Popular Villages tandem cyclist suffers broken hip in accident

Gabe and Diana Mirkin ride their tandem bicycle nearly everywhere they go.

Gabe and Diana Mirkin ride their tandem bicycle nearly everywhere they go.

Well-known Villages tandem cyclist Diana Mirkin broke a hip Saturday morning after falling from her bicycle during a ride near the Girl Scout Camp in Oxford.

She and her husband Gabe, a physician, were riding their tandem when they hit a rough patch of road with loose gravel.

“She broke her left hip (femur at the neck) which is very serious. It will never heal as the blood supply comes in through the neck and the entire joint will die from lack of blood flow. It requires an immediate hip replacement,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin said.

Diana Mirkin was transported to Ocala Regional Medical  Center following the accident.

The couple lives in Bridgeport at Laurel Valley. They are well known in The Villages and can frequently be seen riding their tandem bicycle.

To view a short video about the Mirkins, follow the link below:


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