Post-Irma in The Villages

To the Editor:

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS VILLAGERS. You have a home and are safe. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Stop worrying about yourself and get out there and help a neighbor or others who have lost their home, food, power. THANK GOD YOU’RE SAFE AND HAVE A HOME!!

Judi Griffin
Village of St. Charles


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  1. Rob Michaels says

    AMEN. Sometimes capital letters are used on this board for emphasis, since it does not accept bold or italics. Take the comment in the spirit it was meant- as emphasis. Thanks.

  2. Gloria Dipinto says

    A BIG Amen to that Judi After 18 years of super Growth and shade for our front yard the beautiful 70 foot ELM tree Fell AWAY from our home .Had fortune been reversed we would have been injured or Worse . We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have survived . GENE and GORIA .

  3. Len Pittsacado says

    Why the shouting? And why do you feel the need to tell everyone by of neighbors. I’m willing to wager none of them read your comment and would probably resent it if they ever saw it. You come across pompous and arrogant. Get a life.

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