Poor planning for parking at sold-out show at The Sharon


To the Editor:

Very disappointing that The Villages decided to close off Spanish Springs for a car show while a sold-out performance was starting at The Sharon at 7 p.m. 

No parking was available anywhere near The Sharon and we had to walk from a parking lot that was at least a half a mile away.

Very, very poor planning. And, we arrived one and a quarter hours before the scheduled opening of the doors!

Paul Ryan
Del Webb Spruce Creek



  1. I say restrict parking in all the squares and near the Sharon to GOLF CARTS ONLY. You can get two golf carts in every spot that one car takes. The Sharon is in The Villages as are the squares.. Move here if you want to take up seats at The Sharon and the squares. It’s a no brainier! Some people can’t even get tickets at The Sharin, or the Savannah Center because they’ve been bought up by people that don’t live in The Villages! I vote for GOLF CART ACCESSABLE only with the exception of some handicap with resident cards!

  2. They did not think out on putting the Sharon there. With some of the groups at the square if you are not there about hour and half before show time forget about parking and a seat. I have gone to the Sharon about 4 times since they have opened and get there about an hour before the show. I would rather go to the Savannah center for there shows. What they should of done was to build the Sharon over in a place where ther is nothing else going on like a square

  3. Why should the Villages care. They have your $100 for a seat at the Sharon, they dont care where or if you get parking. Gone are the days when residents could go to a concert for $2 at Spanish Springs, or even $5, it was still worth it.

    PLEASE remember, not everyone who lives here is wealthy. We should not be penalized because we have to watch every penny.Going to the town squares is out. Fighting over seats left empty for hours, many drunks, and nowhere to park. Forget it.

  4. Who didn’t see this happening even before the Sharon opened??? The building goes on with nary a thought to where people will park. I have been here 9 years and used to love going to the squares but I have not gone in quite a while due to the parking problem and the crowds, especially in season. A parking structure could be built that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  5. Parking seems to be an issue, no matter where you go within miles of this area. The zoning boards, need to require ample parking, prior to allowing building permits. I realize parking structures can be ugly. however, necessary and can look presentable if structured with specific details.