numbers to consider and even if some are off by a few percent, they show a definite trend toward Trump and his administration.
So Donald Trump enters the presidency with the lowest public approval (40%) of any president in the past 60 years, as well as the highest disapprove, at 45%. After one week his disapproval rose to 51%. Note, as he entered office, President Obama’s approval was 68 to 75%. Some 80% of British citizens think Trump will make a “bad president,” along with 77% of those polled in France and 78% in Germany.
A poll by PPP indicates that 62% of Americans do not believe that Trump’s inauguration had the largest crowd in history, whereas 18% agreed.  Also 54% considered the women’s march as a larger crowd than Trump’s. In this poll, people were asked if they approve of a wall along the Mexican border if tax money is used and 53% said ‘no’ and only 34% approve.  Should Trump release his tax returns 59%, yes.  Should Trump divest himself of business interests, 61% yes.  What is really significant about the poll results is the number of Trump voters who disagreed that Trump had the largest crowd in history, 34% yes, 32%, no.
A recently released poll shows that just 16% of Americans want Congress to repeal all of Obamacare, while 51% say it should repeal only parts and 30% say it shouldn’t repeal anything.
If the Obama administration was as bad as FOX claims, then why is Obama’s current public approval 60+% and Trumps is 35% and falling?
65% of Americans are very or somewhat concerned about Trump’s failure to identify his conflicts of interest.  And 93% of Democrats have similar concerns.
Gallup polling indicates a dramatic difference in American’s perception of how other countries respect our current and past presidents.  Obama ranks as 67% approval and 20% disapproval, whereas Trump’s approval is 29% and 67% disapproval.
A recent study by Morning Consult found that the majority of the people find the major media outlets are credible. At the top, ABC News was found credible by 67%, CBS by 65%, The New York Times by 63% and CNN by 60% of the public. In some surveys FOX news has a credibility ranking of around 25-30% that reflects Trump base.
Contrary to what many see in the conservative news, President Obama and his administration have more approval among Americans than Trump and his plans.  (60% approval for Obama and 35% for Trump and more significantly 54% disapprove ).  Mid-February, The Quinnipiac poll shows a severe partisan split — 83% of Republicans said they approve of Trump’s job performance, while 91% of Democrats disapprove.
39% of voters surveyed said their opinion of Trump is favorable, while 55% said their opinion of him is unfavorable.   55% of voters surveyed said they think he does not have good leadership skills, while 42% said they think he does.   55% said they think he is not honest, while 40% said they think he is.   63% said they think he is not level-headed, while 33% said they think he is.   58% said they think he is doing “more to divide the nation.”  38% said they could trust Trump to do what is right “almost all of the time.”
I challenge you to refute these poll results, however I will not accept data from FOX because they have been proven to not be reliable.

Barry McAlister
Village of Sunset Point


  1. Ed- Thanks for a thoughtful comment!

    Someone likened the Republican and Democratic take on the Comey revelations as akin to watching a house burning down and looking for someone to blame for calling the fire department.

    The issue of the source of leaks not to seems to be more important to some Republicans, and the White House, than the issue of Russian interference, really an attack on the US by cyber warfare. The “leaks” have not been about classified information, but rather about the characters that are the makings of a good spy novel.

    There is also the question of whether reporting (leaking) on the decision-making process behind fake or accusatory tweets is really “leaking” at all. Tweeting is the behavior of twelve year olds, masterfully portrayed by Alec Baldwin.

    The president has major resources at his command to get his message out to America and the world. Unfortunately he does not seem to understand this power and reverts back to his NYC shock jock/Apprentice modes when feeling attacked.

  2. The only winner in this entire cyber attack debacle is Vladimir Putin. His initial task was to disorient and confuse our election process and he managed to generate a all out political war in Congress, fuel the already angered, divided American voters and make the United States look like a pack of 320 million clowns to the world. He wished for a toy car and got a full size Cadillac.
    Let me state this…Trump was wrong to say Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. He should make a statement as such. Liberals have got to stop this Trump-Russian Collusion political lynching and stop with their “not my President” rhetoric. We are doing our nation no good.

    • As for the leak situation. I don’t see the big deal on it. Leaks are put out there for two different reasons. One of them is to expose wrong doing because you can’t stand the person who did it and want to get even. The other is that you are concerned about what happened and you want to protect the people and our country.
      My opinion is that I don’t care how the information got out. If it’s bad I want to know. What matters most is if it is true and what can be done (not to stop the leaking) but to control and get rid of the person/people responsible for the wrongdoings.
      As far as the press I want to hear everything. If they are held back and not allowed to report or demand answers we will be living under a dictatorship not a democracy. I also think Trump needs to apoligize for his crazy rants and provide proof about his assets and liabilities he has in other countries. He doesn’t mind throwing out accusations about everyone else. It’s time to put his proof out there before shooting his mouth off. Also, I wish he would stop using the word “bigly”. Makes him look small!

      • DianaL, supposed you had some very confidential information, that if leaked, could interfere with you doing your job or hurt you, would you still think it wasn’t a big deal? This type of leaking is a CRIME and needs to be punished, period!

    • They’ll still make excuses for him, Richard. He plays to his base and apparently they don’t give a rip what Trump says or does, no matter how ridiculous, so I, like you, will sit back and watch the show

    • Sorry George, but the Ukrainian anti-corruption forces have released signed and sealed documents confirming that Paul Manafort was paid $750,000 by a Putin front organization to assist in the fraudulent election of a Russian backed Ukraine presidential candidate.

      Manafort was Trump’s national campaign director for 6 months, and was repeatedly asked if he has or had any connections with Moscow. That’s a whole lot of smoke!

      In addition, Roger Stone, self-admitted “dirty tricks” guy who is a long-time advisor to Trump (and a wild conspiracy theorist), bragged that he had a back channel to WikiLeaks, and was in contact with “blogger” Guccifer2.0- actually a Kremlin/KGB site, to release damaging info against the Dems and HRC. He also “foretold” of WikiLeaks release of the Podesta emails a week before it happened.

      Collusion is there, and I have no doubt more will emerge in coming days as the Republicans are not too happy about Trump’s wiretapping tweets. Defending those wild accusations, to the point of calling special sessions with the director of the FBI, put them in an awkward position of a parent trying to defend their child’s lies before the teacher.

      Ironically, I believe many Republican conservatives would be the first parents to give their kid a good whoopin’ if they lied to them the way Trump seems constantly inclined to do. It’s harder when it’s your own party’s president!

      Regarding Michael Flynn. 1.) He lied about his content and behavior, and 2.) broke the law by discussing American foreign policy with an official of an American adversary while President Obama was still in power.

  3. This so-called President leads the most corrupt administration In American history and the majority of Americans know that! Just this morning the Director of the FBI called him out in a lie about President Obama wiretapping his office and he also said that the Trump administration is under investigation for colluding with an American enemy! I don’t care who you voted for, no true American patriot could possibly support this guy!

    • Cindy, the FBI director said there was no evidence of the FBI wire tapping Trump Tower, that leaves the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ with those capabilities. He also did NOT say the Trump CAMPAIGN colluded with Russia. He did not respond to any questions regarding that except to say they do not comment on any investigations. Get your facts straight.

      • Claudette, FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the first time Monday that the agency is investigating Russia’s influence on the 2016 U.S. election, including any “links” between Moscow and Trump campaign officials. He also said that ALL American security divisions came to the same conclusion that there was no wire tapping of Trump Tower by Obama or anyone in our government. Perhaps it is you who needs to get their facts straight.

        Here’s the link, you can see him say it yourself.


      • Claudette actually he said he was DIRECTED BY THE DOJ to comment about the ongoing criminal investigation since late July and there was no monitoring Trump Tower. Sitting immediately to his left was Admiral Mike Rogers head of the NSA that confirmed the same. Also they said the CIA is responsible for survelence out side the USA, James Clapper who had headed the department had testified earlier behind closed doors. Mike Pompaeo is the current appointee by Trump that heads the CIA confirmed Jan 23 2017.
        So we now have the Justice Department who controls the FBI and the NSA has confirmed that there was no monitoring of Trump Tower and admitted though that there is a criminal investigation of Trump campaign associates. Now it’s up to Mike Pampaeo to confirm if Donald is correct in his statement about surveillance.
        Since this was an open door meeting the FBI director and NSA director has the privilege of not answering questioning or using names of associates under investigation since it involves National Security

        • Ladies, have you all not heard of backdoor surveillance? Surveillance law experts state that the intelligence community may legally conduct “backdoor searches of Americans without a warrant”, if the target of the surveillance is not a U S citizen. If Trump or his advisors were speaking to those foreign individuals who were the target of U S spying, those communications would be collected and shared with the entire intelligence community.

          The real problem, that everyone wants to ignore, especially Sen Schiff, is who or what agency is leaking information. If backdoor surveillance was used with Trump, then it must also have been used with the Obama administration. Would love to hear about those!

          • Even if there were backdoor surveillance, there would be knowledge that would have been given during the investigation. ALL surveillance was considered, from all sources within the government, during the investigation. NO WIRETAPPING BY ANYONE CONNECTED TO THE GOVERNMENT WAS FOUND. But you go on believing the cheeto, the rest of us are watching him crumble.

  4. The Pravada poll this Dan Hopwood sited was for 2016 “Trump Bump” in July 2016. There is no current Pravada poll for Trump. Try googling it and see what you find……….. Don’t spin kids……. Leave that up to Fox and Friends.

  5. Barry Trump won, Hillary lost, get over it. In spite of all the polls from CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, ABC, NBC and CBS saying Hillary would win by a landslide, she lost. So much for the validity of those polls and pollsters.

  6. He is not my president and never will be. He will not serve out a 4 year term,
    How anyone, anyone could support this man is beyond me. From grabbing womens private parts to lying about being wire tapped. He did not even have the curtesy to shake Angela Merkels hand. For god sake Presidents shook the hands of the head of the USSR during the cold war. Look up the meaning of boor and and you will see Trumps picture. He is an embarrassment to the country.
    To him making America Great is increasing the military (already way stronger than the next 7 countries combined). Sealing off the country and taking away health care and assistance that the poor need.
    He is just awful!

    • Richard, way stronger than the next seven countries combined? Our military budget is the same as all those countries combined. However, we pay our servicemen way more than they do (and not enough, in my opinion). We aren’t the strongest in war making capabilities by a large margin, behind China and Russia. Our military spending is 3.5% of the GDP which puts it in 22nd place in the world. We are #3 in the amount of armed forces.

      The military’s budget includes 1,000 military bases in foreign countries consisting of 1,000,000 military and Defense Department personnel and their families. Some of these countries are also a part of the seven you mention and receive the following portions of the military budget; Kuwait, 37.2 Billion, Germany, 27.8 Billion, So.Korea,18.2 Billion, Japan, 15.2 Billion, and the U.K.,14.7 Billion!!! Since we are spending billions, for many, many years, protecting them, they can have meager military budgets. The onus falls on our military.

      By the way, our Obama Health Care takes the biggest chunk of our tax dollars yet we are ranked number tenth behind Australia, Italy, U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan,and Switzerland….all of whom spend far less than we do. So, which should be cut and which should be increased?

      • Don’t knock the UK.
        Our % of GDP on defence, is greater than Germany and France combined.
        Also when the US needs others to die for lost causes, we are always the first in there with you.
        Your $14+ spent on your USAF bases in UK is peanuts, for the support you get from us.
        Ask the B****y French and Germans to do a bit more dying for you, then find out who your friends are.

        • Jeff, I don’t discount U.K.’s friendship but don’t talk to me about personnel dying. We pulled your ass out of the fire TWICE, losing many more lives than you did. And, we’ve been giving you financial aid for over 70 years. Those “peanuts” you speak of could support many of our homeless veterans.

          I’ve also heard many in your Parliament denounce the USA. Not particularly grateful are they? Would the U.K. rather align themselves with any other country? Look how long it took you to break away from Brexit!!,

  7. I read some of these posts and longed again for one of the entrenched “Progressives ” [ not to be confused as Democrats which don’t exist any more] would post again all the Obama accomplishments and how Hillary would bring us all together as a nation by continuing his policies.

  8. How many of us have actually been polled? I don’t pay attention to polls. I only use them to my advantage when they support my position. Today should be a productive day for major news.
    Why oh why does Trump put out those tweets? He is embarrassing himself and his country. He is making a mockery of the position he holds. He goes off on his attacks without any thoughts to the consequences.
    It amazes me that people just accept every wild accusation he spits out without making him provide proof. He needs to let Pence deal with world leaders and concentrate on our economy. I think we all would have to agree his communication skills are lacking.
    Just wondering about the cost of his trips to his weekend home and the cost of keeping his wife and son in Trump tower? Just wondering what outrage there would be if Michele wanted to stay in Chicago instead of being by her husbands side. I remember Trump accusing Obama of golfing and taking vacations all the time. Let’s keep track of how many mini vacation that Trump is taking that we are paying for. I think he has already beaten Obama record for a year period.
    Oh how I miss the “class” and being proud of of a President that I could respect. OBama may not have been the greatest President but he was a fantastic spokesman and is a wonderful husband and Father. Trump is not a person that I would encourage my children to emulate and respect.
    Interested to see if Trump will ever apologize for anything he has said. We need a hero here and it is not Trump!

  9. The only poll that really matters is the one back in November. I’m ok with that one. I remember all the polling experts claiming a Clinton win during the days before, and even hours before the ballots were counted…until they were proven wrong? If it soothes the snowflakes’ feelings to surround their fake reality with “polls” after the fact, let them have their meaningless polls along with their fake “news” scandals. All the while the administration will live up to the campaign promises to make America great again.

    • I can’t wait until all the Obama/Clinton “real” scandals hit the fans. People always write books.
      Clinton we all know is so corrupt for her “pay for play”. They still are investigating. Obama/AG aren’t there to cover her back anymore.
      President Trump & his administration will live up to the promises made to us. He doing more now in 50 some odd days than Obama has done in 8 yrs. But he will never get credit from the left wingers. They only have the love for a corrupt person that will sell us and has down the river for money.
      Sad losers

    • Will W, you are absolutely right, the November “poll” was the only correct one! Actually, the polls showing Hillary as a big winner helped Trump enormously…I’m sure a lot of Dems, assured of a victory, didn’t go out and vote. Back to point…the writer can quote statistics to quazoo but if those polls were done correctly, why did Trump win?

      An expert at Huffington Post states, “As a statistician, if I’m trying to see if a poll is rigged, I look for what we call bias in these polls. Bias is an estimate from SMALL samples of people whose views DIFFER from the larger population of voters.” (Emphasis is mine). He further states that the samples are usually less than 1% of the population. Sooo, if you want to believe 1% of biased voters, you are certainly gullible! The proof was in the election.

    • You are right, the November election was the solution. Unfortunately, most people voted for the other gal. Gee, I wonder how he got the electoral college to vote his way. Makes you want to say, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • In the past Republicans hated the evil empire and all that it stood for. Now they defend a president whose goal is to establish complete control as has Putin in Russia. In the past Republicans cast themselves as the moral majority and had a holier than thou attitude about personal behavior, etc. Now they embrace a con man, a pathological liar, a misogynist, tax evading cheat, sexual predator, xenophobe, etc. Republicans are such hypocrites.

  10. Americans!
    Don’t let these people scare you off. They attempt to make EVERY public forum offensive to normal people. By their violence. By their vicious, nasty, offensive, obscene comments, chants and postings. By their fire bombings, riots, beatdowns, etc. They want to deny us access to EVERY media, public meeting and context.

    We must keep trying to use the alt-media available to us to hold reasoned discussions. The MSM is denied to us. Schools are denied us. Universities are denied us. Their labeling of us has been the same for 50+ years: FACIST, NAZI, HITLER etc, now RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, ZENOPHOBE etc – you know the way they are.

    Virtually the only forum they left open was AM radio and the Internet. They are trying to force us off the latter by posting their vicious, nasty accusative postings. Every time they have power they try to shut down AM radio, now they are trying to control the Internet.
    Remember: Everything they say is a lie, everything they do is corrupt. They always accuse us of what they do.

    • charles, well stated. The same ones here will keep it going & going. With the corruption in their liberal progressive party not any of them are outraged by it. Where is their integrity? Sad people

      God Bless America & President Donald J. Trump!!!!!!!.

  11. I see that our local Publix Supermarket has put an opaque shield over the National Inquire. I’m sure the local Democrats have complained about the cover stories. Like, “MSNBC host spouts fake news,” “Clinton is going to be indicted,” “Obama this, Obama that,” etc. This week it is “Proof that Obama/Clinton Bugged Trump.” See http://www.nationalenquirer.com/photos/donald-trump-barack-obama-wiretaps-2/
    Poor little snowflake Democrats. SOOOO offended by any opinion other than theirs. And the Leadership of the Democrat party that tries to shut down EVERY information source they don’t control. So much for the “Tolerant” Left. Maybe the local Republicans should protest against the New York times and The Washington Post being offered in the News stacks. THOSE belong with the Tabloids!

          • Claudette, Trump was a liberal democrat He loved Hillary Clinton; now he thinks she’s the worst. He was very much in favor of abortion rights before he opposed them. And he might be xalling himself a Republican today, but he was once a registered Democrat who called for legalizing drugs, a massive one-time 14.25 percent tax on the wealthy and staying out of wars that didn’t present a “direct threat” to the U.S. In many ways, he’s been to the left of Clinton and even Bernie Sanders on some issues.

          • Claudette. Stop. How important is the price of a magazine? Ridiculous. Dana made her point…

          • Hunter, I’ve changed my affiliation 3 times while looking for my niche. In the last 30 years, Trump was a Democrat for 8 years and a Republican or Independent for 14 years. He stated that living in Manhattan affected his alignment, “I was from an area that was all Democrats and over the years, I evolved.” His one-time tax idea of 14.5% on super wealthy would have payed off the National debt (not a bad idea). Recent history shows most wars were started by Democrats: Roosevelt, Truman, LBJ, and Clinton. All told Democrats’ total is 16, Republicans’ total is 10. As to abortion, Trump said “I believe it is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors”. That is neither pro or con! Bill Clinton, on the other hand, relied on his pastor, Vaughn, who averred that the Bible defined a person’s life as beginning at birth, with the first intake of breath (leaving the pregnancy wide open) which Clinton used as his pro-choice position. However, in his book My Life on page 229 he states, “Everyone knows life begins biologically at conception.” Didn’t he also evolve?

            Both political parties aspire to some good ideas. Trump was my choice BECAUSE he was not a politician who would tow the party line but rather, as having been on both sides of the fence, would incorporate the best of both.

          • Oops, that should read 22 years rather than 14. Didn’t include from 2009 till 2017. Wanted to correct that before the “ladies” called me on my math!

        • Dana, you must have been a faithful reader of The Enquirer. How you would know how many years Trump The Enquirer rag paper had stories on him. How would you know the price of it now?
          Remember when ou lie, you have to always remember your lies.

          • It was in a reference article I read he was also in New York Post and Daily News over the years also, mostly scandals and women in his life. Mary I do not lie.

          • You’re right, Dana. As a former New Yorker, I can say that Trump has been in those papers for years. Always some trashy strory, especially about his divorce from his first wife, Ivana, or his crappy real estate deals, etc.

      • Dana, usually where there is smoke, there is fire. The Obama administration asked FISA (shadowy court that grants warrants) if they could wire tap Trump Tower. The court turned them down. They put in a second request, which the court granted. How do you suppose they got sufficient information in the second request if they weren’t already spying?

        Ed Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, proved that the NSA was secretly wire tapping numerous individuals. Wake up and smell the roses!

          • I did do some checking…. and, Obama, per se, could not have ordered a wire tap. However, the DOJ, which was in his pocket with Holder and Lynch, could. Further, are you not aware that you can now be tapped through your smart TV or cell phone?

          • And I suppose next you will tell me that microwaves do to?
            Donald Trump is a liar. He is president of the U.S. and he is a liar. He is now being called out for his lies. Next will be whether or not Mannafort, Flynn, Stone, Tillerson and Trump have nefarious ties to Russia and just how it affected our election system. I’ll bet right now, Trump is shaking in his boots…

          • Linda, don’t know about microwaves but being tapped via smart TV’s and cell phones has been on the news. You know, the media that you all worship?

    • Urban Dictionary

      Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Yiannopoulos, And Nazi Sympathizers (A.K.A. ARYANS), whose immense white fragility causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency.

      This is all a continuation of how Snowflake historically refers to people who are against the abolition of slavery.

      The ARYANS have attempted to hijack this term to use against progressives and those opposing Fascism. It failed ultimately, because nobody was foolish enough to believe anti-Fascist resisters to be, by any stretch of the imagination, comparable to the snowflakery of the ARYANs and their cheeto-dusted Fuhrer.

      But the ARYANS succeeded in poisoning the well on calling people “snowflakes,” when it became widely understood that they were using it as a euphemism for the human ashes falling in Nazi Germany when they were burning people. This revelation became particularly useful for decoding the ARYAN tendency of referring to snowflakes as a “Generation.” Especially telling is the pseudo-concept of a Snowflake Generation, which operates as a front for the ARYANS’ need to mark out groups of people to direct their genocidal lust towards.
      There sure is a lot of Nazi-supporting definitions piling up in the last pages of this word, they are all written by snowflakes who can’t deal with having lost the popular vote.

  12. The community of “Trump Country”, watches Fox news and they don’t read fake news papers; the only time they will understand what the majority of the population knows is when the money is missing from their cherished programs.