President Donald Trump to hold rally in Florida this weekend

Donald Trump speaks to the crowd in Ocala.

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd last year in Ocala.

President Donald Trump is coming to the Sunshine State this weekend.

He will appear at a rally that begins at 5 p.m. Saturday in the AeroMod International hangar at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Doors will open at 3 p.m.

Tickets are available at

People seeking the free tickets are asked to provide their name, cellphone number, email address, state of residence and ZIP code. There is a limit of two tickets per cellphone number.


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  1. john richardson says

    EVERY citizen in Florida, nay, the United States of America, is excited to see President MISTER The Donald Trump (who recently defeat mrs bill clinton by winning both the electoral college and legal popular vote) begin to engage EVERY citizen to join him as we ALL work together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. President MISTER The Donald Trump knows that EVERY true citizen is working with him in a united effort to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!

  2. J.T. Palermo says

    I see that the right wing, neocon, teabaggers, have arrived, and just like their “Dear Leader” the Trumpsters resort to name calling and demeaning remarks, conveying to people who disagree with them “to leave the Country. Personally, I like fake news, it’s so informative.

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      J T……..Is that the best your corrupt Libby’s Progressive whatever you are, can ever do……name call?

      You don’t like our laws of the land or care about the safety of our Country or Americans, it is time for you to move to the middle east, Anti-Americans can leave anytime they want. But do make sure you give up your citizenship.

      As far a disagree, your little band of whatever you are called are the ones that riot, destroy if you don’t like a person’s point of view. By the way….PAID protesters from your side.
      Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Only for the snowflakes?

      • J.T. Palermo says

        Mary – Nice rant. I see you made a lot of assumptions about me, when you know nothing of me. All you know of me is that I despise the man, Trump. I did enjoy getting you to prove my point, and had a good chuckle over your reply. I just new you would be the one to respond with such a vicious, caustic attack. Reply if you must, but I’ve said all I’m going to here with this topic.

        • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

          JT – you were the 1st one the name calling. It is a known trait that lefties do all the time. You can despise our President all you want the fact remains he is YOUR President unless you give up your citizenship.
          I know it’s hard for your corrupt party to understand why anyone would want to protect Americans & America.
          The only people that rant & rave has been your Libby’s snowflakes with PAID riots, attacking Trump supporters, destroying property etc
          We don’t have to rant, we won!!! Plus the Republicans conservatives have more class.
          But the Libby’s don’t understand the meaning of words anyway like:: ILLEGAL Aliens, Temporary ban, rants. etc
          There isn’t a person I ever despised. That waste of good energy. I wasn’t raised that way. I feel sorry for you.

          I do have a few I very much dislike. Right now it is the radical Liberals/Progressive Democrats. This isn’t the Democrats that just had different of ideas from Republicans. This party is a cancer in our society and needs to be cut out. I have never seen so much corruption on the Liberal side.

          Your love of fake news does not surprise me. The radical lefties News Media will report anything to keep their ratings up….which is failing.
          Enjoy your fake news because that’s all you Liberal snowflakes have left.

          God Bless America & President Donald J. Trump!!!!

          • Paula Russo says

            Lbi…you still don’t get it…pull your head out of that thick orange fog for a while and breathe…just breathe…it just might help you cope with all the people soon to come forward and rise up against Trump and his minions.

    • john richardson says

      JTP, one shudders to think what your mommy did to you to make you such a dependent, irrational, myopic, hisogynist screecher. Its time you put away your childish name calling and join the ENTIRE nation as we ALL work with President MISTER The Donald Trump as he strives to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

        • Hunter Hampton says

          We pay 3 milliion dollars every time he takes a trip to Florida and we all say a half a million dollars a day for his wife to be in NYC. Now he’s having a rally, would someone tell that idiot that he won, now he has a job to do besides feeding his ego.

      • Dana Pennycamp says

        All they have been are signing statements still no money appropriated for the wall! Signed a bill to allow approximately 75,000 that cannot legally handle their FINANTIAL affairs do to mental capacity to buy and own a gun. Also, now energy companies can’t be monitored for paying off corrupt foreign governments without oversight and needing to declare. People will not be fined for not buying health insurance, yet The one I’m happy about is about taking care of Police/Law Enforcement and criminally going after drug dealers which has always been going on! Deportation has always been ongoing I am just as concerned about all people emigrating to our country besides the 7 identified. Buy American, manufacture American and Employe American I hope Trump does what he says by setting an example of his products being made here too! If not it’s all BS

    • Paula Russo says

      According to today’s Washington Post, Trump filed the papers for his re_election campaign the day of his inauguration. So now he can continue with his stupid speeches with more empty promises. Pretty self_assured don’t you think? He actually thinks he’s going to make it thru 4 years!

  3. James Radatz says

    From the comments that I read, I personally feel that many should buy one way tickets to the mid-east. This is the U.S.A. and with the issues that this country has, we need someone with guts to bring back the American truth, instead of what has been a nightmare. Illegals and Criminals have more rights than the American working family. Give this guy a chance. He did not mince words when he spoke of the POOR reporting yesterday. If you watched the news anchors after the open discussion yesterday, they once again flipped words around to anger the unintelligent.

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      James, very well stated. I agree with you. With their anti-American, negative attitude with the laws of our land and to protect the America & Americans the middle east would be more to their standards & values in life. It is for sure not American.

  4. Paula Russo says

    Wow…not enough adjectives to use even in Trump’s limited vocabulary . He needs crowds like an alcoholic needs a drink. He still doesn’t realize he won the electoral vote and he’s the president…not the king. Judging by that press conference yesterday, it won’t be long until he has a total meltdown. Let’s hope it’s in front of an audience! It would be great entertainment except it’s scary that his chubby little finger is poised over that red button and he’s becoming more unhinged by the day. Hope he enjoys his 4th vacation in 4 weeks.

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      Paula, Do you realize how ridiculous you look trying to act like an English Professor? It’s stupid!!! You certainly are limited on your comments. It’s always the same line.
      Also very noticeable also is your mocking of a persoin physical being. You must be perfect 10. Somehow I doubt that very your personality shows you are not. Little people mock others to make up their own faults.
      Now take you little adjectives, nouns, sentence structures and put them with your little snowflakes

      • Paula Russo says

        Well Lbi my dear…I wasn’t a professor but English was my major. And as far as mocking goes…just take a look at your precious Donald. Stop blathering…go outside the weather is beautiful.

        • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

          Paula, Majored in English,… Minored in comprehension ?
          Show my comment to a 10 yr old, they can translate what I said.
          Since you didn’t answer me, I assume you mock people with physical disorders as you do with our President.
          I typed this slowly so maybe you can understand what I just posted.

        • Paula Russo says

          Oh Lbi you poor woman. Do you wake each morning and run to kiss his picture? You will be so crushed when he fails (and he will). If you’re married, do you show this blind devotion to your husband? And by the way, we don’t bring up Hillary’s name anymore but you seem to relish in the past.

          • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

            Paula, look in your mirror for a poor sorry woman.
            Have no concern over my life or husband. I will put this mildly it is none of your business about my life.
            Just by your rather daily stupid remarks to people. It looks to me this is your only social outlet. That being the case you must run to the computer to check the forum.
            BYW if you “we” people don’t bring up Hillary anymore does that go for our President Trump also?

        • Dana Pennycamp says

          Technically Russia owns a Canadian mining company that ownes several Uranium mine in the west. It was Uranium ore unrefined, in return we get refined Uranium from the missiles Russia deactivated, that fuels our nuclear plants, to an agreement.
          Bloomberg news article
          “Rosatom’s acquisition of Toronto-based miner Uranium One Inc. made the Russian agency, which also builds nuclear weapons, one the world’s top five producers of the radioactive metal and gave it ownership of a mine in Wyoming.”
          They also control Uranium mines in Australia, South Africa.

          And no Russia did not contribute to Clinton Foundation the previous Canadian owner made the donation

          Sometimes you may need to research what Donald says, it’s not always the truth.

  5. Chuck Tortorete says

    What was really wild was the statement that the leaks were real but the news about them were just fake! His administration is a finely tuned machine. 🙁

  6. William Sachs says

    How many weeks in office? 4. How many vacations away from Washington, not doing any work? 4. If only he’d stay on vacation forever and lose his phone! Republicans complained about Obama taking vacations while in office and costing so much money. He took fewer vacations than Bush.How about $300 million a year for Melania to remain in NY and $3-5 million each week so far for Trump to vacation in FL. But it’s ok for millions to lose their health care with no replacement in sight!

  7. Marsha Shearer says

    He still hasn’t figured out that the election is over. But I would rather he remain in campaign mode, since he’s been a disaster (one of the 10 words in his vocabulary) at governing.

    Here’s an exercise for those of us who can’t tear ourselves away from watching this train wreak; track his comments on Hillary, on his huuge win, on the lying press, on the screwed up election polls, on fake news, on the current polls showing how much the voters love him, on the terrible judiciary. These topics will be the major content of his talk.

    The head of the American Psychological Association’s DMS lV’s listing of mental disorders actually said that calling Trump crazy was an insult to those who really are…

    Have fun at the 2020 rally!

  8. Deborah Zaranti says

    WOW! Only two comments on this article so far! There’s more on the one about the teachers. Where are all the Trump supporters? Maybe they left early so they can be sure to be at the head of the line when he makes his appearance in Melbourne?

    After yesterday’s press conference he may get a few surprises at his rally tomorrow.

  9. Steve Tunley says

    Donald Trump is a very sick and twisted man. Not a speck of class or fundamental human decency. His press conference today would have been unthinkable for any other US President, including Nixon. God help us these next four years.

  10. J.T. Palermo says

    Ego boosting trip so he can lash out at the fake news. If the news is so fake why did you ask for Flynn’s resignation. Now we have the intelligence community withholding information from you; they don’t trust you DT.

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