President Trump has a heart for God


To the Editor:

President Trump has a heart for God, this country and the people in it. The heart is where God looks, according to 1 Samuel 16:7. “… For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
The world leaders aren’t alarmed by the state of his mind. They are relieved to see America take charge again. He keeps many of these leaders in doubt for good reasons. He keeps them wondering what to do.
The world leaders showed a great deal of respect for him when he went overseas. I hope that you saw the red carpet treatment that he received in Saudi Arabia. He had a great reception in Israel and everywhere he went. This has continued. The trouble is all of this is under reported or not reported at all by many leftwing networks. When it is reported, it is a twisted view of what really happened.
President Trump is a billionaire. He didn’t need to do any of this. He ran out of a sense of service for this country. Please review the real record, instead of the less than honest media outlets.
We’re sad to read the way that you used Biblical verses. You even suggest that our President is a blasphemer. The bible teaches to respect our leaders, according to Romans 13:1-4. Unfortunately, you are using verses in hatred or dislike for the President.
Try looking at his record again with an open heart and mind to truly make an honest evaluation.

Dale Roberts
Village of Fernandina


  1. NOTICE: I am going to take Mr. Meganheimer’s suggestion and post with point/counterpoint rather than just trading insults. Quite frankly, it wears me out coming up with nasty insults in an attempt to out insult Ed, Lloyd and Liza.
    Good morning Ed, Liza and Lloyd.

  2. Lloyd Barchers October 13, 2017 at 5:09 PM
    I hate Trump, but he’s our president and since I and Ed are homosexual besties, I choose to support Trump.

    It’s easy to make up a post like Lloyd did with my name on it. Shame on you Lloyd.

    • Sorry Lou, but that is a direct quote you made, taken from Google. But, you do seem to change personalities frequently during a conversation. Maybe you indulge yourself a bit too much and do not realize the effect it has on you.
      I don’t make up quotes. I don’t have any reason to. And I do not use vulgar terms when I get mad at others on here that I do not even know. Perhaps, you should listen to your “dear mother.” Remember what she said “If you can’t say something good say nothing at all”.

        • No Lou, Lloyd is a well educated, well read, guy who expresses himself well and presents substantiated opinions.
          You are an uneducated, barely literate guy who curses, runs away from verbal challenges and expresses himself with, “Hee hee hee.” See the difference?

        • Lou said in 2014: “I drink between 2 and 10 beers a week, depending on how many events I attend that offer alcohol. I feel I drink too much.”

          Time to rein it back, Lou.
          But, you do have an excuse for your rude behavior.

          • I hate to correct you Lloyd, but I believe Lou said he drinks between 2 and 10 beers a day.
            That reminds me of a lesson an old boss told me. He said if you want to drink martinis during lunch, drink ones made from gin, not vodka, so the customer will know you’re drunk, not stupid. To give Lou the benefit of the doubt, I always think of him as drunk.

    • Hunter based on your comments you are a POS scumbag! Let’s think back –   How many states? Barack Obama made a more elementary flub when, during the 2008 campaign, he said: “I’ve now been in 57 states-I think one left to go. During a trip to London’s Westminster Abbey, President Obama signed the guest book and dated it 24 May 2008.   Oops.   It was 2011.   (Maybe he was wistfully dreaming about his 2008 election campaign at the time.) After a devastating tornado hit Kansas, Obama discussed the tragedy without help from a teleprompter, saying, ”In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas.   Ten thousand people died-an entire town destroyed.”   He was only off by 9,988 as the twister killed 12 people. Presidents make errors very often. I actually defended Obama on gafs and such. Com’on get a freaking life. As for GOLF, again the White Travels with the Presidents. Obama Clinton Trump… who cares they are in constant contact…

  3. Just listed to Trumps speech to Social Conservatives. What I find questionable was all the accolades and applauding this man and his ideals as their leader.
    This from a man speaking from the pulpit knowing that he cheated on his wife’s, left the first and married his mistress because she was pregnant. Then out of his own mouth admitted he was a sexual predator and actually stated that woman loved it when he would grab their “Kitties “. Don’t want to offend LiZa and Colleen here and speak like Trump.
    Who knows Trump might someday be nominated for Sainthood? It seems like rules are being changed not only in Congress but are also being changed in Religon. Here I was thankful when I didn’t have to wear a hat, being able to eat meat again on Friday, and just loved the idea of not going to confession. So I guess I won’t complain about putting Trump out there as someone we should look up to and emulate.

        • Perhaps the voters consider Trump’s past history as just that, the past. Clinton, on the other hand perpetrated his exploits on the taxpayers’ dime and was impeached for it. I wonder if you are able to see the difference, dan.

          • Trump’s past history is the past. What a profound statement. Did you read that in a fortune cookie or a bubblegum wrapper? And by the way, Clinton was acquitted — by a Republican Senate.

          • dan, he was NOT acquitted… he was NOT convicted, and that was a demoncRAT senate that made that ERROR, NOT a republICAN senate as you have MIS-stated

    • DianaL, you evidently have never read the Bible, gonna give this to you in a “cliffnotes” nutshell: David,(while married) had sex with another man’s wife (Bathsheba)… resulting in a pregnancy… he (david) sent her husband to battle, and ordered some of the soldiers to see that hubby was at the forefront of the attack, retreat, and let him be KILLED… fast forward… THE God of the universe, looked at and KNEW David’s heart, and picked David to be KING… that might be a little over your head, but trust me, there is a reason Jesus said, “let he without sin, cast the first stone”… our ways are NOT God’s ways, so do us all a favor and stick to your stupid jokes, cuz NOTHING you say IS OF THE real WORLD, JUST YOUR MAKE BELIEVE, troll world and joan rivers comedy schtick

      • LiZa, I am not really interested to anything you have to say. The way you trash people and try to be an authority on everything shows what a pathetic personality disorder you have. That is why you sound a talk just like Trump. You act like you are Mother Theresa but your heart and soul is black just like Trumps. Save your words on me LiZa. You are not worth dealing with.

        • actually DianaL. what you say is correct, but you have it bass ackwards>>>my words are WASTED on you, YOU are the one that is not worth their substance… you don’t like and can’t handle the TRUTH… thank you for comparing me to Mother Theresa, but i would be the first to say i am not worthy… now go ahead and list all those that are interested in what YOU have to say… start with the Ding-Dong girls, then add all the filthy mouthed TROLLS like yourself… can you say, L O S E R ???

          • Sad, sad person you are LiZa. It’s so much fun baiting you because you really are a poor excuse for a human being. For instance why do you type the way you do? It makes me wonder about your mental stability. Does it make your words more important or more believable?It sounds like you are crying out for any kind of attention.
            Personally by your speech it sounds like you have turrets syndrome. Everything that comes out of your mouth is offensive and trash.

          • I love it. You are a natural. That is really cute. It sounds just like our little big Pumpkin head with the trash mouth, pea sized brain and oversized ego. Wait a minute that sounds like our “knock knock” LiZa too. 😊

          • DianaL and Linda, you two wonder why you are considered the VILLAGE IDIOTS??? have fun, we all know how dispirited, despondent, depressed and doleful you guys are… 7 more years of our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, then 8 years of Mike Pence>>> we feel your pain

        • Clinton WAS impeached.

          ” A two-thirds vote (67 senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. Fifty senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no member of his own Democratic Party voted guilty on either charge. ”

          Please do not act like Clinton was Innocent, just because he was acquitted by the Senate. Everyone heard his perjury testimony where he lied under oath. Something that seems to be quite common in the Clinton household.

          • Lloyd, thanks for confirming my post that Clinton was acquitted by a republican Senate. BTW, the Republican House which brought the bills of impeachment was led by Speaker Dennis Hastert, a convicted felon and serial child molester and the highest elected official in the U.S. to be sentenced to prison

    • Glorianne, you will be happy to know, God is NOT as judge mental as we all are… HE loves our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP as much as HE loves us>>>maybe more, cuz our President has sacrificed a WHOLE lot, to be president… and all he and his awesome family gets is total CRAP from demoncRATs, RINOs, the biASSed media, and some selfish republICANs

  4. Nice positive letter, Dale. It is refreshing to read after reading another installment of Marsha’s “I hate Trump” diatribe.

    You did disturb a few of those shadow dwelling non-believers that hate any mention a deity, so be prepared for a lot of nasty attacks. Many of them are members of Anti-FA (Anti First Amendment).

      • All Trump is doing is playing golf, tweeting calling world leaders silly names and undoing all the good Obama did. He has no idea what being the POTUS means, he has no class and is an embarrassment…….

        • Obama did not do crap except lead this country down a path of destroying this country. You really are not that blind are you? What POTUS mean to you – like Obummer a WHIMP? I will take someone who takes pride in America and does not back down.

    • Hunter, with an IQ easily exceeding Obama’s and the wealth and status of a billionaire, saying he is “in way over his head” is easily the most ludicrous comment on here. Obama got where he is via Affirmative Action and no resume’ and Trump built his wealth on a gift from his father and a lot of hard work. Would you like to compare resume’s????

      • Trump built his wealth? LOL, he was handed his wealth and filed bankruptcy again and again. His business plan was hire people, build buildings, don’t pay the workers and then they sue settle for much less than they were owed. If he was the head of a public company he would have been fired, he owned his company so he got to stay. His IQ is nowhere near as high as Obama, if yours was higher than would be obvious to you.

        • Hey, it’s your problem if you do not wish to do any research about your president or keep up with current events. If you insist on listening only to liberal talking points, they you only hurt yourself and remain the most ignorant on any political forum.

          Even liberal Google will give you answers if you are not too lazy to utilize it. Believe me, Trump’s IQ is higher than Obama’s, Hillary’s and definitely Michelle Obama’s. But, if you insist on ignorantly saying “nuhh uhhh” when someone gives you information, then you will always appear uninformed. I liked that word better than “ignorant.”

        • Hunter, If you’re going to say something you might want to check on the FACTS. Trumps IQ is 156 nd Obama’s is 102 which is even lower than mine. Trump’s is in the genius range. Maybe you need to check your info, no?

        • DianaL, he didn’t “have to pay” it… just a matter of expediency and chump change…. if he had not run, and WON the presidency, he NEVER would have paid that out… those idiots should thank their lucky stars he was pushed into giving them their money back… they were all LOSERS, with or without the TRUMP UNIVERSITY>>> you should be able to identify with that

          • Losers yes, they fell for his lies about Trump University. They earned every penny they got back by being forced to read Trumps “The Art of The Deal”.
            Waiting for Trumps new book soon to be out “The Art of Chasing Pu**y”. 110 excuses why it is just “locker room” talk. He is giving the first copy to his cohort Larry Weinstein to help him out. These guys have to stick together.

          • DianaL, like EVERYTHING else you get wrong, it is Harvey>>>not “Larry”… and you will not find tapes of our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP lauding weinstein>>>only KilLIARy, Michael, i mean Michelle Obummer and every other scumbag of the demoncRAT party

    • Hunter, first off you should start with your disclaimer. You said “Two Friend are in Europe right now.” You prudently did not claim they were YOUR friends. Good, but you should caveat that point. You also should mention the dark recesses of Europe’s pits that they are finding someone that would speak to them and ask them such a stupid question. Suffice it to say, it is obvious that you are making up “fairy” stories.

      I’d have to grade that effort the same as “my dog ate my home work assignment.”

      • You have no facts, and just called me a liar. One of the friends, I mentioned, posted this on facebook. “We have been in Europe for three weeks and all people are asking is how and why Trump got elected” The other I spoke to yesterday and she told me that Europeans were all confused how Trump could have been elected. I’m not making up anything, I don’t lie, why would I? I lied to my parents when I was a teenager, I don’t need to anymore, I have no one to answer to.

        • Hmm, appears like your story in morphing. Now, it’s “one of the friends.” No big deal, I am sure that you believe what you are saying. No one else cares, most likely. Countries that are jealous of us, do tend to demean our leaders. Yet, they all want to be like us. They wear our clothes, listen to our music, watch our movies and TV shows, and buy our cars. They all want to be like us, but in almost every country I have lived in or visited I have heard someone say something nasty about our leaders. It only matters to the sensitive. They ALL want our US Dollars over theirs when we purchase something from them.
          Have a great weekend, Hunter. It’s going to be a fine Trump filled weekend with a bright and sunny week coming up.

        • Hunter, when you started your post with, “Two friends are in Europe…,” I thought you were about to tell a joke. As it turns out, you did.
          Now if you were honest, you would have said, “Two liberal nut jobs who are friends, while touring Europe, took a survey one afternoon. Inasmuch as productive people were at work, they asked mostly unemployed locals what they thought of President Trump…” I don’t think you’re a liar, Hunter…delusional, hateful, not real bright? Of course, but not a liar.

  5. And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of*ten Grinches, plus two!

    Nope , there’s not a enough fairy dust in the world to help this one.

  6. This is clearly a joke or an attempt at satire.

    “The world leaders aren’t alarmed by the state of his mind. They are relieved to see America take charge again. He keeps many of these leaders in doubt for good reasons. He keeps them wondering what to do.”
    Completely contradictory thoughts in the same two sentence paragraph.

    “You even suggest that our President is a blasphemer.” – this is obviously a joke. There is no other way to interpret this.
    And the punchline: “Try looking at his record again with an open heart and mind to truly make and (sic) honest evaluation.”

    This Dale fella is a prankster – you have all been had!
    NOBODY would be this uninformed.

    • Yes Nicole, like Marsha you seem to find it soothing to repeat over and over again on every article your mantra “I hate Trump.” WE get it. Why not just answer every comment with “you know.” Because we do.

  7. Amazing letter. You better pray to your God to show you the light. This is my laugh for today. Pumpkin Head is going to bury your children and grandchildren when he pushes that nuclear button. You should be praying that the world will survive this mentally unstable man who is not qualified to hold office.

  8. This is the most delusional letter I’ve ever read. If you told me you saw a unicorn driving a golf cart on Morse Blvd it would make more sense. A sense of service to his country?… OMG you’re killin’ me. He’s a draft dodger. His only service is to the Trump empire, which is making a fortune off his presidency while he spends our money playing golf, 72 million dollars so far……. how can anyone be so uninformed? Even the Republicans who work with him are reacting to his insanity.

      • Why do Trumpers bring up Clinton and Obama instead of dealing with what he have now…… Environmental laws are being rolled back, global warming is creating disaster after disaster, racism has reared its ugly head and we may be on the brink of nuclear war, and they bring up Clinton and Obama…… civilians.

          • yeah but we never claimed he was not born in this country. we never made him produce a birth certificate. One error we did make with Bush though, we thought he was a stupid moron who was pushed into a war without proof. We were wrong, compared to Donny Small Hands Bush is a Rhodes Scholar.

          • Because Keith never has a credible answer for any of our questions, or a credible comment on any of the subjects presented here. He just tries to demean Ed because Ed has better answers and Keith only has emotions, like his petulant girlfriends on here in the “I hate Trump” club.

            I’m sure Keith is a great guy in person. He is just uninformed politically.

          • posteroster, because i have a soft spot in my heart for you, and don’t like seeing you make a COMPLETE fool of yourself, let me remind you it was YOUR girl, KilLIARy that FIRST brought up the birther crap… and it was just that, crap… cuz anybody with even LIMITED knowledge and a below average IQ (like Lou and Henryk) knows that if your mother is an American citizen, no matter where you are born and raised, you are a citizen…the reason the PHONEY birth certificate continues to be questioned, it does not have the label “bastard” on it, which it would have, were it a REAL at the time of the feckless wonders birth, WHEREVER that was

          • I’m stupid and ignorant? Again, grow up. Stop acting like you are in kindergarten. Trump’s approval rating is now 36%, I suppose all of us who don’t think he’s doing a good job are stupid right? You’re like the parent watching their kid marching on the wrong foot in a parade thinking to yourself all the other kids are doing it wrong.

          • Hunter, what were the poll numbers before the election? You know, the ones that said there was no way Hillary would lose and absolutely no way Trump would win.

          • i don’t know about you Colleen, but i live and die by THEM polls… they HAVE to be true, after all, the LAMESTREAM, biASSed media comes up with them… surely they would NEVER color the truth/facts… like how Harvey Weinstein is a “Natiional Treasure, (Michele Obummer) and not a fat, UGLY, raping, marauding, molesting pig of a man that LOVES KilLIARy and all things demoncRAT

  9. As long as trump continues to show hatred to brown skin people, his racist supporters will be there. As a decorated combat veteran I am ashamed that my great nation has a 5 time draft dodger in the White House.

    TRUMP and GOD in the same sentence. Satan hates trump because trump is more evil than he is. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Hurry up Special Councel. Please remember, if you support Trump, your as dumb as a pile of shit. His only true supporters are members of the KKK.

  11. they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”… so what, they aren’t anymore TROLL names you can use, so you parrot mine??? what a sad life you must live Gooliardo (or whatever your name is)

    • my post above (at 12:43) makes no sense because the V-N had the GOOD sense to remove the disgusting post by little charles guillardo… guess he was sent to the scrap heap where floyd belchers and rainbow fred are resting in peace???

  12. Dale, awesome letter… be prepared for the liberal lefties to pounce on you… (like the idiot that is PARROTING my name)… i know you can handle it, cuz you are standing on The Rock… just prior to the November election i wrote a ltte to the Daily Sun, expressing the same thought (though not as well as yours)… i compared our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP (then candidate Trump) to David, who had lead a pretty sinful life, and committed some heavy duty wrong… yet God chose him as King, looking at and KNOWING his heart… can’t begin to imagine how much more our president could get done if he didn’t have the demoncRATs, some RINOs, some republICANs, the biased media, and the looney tunes biased hollywood gang fighting him all the way… thanx again for a great ltte

      • henruck, you seem to be enjoying your new found word, “iracible”, kinda like a “Johnny-one-note”??? you are such a fool, but thanx for PROVING what a hypocrite you are… in your every post to me, you rant, call names and show your EXTREME jealousy… it’s as if you have kinda taken old russo’s place… you NEVER have anything to say about the subject thread, just spewing forth your nonsensical crap from the Mean GIRLS lunch table… most get over that after high school, perhaps you didn’t finish and you are still hung up there???

          • Deena, you need to get out more… movies, a current television commercial and late nite comics all use the “Mean Girls Lunch Table reference… it’s always good to hear your thoughts on the thread subject, oh, wait a second, you’re just like Henyuck, no thoughts, just bashing on posters… you guys have fun

          • LiZa, I was referring to the posters on here. I’ll be more specific next time, wouldn’t want to confuse you.

    • Well don, I have not seen or heard any of the President’s “lies” so NO it does not bother me. Most of what he says turns out to be the truth. He may have been mistaken at times. Mistaken is not the same as a lie. But, I will let you do the research on the difference between being a lie or mistaken. Many the left have a hard time with vocabulary definitions. It’s really sad, the ignorance that our schools are turning out today.

      • Lloyd, my father was born in 1902, had to drop out of high school to help support family, yet he had, what he called, “DIVINE KNOWLEDGE”… his mind, foresight, ability to assess and elucidate was uncanny… i see those same traits in our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP…it’s as if he can see the end, while we are still muddling in the middle… what a waste that his knowledge and abilities are being stifled from every direction

      • Lloyd, what do you call it when Trump says he talked to the president of the Virgin Islands? Was he telling us that he talks to himself? Or was he showing his ignorance of the fact that he is the president of the Virgin Islands? He told a lie to make people think he’s doing his job. If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

        • You’re right, Deena. Trump mistakenly called the governor of the Virgin Islands, the president. I am surprised that you lefters did not call him a liar because of his mistake. It reminds me of Obama telling everyone that he had campaigned in 57 states and only had one to go, or when he mistakenly said “Navy Corpseman” instead of Corpsman. I guess if Trump was only half white, he would have been given a pass. Maybe you are being a racist? See how that can work? Playing on one’s words is not that difficult. Especially, when you and the media have nothing of substance to discuss regarding his policies.
          Have a great weekend.

          • Lloyd, there you go with the racist card again. Sorry, not taking the bait, but nice try…well, not really. As for nothing of substance to discuss, here’s one for you. Trump talks about his high IQ all the time, but lacks the knowledge that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are American territories, something taught in every American History class. Then when told about it, he quips about how his IQ is going higher. Truth be known, there’s no proof that Trump has ever taken an IQ test, let alone has one higher than most past presidents. It seems the policy he promotes the best is the one aimed at making him out to be the best at everything…including being the best moron.

          • Deena, you really should do some research on your subject before running amok with your blather. Trump’s IQ is reported several times on the Internet via Google as being 156.

            Trump made some amateur speech mistakes. Every president has in the past, so being as he is not a politician by career, I accept his mistakes. I accepted Obama’s mistakes and he was a supposed lawyer and politician.