President Trump’s televised meltdown


To the Editor:

The American people are witnessing a president having a mental meltdown in real time on national television. At his first news conference, Trump attacked the media and tried to convince us that he isn’t a failure.
Trump called the Russia scandal fake news, and then contradicted himself by blaming Obama appointees for leaking information that he claimed is not real. However, if the classified information is real, the Russian scandal can’t be fake news.
Obviously, this press conference was to engage in damage control, but ended up destroying his credibilty with an event that was incoherent, centered on whining, lying and self-pity, rather than governing the USA. I can’t believe that his supporters actually think he is restoring America’s leadership in the world.

Linda Hallinan
Village of Lynnhaven


  1. Pattrick, it looks like you didn’t pay attention to the President. He answered their questions. In fact they weren’t too bright because they always came back to the same few questions he answered a number of times.
    Did you ever give him credit for bringing companies back to America? Of course not.

    Ford ….will instead invest $700 million in Michigan, creating jobs for Americans

    Fiat Chrysler… announced it will invest $1 billion in Ohio and Michigan creating 2,000 more new jobs
    This is part of the list this awful President is doing fo the American people………JOBS
    He always reminds us he keeping his promises to us. He is moving along doing that But you people could care less, just name call, have no intentions of giving the man a chance. After all he isn’t a corrupt Liberal Progressive Democrat.

    Here is the transcript of the news conference you weren’t able to understand. Maybe reading you will.

    General Motors… committed to invest billions of dollars in its American Mfg plants

    227,000 jobs that United States employers added in January

    • Mary, they repeated the question because he never really gave a difinative No until the final question was asked, along with many alternative facts. Considering he was announcing his new labor secretary Acosta which he mentioned 4 times BUT, The CNN reporter Acosta 8 times.

    • Almost every listing and probably all of your companies listed had these plans already in the works before President Thinskin too office. There was no apology tour just more right wing dribble. How come you never cite how Obama saved us from the shit hole Bush had us in. Remember when you lost your retirement to wall Street and the price of your house went south? If you do then anyone with even remotest ounce of a realistic brain can agree we are all much better off now. All the reforms put in place to help prevent it happening again were simply thrown out by Trump with a single stroke of his pen. To help his promise to bring Coal jobs back to WV miners he allows mining companies to once again fill the rivers with waste from their plants, done with another stroke of the pen. So some miners now might be able to go back to work at a terrible cost for the rest of the state who has to use that water for everyday needs.

  2. BTW, it turns out Trump was right regarding the ninth circuit court regarding overturns, according to the left owned fact checker snopes; of those decisions that were appealed to and heard by the supreme court, about 80% were overturned or vacated. The 1 tenth of 1% was media BS fake news which compared the overturned cases with all decisions by the ninth, including those that never went to the supreme court. Just more proof that the mainstream media are immoral and liars.

    • Dear Will, the 9th circuit court has reviewed over 12,000 cases in 10 years. Ten cases made it to the Supreme Court 8 were over ruled, the average of ALL federal circuit courts being over ruled is 75%. Just IN the 9th in over 10 years THEN 12,000 cases that would mean 9,600 were over ruled by the Supreme court they only rule on maybe between 50 to 100 a year that comes to 1,000 over 10 years.
      It’s called reading comprehension to understand the 1% figure OF TOTAL CASES RULED ON.
      You are right but it’s 80% of only 10 cases not 12,000.
      If you need help with simple math/reading comprehension, Adult Learning may open for the summer semester.

        • Once again, you ignore the may thousands of cases that were never appealed, meaning that 99.9% of all cases stood as ruled. You are skimming the fat off the milk and then saying ..LOOK! 80% of this milk is fat.

          You also conveniently left out that the average rate of ALL overturned/vacated cases the Supreme Court reviewed, of THOSE 1/100 of the cases appealed, is 68%. So given the infinitesimal number of cases the court agree to accept on appeal, a large majority of ALL circuits will have their cases overturned or vacated.

          There’s also no accounting here for the vast number of cases the court turns down in the first place because they agree with the decision.

          “Donald Trump received more electoral votes than any Republican President since the Obama administration took office.” Same sort of twisted fake-logic you are using- Technically true, but statistically invalid.

          • Rob please don’t try to fool them with higher education math. These are sad, terribly sad Fox viewers who are deprived and void of facts and only tune in to watch there news given by short skirted women who can sit with there legs crossed three times. Bigly sad, just sad.

      • Rob, you ignoramus, it wasn’t 8! It was 175! I could also play the liberal game by claiming that out of 114,000 cases the ninth ruled on during the 10 year period, the supreme court only affirmed 35, or 3 hundredths of 1%. See how idiotic your 1 tenth of 1% is?

  3. Just to assist our liberal friends’ feeding frenzy about Trump, here are the “unbiased” headlines:
    “Trump follows up contentious press conference with bizarre email”
    “MSNBC host calls Trump’s term, ‘a fake presidency.”
    “What it looks like when a president fails”
    “Trump loses again as travel ban dies in court.”
    “Trumps Black Caucus remarks were offensive.”
    “Trump’s presser was unhinged”
    I’ve got plenty more if you need them. I’ve helped you, now you help me. Please provide a positive Trump headline from a major newspaper or TV network (other than FOX).

    • Actually, Trump is on week 4 of his never ending, “I won bigly tour.” Three weekends, all expenses included in our tax dollars, paid vacations at Mara Lago.

      And a campaign rally, re-running his old stump speech, in a packed hangar in Melbourne. Even though the press repeatedly showed the size of the crowd, Trump kept goading LYING, HE LIES!- the crowd that the crooked press was not showing the crowd size.

      So, 4 weeks into a dismally run white house, Trump takes to the campaign trail again. Why? Because he may be good at RUNNING for the job of president, he just can’t DO the job of president. He’s got white supremacist Steve Bannon to do that for him.

  4. I really wish you losers could get over it and find something of value to complain about. You lost. KILLARY & Bernie did not win. Stop the insanity and live your real life! Over age 60 you should be mature enough to accept defeat!

    • Fran, over age 60 (really over age 10) you should be grown up enough that just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them a loser.

      And keeping an eye on the future of this country is something I think is worth value, don’t you?

    • Fran, over age 60 you should be mature enough to stop eating 6,000 calories a day. But you don’t. No you just pig out on food and yell nasty words at everyone. I hope you don’t choke on your donut while you’re typing your rants.

    • This is not even remotely about Hillary any more no matter how many times big orange mentions her name. She lost to rump won so now he has to govern, but alas he still talks about hillary, his biggest electoral landslide ever, his claim that he only lost by 3 million vote because illegals voting and NH because of bussing voters up from MA. He just had his first campaign stop on the government dime for 2020. If I was him I would worry more about making it through the summer of 2016. Where is the outrage of him spending our tax dollars to play golf in Florida his first 3 weeks in his new job, or the 30 million every month for Trump Tower. Can we please now finally move pass by Obama took a once a year vacation to Hawaii? Trump is spending almost as much a month in running two homes and going to his resort every weekend in one month as Obama spent going to Hawaii the 8 times he went.

      Also when Trump goes to his resort in West Palm and all the press, his staff, his security, anyone else who is there because of a Trump visit who gets all that money spent at that resort?

  5. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I have to admit it takes chutzpah to declare war on our dishonest main stream media. If anyone thought things would be different than the last 8 years (an imperial president ruling by executive order), that the body that is responsible for passing laws (Congress), would actually do so, they should look at the unprecedented delay in approving a cabinet and see it ain’t happening.

    • I’m sorry- executive orders were made because the Republicans publically announced they would not cooperate with President Obama on anything.

      Donald trump has both house of Congress. But he doesn’t understand that we are supposed to have a functioning democracy, not the past 6 years of pure obstructionism. .He doesn’t understand the concept of working “with: anyone or anything. He’s the king, and soon to be the dictator, so many right-wing binaries can’t live without.

  6. Just a bunch of liberal losers spouting off…… with it or get out of the US. I think Russia would welcome you or maybe North Korea……try Pakistan – oh even better Iran where the previous admin made such a great deal. I vote for Iran – now GO if you don’t like what has happened here!

    • Marsha speaks. Hell why not throw all the blacks out, only allow land owners to vote and make women return to there rightfull place or barefooted, pregnant and in the kitchen. Screw the 40 hour work week and by gosh kids should all work in sweat shops while they are young. That’s your vision of Amedica where people who have an opinion different than yours lose all their Constitutional rights and must leave the country. That is not America that is a country led by a dictator in some remote version of the world. Hell why not also detain and water board all those who disagree with Ms Marsha and take all their wealth away and put them all on a train to a destination unknown. Sound familiar Ms Marsha. While Trump is a problem you and people like you who never question but meekly follow what is told to them is a much bigger danger to this country. It is that kind of attitude that gave our past president the leeway to start a meaningless and costly war in Iraq. If it were up to people like you ww would still be losing kids over in Vietnam because you would never ever speak out against you president and your country. The USA is not always right. Hell even your orange comb over in the White House said so.

  7. By any measure, Trump’s performance in his “news conference” was not very presidential. Perhaps he feels insecure as president since his victory was not as convincing as he would have liked. No matter how much he denies it, the hard evidence is irrefutable, Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary by nearly 3 million, and now he has below 40% popularity – and going lower. He is president by virtual of the Electoral College, and the viability of his presidency is becoming more tenuous every day. Maybe he lashes out at the facts because they hurt his enormous narcissistic ego. Well, at least, his news conferences are entertaining – “must-see” TV for this former Reality TV star.

  8. So, you don’t think it’s a big deal that a USA government official was discussing classified information with a Russian (or for that matter, any foreign official) during the election process for the President of the United States? You call it good diplomacy but bad timing??? I call it treason.

    So, you bash a woman for, what you assume are, her political opinions because it isn’t the same as yours. I call that small minded and just plain ignorant.

    Do you honestly believe that insurance companies will offer better coverage because Trump said they should? You better pray that 20 million people are not without health insurance because if you think your premiums are bad now, wait and see what they will be and what the middle income taxes will be to cover the cost of the uninsured.
    You better pray that he doesn’t let insurance companies reinstate “previous condition” denials. You better pray that he doesn’t let insurance companies reinstate caps on coverage for catastrophic conditions. I could go on and on but you obviously don’t know what is included in the ACA and you certainly don’t care.

    Whatever you choose to call Democrats………. progressives, libtards, left wingers, liberals, or socialists, at least we aren’t being fooled by the likes of Donald Trump. It’s just unfortunate that those who cannot see have put in office a man who only knows how to dictate.

    • “So, you bash a woman for, what you assume are, her political opinions because it isn’t the same as yours. I call that small minded and just plain ignorant.” Errrr, isn’t that exactly what YOU are doing? Hypocrite!

  9. Ask yourself: Why is Pence in Germany right now? To calm down our allies because THEY all think #45 (#notmypresident) is crazy!! Shouldn’t that be a warning sign to Trump supporters? Hope you all have fun wearing your red hats today down in Melbourne. I’m sure those hats will do the trick on making “Ameirca GREAT Again!” Along with dumping coal sludge into waterways, not being able to check mental health records when people are applying for gun permits, Betsy DeVos in charge of public education (do all your grandchildren go to private schools?) Goldman in charge of our treasury,(a man who foreclosed on widows and veterans at record rates!) leaking pipelines being built throughout the country….the list goes on and on. And just wait until YOUR Medicare is gutted along with “Obama Care”, which is also the ACA (most Trump supporters don’t know that fact). The Republicans have been chomping at the bit to get to that. It’s unfortunate that we all suffer because SOME people have been ignorant of the TRUE facts!

    I wish you all GOOD LUCK with all of that. But I cry inside for my grandchildren and future generations. Excuse me while I grieve MY country.

      • No Marie it’s admitted fact our newly approved Department of Health Secretary Dr Price has always been an opponent of Medicare, Labor Secretary who withdrew nommination has been against labor in business practice and wants automation and not employment, hired undocumented workers and cheated people on paychecks. Just read why some are opposed and questioning appointments there are some progressives working and looking out for your best interests too.
        Donald and his criticism of the media if you remember they covered him and gave him free airtime during race frequently. so I will bet you watched that and didn’t say it was fake news. What Donald does not like is when they question his so called facts, and when they call him on it it’s always deferred that someone told him that always passing the buck. No White House in my life time since Kennedy liked the press

    • Progressive fools! Did you not watch the election results last Nov 8th, or were you blissfully celebrating your failed candidates resounding defeat? The lame stream media sucked you all in with their projections of victory. Hillary and the DNC preparing fireworks in Brooklyn. Ever since that resounding defeat and repudiation of Democrat socialist failed programs, you have Rioted and Destroyed personal and commercial properties. You have shouted obnoxious and trash mouth insults and attacks, along with personal attacks on anybody and anything that does not agree with your sorry ideals. What gives you the right to attack your fellow Americans with such demeaning rhetoric and disdain? President Trump was a succesfull business man. He built incredible buildings and golf courses around the world. Barack Obama, was a Community Organizer, created by Sol Alinsky, followers, to fundamentaly transform America. President Bush, never said one negative word about Obama for 8 years. Unbelievable restraint! Your Community Organizer, has partnered up with the likes of Georg Soros and Move, to create a shadow government, under the offices of Obama’s OFA. (Organizing For America) to attack the president and his administration. There he goes again, organizing! Oh, news to most of you lemmings/cupcakes? Well, this is his old group, which now numbers 30,000 activists. Maybe you witnessed their work recently. They interrupted candidate Trump’s rallys, with significant fights last summer in Chicago. Or maybe you recently saw them in action at all the airports when President Trump’s refugee Executive order was introduced. Have you not considered “How did they organize that many activists, with professional signs, in such short notice?” Again, Georg Soros, rears his ugly face. That is on you. Every insult, attack against this president, by any liberal left advocate, is on you. President Trump, has been in office for just one month. In that time he has accomplished more for the American people, than the divisive Obama, did in 8 years! So, now President Trump, calls out the main stream media for their blatant bias for the last eight years and their ongoing attempt to defeat every initiative from the new Administration. When this president has accomplished his goals for america, Jobs, tax relief, further relief form Obama’s attack on businesses, fixing the health care problem caused by Obama Care, the oxymoron “Affordable Care Act.” will you acknowledge his results…or will you continue with your disgusting behavior and verbal assualt on your fellow Americans? Until the Democratic party changes it’s leaders, Pelosi, (I just talked with President bush) and Maxine Waters, “Uh, Putin, he’s bad and trump talks with him, and Putin invades ah, Korea?” Huh, WTF? Joking aside, you have to admit your leaders are an embarrassment!
      So, maybe you don’t change your leadership. Another 4 years awaits us.
      It doesn’t get any better than this.

      • Bob Loftus, Good for you!!!!! A to the point comment.
        T hey want to kill our American value & standards which our country was founded on.
        Maybe if the started with some values & integrity they might see how corrupt their party is.
        George Soros is a bad egg. He donated millions & millions of dollars for Hillary Clinton campaign. I have no doubt in my mind he would like to overthrow our country if he could to globalism. What I am seeing with this election there is a sinister element in our society & in the government. We have enemies within trying very hard to destroy us.
        The Liberal Progressive are part of George Soros’s plan.
        Thank God for President Trump’s win.

  10. Please, Democrats, Liberals and Progressives, stop trying to reason with Trump supporters, you will get nowhere. Obviously we went to far to soon for them to grasp what progressive really means. We have to elect democrats in local elections and state houses in 2018.

    • Ginny, We are VERY aware what the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives Anti-Americans are. That is exactly why you little snowflakes lost.

      The problem with you people are you so blinded by the propaganda they have fed you for years, you believe it. The ex-President (sounds good to my ears) did everything in his power to bring America & Americans down. The corruption of Obama/Hillary & his administration will all come out, as it usually does.

      At least we have a red blooded American President that is watching us Americans & America’s back. You people just hate that idea.

      There isn’t a chance in hell of another corrupt Democrat, Liberal, Progressive or whatever you are called by then in 2018. Why? Because we are Americans and don’t want government controlling our every move. Your party wants to chip away our Constitution That where total control will come in play.
      I won’t happen in America without a civil war breaking out.

  11. How could any one support Hillary after the Russians lied and present revised emails and fake newsabout her? Fake news didn’t just happen when Trump became president did it? Wow you just don’t have any intelligence at all do you? How does it feel to have your so call president under a constant microscope? Get used to it. The tide has turned and what all you conservative morons did and continue to do to Obama and Clinton is coming right back at you. Trump will have no peace and he will become a shivering mass of orange Cheetos. So you have put out the GOP plan to replace Obamacare. Wow you should be in the White House considering those clowns can’t seem to come up with anything. Oh, and then let’s not forget those with pre-existing conditions. But I’m sure you would just put them in leper colonies or some kind of health camp ( concentration camps).

    • Oops! From his news conference: He lied, so I had to let him go but if he had asked permission I would have told him to do the same thing. So…it’s ok to do something illegal while we were still under Obama’s term, but don’t say anything or stretch the “truth” because then you make me look bad and you’ll have to go. This is not how you run the government. Funny how so many are now taking their names off the list because they don’t want to be connected to Trump. I watched the entire rambling incoherent conference and enjoyed the meltdown thoroughly. Much more today as he holds his pep rally in Orlando. Can’t wait to see all those silly red caps and make America great again signs. Stroke that ego folks!

  12. L.H. I suspect that you failed to engage full attention to President Trump’s comments, rather, you picked up the media’s inadequacies after the conference. The job that this man has done in such a short time, with poor reporting on every aspect, only goes to show how our society has accepted the lack of moral judgement from the news reporters. I feel that President Trump has been doing a more than acceptable job, considering that he still does not have a full staff, due to certain failures in the senate. To put it bluntly, if you think you or any of your other democrat friends can find a better person for the job, get started today and have yourself/him/her ready to run in four years.

  13. He won! Get over it! What on earth are you trying to accomplish by bashing Trump? He was the best alternative at the time! Can you imagine the good that could be done if everyone pulled together! Continuous bashing and name calling only make you look foolish! You guys are acting like petulant teenagers that don’t get your way! Grow up!

  14. Trump, Meltdown? The only meltdown were the fake news reporters.
    That reporter from CNN was ready to kiss the President butt to be recognized by him for questions. When Trump did select him after the News conference was over this “fake news” reporter from CNN just happened to twist words around that the President did answer him.
    Fake news is 99% made up twisted lies.
    The News Media & the Liberals Progressive or whatever they want to be called will do anything to tear this President down. But it won’t happen. The more you try the stronger he is & the people that support him.

    .”People who feel good about themselves want to make others feel good and don’t need to knock the joy out of someone”

    Mark Twain once said: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that.”

    These say a lot about the Liberals/progressive or whatever they are called now.

    • That’s why his well running machine is breaking down into scrap parts. He has no organization and no one know what they are doing. It’s a fucking circle jerk in the White House.
      How about all those vacations to Mar-a-Lago already and he hasn’t even been in office a month yet. What did he say about Obama and too many vacations? He has 3 in less than a month. What a joke and you all fell for it.

      • Now THERE’S a mental image I can’t get out of my mind! But seriously. Trump doesn’t have the intelligence to know just how much he’s being manipulated – oh, dear…there’s that mental image again…as I was saying…you trumpsters must realize that the patsy in the White House is just he face of a cabal that wants nothing more than to destroy the Constitution and to remake the country in the alt-right image. The only way to get away with it is to neuter the mainstream media and to create so much mistrust that voters, like lambs to the slaughter, make their way to Rush, Savage, Braitbart and other propaganda machines. That’s the plan, folks and you’re falling for it…hook, line and sinker and you’re pulling the rest of this glorious country down with you. Or trying to. Fools, one and all.

    • Fake news!!! So he has you saying it too. Do you really feel sorry for Trump? After watching the people he assigned to his administration, and the actions he has taken against refugees, against our environment, against healthcare, and his promises of future losses, you can feel sorry for him. You can’t be a Christian, there’s no way. Nobody who follows Christ would ever follow Trump.

  15. Isn’t it funny that the left never notices any right in Donald Trump and Obama was never wrong. Try asking those that are going to be going back to work how they feel. And while you’re at it…..if you all feel so badly, maybe you should move to a sanctuary city where there are no laws and the illegal criminals are allowed to live amongst you and your children and grandchildren. Try facts instead of fiction and then maybe try giving a new President a chance. He was LEGALLY put there and that IS A FACT.

    • Ginny, they never do. They have so much hate they are blinded. They are in mourning for losing. Sad, sad people in our country. But thank God they are the minority.

      They all thought it was in the “bag” for the corruption to continue with Hillary. George Soros & Wall St. owned a big piece of her. They never thought it was strange that Hillary backers were contributing over 1.2 billion dollars for her win. It wasn’t because she was honest or for her integrity..

      Ginny, they won’t have sanctuary cities much longer. President Trump is closing them down.
      What I do think is the bleeding hearts should go live where these illegals are going.

      • Ginny, we are all going to stay right where we are just to constantly remind you that Trump is a moron and we get to say ” I told you so ” when it all falls down around you. We will be here no matter what to create havoc. Winter is coming!

  16. Witnessed a meltdown? That is a far cry from what I saw on my TV. I saw a President confident and smart enough to take his message directly to his supporters. The media is acting as an arm of both Democrats and the bureaucracy (swamp) that is blocking and fighting Trump every hour of every day in an effort to destroy his Presidency! He cannot get his full cabinet working thanks to blocking efforts of Democrats!

    The President got his message out directly to the people in the press conference. His words are parsed and used out of context when filtered through the media filter that then gets into the public mindset. He is fully aware and in typical Trump fashion fighting it. Good for him!

    • See that’s the problem…”he took his message to his supporters”. When he put his hand on the bibles he swore to represent ALL the people…not just the ones who voted for him. He doesn’t need to reach you guys as you would pretty much believe anything he says. It’s all of us (insert stupid name of your choice here) that he needs to convince. Fat chance of that happening any time soon!

  17. The entire nation is excited that we can once again be proud of our President and our First Lady. We have a President who speaks the truth and a First Lady who speaks eloquently and conducts herself as a First Lady should. No longer do we have to see something in our White House dressed to hang out down to the local liquor store. Thank you President MISTER The Donald Trump. Everyone in America looks forward to you achieving your goal to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    • John, my first response to your post was, ‘oh my god, this man has a serious case of dementia’..but I went back and reread your comment, and I have to say that this is the best example of satire I’ve read in a long time. “A president who speaks the truth… “. HA! That was the dead giveaway. But, then again, I read what at first glance, was a disgusting statement about about our last president, which is much more apropos to the current WH residents and again, that threw me off. But no, unless you mean that the First Lady looks more like a kidnap victim (and who could blame her), on the rare instances she’s allowed out, and who clearly is not someone eager to serve at the manbaby’s side..heck, I’d head for the nearest liquor store too!

      We have a dangerous, very sick man in the WH. His need for constant adulation and inability to accept even the smallest amount of criticism are foils for those like Bannon and his mini-me Miller who are pulling the strings. Thankfully, John, we have people like you who see right through that.

      • I think John’s real name is Jonathan Swift – I haven’t seen satire that well done since the great man’s time!

        “Entire nation” Ha!

        Really well done. Can you direct me to anything else you might have written?

      • Nabila Patel , your green eyed monster is showing. Jealousy isn’t becoming to anyone.

        Food for thought for you Liberals of hate & jealousy

        An old Cherokee told his grandson: “My son, there’s a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It’s anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.
        The other is Good. It’s joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness & truth.”
        The boy thought about it, and asked: “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”
        The old man quietly replied: “The one you feed.”

        Who are you feeding?

    • A first lady who speaks eloquently (using someone else’s words) and conducts herself as a first lady should? Really delusional people out there.
      And I want to know why, when anyone criticizes Trump, the answer is always “but Obama” or “but Hillary”
      We’re not talking about President Obama or Secretary Clinton, we’re talking about Trump.
      He is unstable, and mark my words, write this down. He will never serve all 4 years of his tenure. He will either quit or be impeached.

      • Sharon, in case you see what I posted to Nabila Patel . This applies to you very much also. your green eyed monster is showing very much.

        An old Cherokee told his grandson: “My son, there’s a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It’s anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.
        The other is Good. It’s joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness & truth.”
        The boy thought about it, and asked: “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”
        The old man quietly replied: “The one you feed.”

        Who are you feeding?

    • You must be referring to his daughter who follows him everywhere because you barely see or hear from Melania. Wonder who’s paying for child care for those 3 kid’s while mom and dad are busy doing things they have absolutely no training for. At least Melania seems to want to stay near her son and raise him…at least that’s her excuse for now for not wanting to move to DC. Rumor has it that she could be spending the summer at their golf club in Bedminster NJ. No white house yet.

    • John, You certainly do belong in that racist, bigoted bully category. I was proud of a classy couple who just left the white house. No scandals. Grace and loved there country and ALL the people. Not the man that is in the white house now.

    • He doesn’t NEED to take pay.. He is making money off of the ” Presidency ” anyway . For example… his Membership at his private club went up in Mar Lago since he made that his “Weekend home as President” and that’s a FACT … And his hotels make money every time anyone of his “Meetings” are held out of town or state… besides .. He’s not the only President to not take a salary, so let’s not make this clown out to be a hero because of THAT

      • Janet , with this offensive remark about OUR President, just shows me the symbol of your liberal Democratic party is very fitting for you.
        BTY the membership to corrupt Hillary club aks “pay for play” is called corruption!!!! What President Trump is doing is called LEGAL!!! No one if forcing people to stay or become members of the club. So take your FACTS and put them where the donkey’s end is.

      • He also fought the Palm Beach City Council to make Mar-a-Lago a segregated club, unlike the others in Palm Beach which are for rich whites only. Protestant except for one, which allows those of Jewish faith.

    • Granted, he’s not taking a salary, but believe me, he’s taking money. What about the fact that all 3 of his homes have to have 24/7 SS coverage, whether anyone is in residence or not? He’s taking us for about $2 million per day. That doesn’t include the added cost to the NYPD.

      Then there’s this: The Secret Service is negotiating with the Trump Organization to take over two floors of Trump Tower, and will run a 24/7 command post with the New York Police Department — 40 floors below Trump’s $90 million penthouse.

      Trump’s situation is unique in that taxpayers will be paying Trump’s own corporation for the cost of the two floors and related infrastructure — aside from the normal costs of Secret Service agents, staff, and equipment and barriers. Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

      He’s costing us plenty, every single day.

    • He’s taking his pay in security costs for his family and travel expenses! Don’t you read? Believe me, he’s taking care of himself. He’s not doing without anything except respect from a large percentage of the American population.

    • Gail, why would anyone pay that man for what he is doing? Do you think that makes him a great guy because he isn’t taking the pay. Who did he offer it to. Did you get any of it? It’s really easy to be generous when you have abundance.

  18. Sorry sir but you better wake up the U S is in a mess. They want nothing but bad news and Trump is telling it like it is.Look at the stock Market Look what is trying give Job to people and more. whats wrong you can’t hear

  19. If you think that Trump had a meltdown during his news conference, what do you call Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address when he criticized the Supreme Court?

    Or, how about Obama’s NC meltdown on Nov 4th 2016?

    I didn’t notice any “meltdown” during Trump’s “news conference” but I guess it has something to do with the “eyes of the beholder” or something like that.

      • Paula,

        I do not recall addressing you with insults, so I find it a bit perplexing that you would attempt to start a fight with someone you don’t even know. I would like to reply to your comment addressed to me, but it was difficult to understand what you were implying due to your comment being “frenetic, garbled and rambling.” Perhaps you last line was not addressed to me, or it was an inside joke that I have not been privy to? Or, maybe I have misconstrued your intention with your reply?

  20. Here come the whining liberals yet again. Can’t they accept reality? Why no, witch Hilliiary did not win and was unable to carry on with the Obama tearing down our Country. You progressives need to get a life you want to live in a progressive state, go to California, they need you, they need your tax money, they need your constant bitching. Quit whining, some folks get sick and tired of it.

  21. I believe Obama already proved your theory. He lied. I couldn’t keep my doctor. I couldn’t keep my healthcare plan. And the cost of healthcare doubled. ‘The Democrats were exposed for what they really are, and came crashing down taking with it Hillary and all her followers. Now, we can make America great again.’

  22. Trump is having a meltdown. Maybe he realizes that he really isn’t qualified, he certainly doesn’t look like he enjoys his new position. Maybe one of his adoring fans could explain to me why he keeps taking vacations, and especially why he’s having a rally this weekend. What is he running for?

    • I don’t know how you think he’s having a meltdown. He had a great presser, lively and informative. He was very happy and said he “liked” it. He doesn’t keep taking vacations. For goodness sake, he’s been in office for less than 2 months! Get a glimmer of reality into your life, Hunter.

      • He has spent 10 million dollars for three vacations in less than a month….. 10 million dollars, less than a month. You need to get a life, not me. Meanwhile his wife costs over a million a week in NYC…. seriously, I remember when conservatives were, well… conservative. I also remember when for 8 years all you did was bitch about Obama’s vacations… it didn’t take a single one for his first 100 days in office. This is your money he’s pissing away.,….

        • You can’t talk to people who just won’t see….what is right in front of them…anyone who voted for a racist, sexist, bigoted bully or can grab woman by their private parts and get away with it because he is famous, don’t care about the people or the country. Just the reality show that is going one right now…

    • Taking a vacation? Are you delusional? This president works from 5 AM until midnight every day including weekends. He has to because of the mess that was heaped upon him by the previous administration. He has two homes because his son is still in school and goes there on weekends. This is not a vacation. He works in his Florida home also. As for his press conference …BRAVO! PRESIDENT TRUMP! Finally an honest man in office!

      • WOW lady … honest president….he gets up to tweet like a teenager. He does not have two homes because of is son, he likes his gold tower. He likes his Florida millionaire that still praise him, because he lives on praise and attention. He has gone there three week ends out of four that he has been in office.

    • So he “vacations” with the Prime Minister of Japan? Odd. And, his homes are protected by the SS whether anyone is there or not. As is Camp David. The agents live in the area with their families. It’s been that way since the SS began.

  23. The #1 story on AOL News this morning was, “Trump Forces Christy to Eat Meatloaf.” Reading on, Trump and Cristy had lunch yesterday and Trump said, “You guys can order whatever you want, Chris and I are having meatloaf.” Christy said it was the best he ever had. There
    In case you missed it because the media has been too busy slamming Trump’s every move, here’s a partial list of executed executive orders:
    + Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
    + Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects
    + Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements
    + Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States
    + Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees (Lobbying)
    + Reducing Regulations and Controlling Regulatory Costs
    + Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System
    + Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
    + Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal and Local Law Enforcement Officers
    + Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.

    In addition, just on the economy, he’s met with Corporate Leaders and Union Officials to save and create jobs, authorized the pipelines using U.S. steel, is reshaping all U.S. trade policies with an “America First” objective, investigating tariffs to keep U.S. manufacturing at home, renegotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership and North American Trade agreements and received significant commitments from corporations based on his U.S. business friendly proposals.

    Love him or hate him, it’s a whole lot better than, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…there’s not one smidgen of corruption in the IRS and…we have not yet developed a strategy to combat ISIS.”

    • Gee, Ed, most people know that executive actions are not laws. They simply announce priorities or call on officials to draw up plans to solve problems down the road.His most significant action on immigration is stalled in court. Nothing on Obamacare or tax reform. They have spent more time leaking to undermine one another and Trump himself. Get back to me when and if something substantial, true and advantageous is done for All Americans.

      • Perhaps you should have explained what executive orders are to Obama. No need now, Trump is doing a good job showing him the limitations.

        It’s only been a month and you are complaining about Trump not acting on campaign promises. lol. Gee, 8 years went by and: Is Gitmo closed? Did immigration legislation get passed?

  24. Linda, you write: “Trump attacked the media” and then you go on and write “but ended up destroying his credibilty”. I assume your letter is an uninformed opinion piece based on no facts. Reality is Trump has “destroyed the credibility” of the main stream media……

    “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with only 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.”

    Meanwhile, Trump’s approval rating is on the rise…..

    Rasmussen’s daily Presidential Tracking Poll found a 55 percent approval rating for Trump among voters. But Pew Research Center only found Trump with 39 percent support — a 16 point-difference between the two polls.

    • Fox News published this on 2/14/2017

      “When asked if the Trump administration is working on things that will help their family, 47 percent of voters say yes, while 48 percent say no.

      That’s almost identical to the split over President Trump’s job performance: 48 percent approve and 47 percent disapprove. Moreover, most voters feel strongly one way or the other, as 35 percent “strongly” approve and 41 percent “strongly” disapprove. ”
      “Fox News” is the only media that does not do “fake news” per Mr Trump

      • Kathy, I’m not sure what your point is.
        70% of the people thought Obama was taking the country in the wrong direction vs. the 47% you state disapprove Trump’s job performance.
        If you are trying to prove that more people think Trump is doing a better job than Obama, you succeeded.

    • You’re a fool Fred. It says a lot about you as a human being to support a man like Donald Trump. Jesus, how do people like you live through the day. Trump is a sick and twisted man and people like you who support him should be ashamed of yourself.

      But hey, Hitler had tens of thousands of people carrying out his twisted worldview. If this was the 1930’s and we were in Germany, guys like you would be loading the mentally and physically handicapped German children into the mobile gas trucks to exterminate them. That was years before he started gassing the Jews and it took people like you to execute a sick ideology.

      The world will be a better place when people like you are no longer in it.

      • You’ve got to love people like Steve. He’s either too lazy or too stupid (probably both) to debate with facts or reason to make a point, so he personally attacks a writer. Steve calling Fred a fool is like a beggar telling Warren Buffett he’s got to start a savings program. But the piece de resistance is when Steve tells of a tragic event in history where people died and then wishes Fred would die. Steve obviously feels very strongly about his convictions. What they might be…only God knows.

          • Fred……take your grand daughters to see Trump. Maybe he’ll “grab them by the pussy” as he bragged about. You sound like someone who would get off watching that.

            Heil Trump, asshole!!

          • You’ve got to be the real pride of the liberal movement in this country, Steve. But you’ve got company…morons like Hunter cheering you on. If I were a liberal, I’d beg you to find something else to do rather than post here.

          • Ed, I’m beginning to think your vocabulary is limited, too. Moron seems to be an oft repeated word choice for you. You sound like Trump with his “fake news.”

          • So, let me reacap this exchange…….
            – Linda submits an opinion Letter for publication
            – I post a rebuttal citing two facts that disprove her point
            – No liberals defend Linda’s opinion
            – Steve calls for my death
            – Then Steve calls for sexual assault on my granddaughters.

            Deena and Hunter did you miss his comments? Your failure to condemn these comments and passively support them speaks volumes about your blind ignorance.

          • Gee, Jr., I think there are many on here who agree that Trump is a disgrace, and not one of us needs validation from you.

          • Linda’s playing dodge ball again. That fact that you cannot condemn Steve’s comments undermines everything you claim to stand for. You are a fool.

        • Sorry George-

          Rasmussen is not considered, even by FOX, to be an unbiased polling service.

          1.) It charges through advertising
          2.) It is automated, and it’s questions are frequently skewed to favor Republican answers.
          For instance- they will ask questions about favorability of a Republican candidate, while asking NOTHING about the Democratic opponent in the same race.

          The Daily Sun uses Rasmussen- condemnation enough that the service is as politically slanted as it’s guest columnists.

          The automated poll is addressed to “likely voters” only, does not include the number of people in a household, and does not include those with cell phones or internet, which is overwhelmingly NOT for Trump.

          For FOX news to dump them, you KNOW something must be way off. In looking at the most recent poll, Rasmussen lumped in “no real opinion” with “Highly support Trump.” as Trump supporters.

    • You must have forgotten how Obama would take 15 minutes to answer a 2 minute question because he was searching for that politically correct word. If Obama answered as many questions as Trump addressed yesterday, we’d still be watching.

      • Trump did not reveal anything at this press conference but the fact that he is a bully who scolds anyone who is not in service to his ego.
        He questioned the questions and disrespected any facts thrown back at him.
        Factcheck says:
        Trump claiming the 9th US court of Appeals who decided not to reinstate his travel ban, had its ruling overturned by the S. C. was ruled FALSE.
        Claimed his Nov. victory was biggest E.C. win since Reagan. FALSE.
        Claimed “jobs have already started to suge” since his election, citing Ford, Chrysler and Intel. FALSE. Many were already in the works before the election.
        Claimed that the media had a lower approval rating than Congress. FALSE.
        Called his administration a fine-tuned machine and praised its implementation of his anti-terrorism executive order, which has been largely blocked by the courts.
        One lie after another. Chaos, confusion and conflict. Oh, and his approval rating is going lower, at 39%, I believe.

      • Plain English speaker” is different than contorted English speaker, but neither of them account for untold number of lies every time he speaks.

        He is still focused on and whining about elections- He was challenged about his claim THAT DAY of “a great electoral majority” and suddenly cowered by saying “I meant “republican victory” When it was pointed out that both Bushes beat his electoral college record, he again caved saying “That’s what I was told.”

        Similarly he quoted that the 9th circuit, the onw that overturned his Muslim ban, has had 88% of its rulings overturned by the Supreme Court. In point of fact, the Supreme Court has overturned less than 1% of 1% of the 9th’s ruling. That’s one hundred of 1%. A total lie.

        Finally, how is it that Flynn was removed for not being truthful to VP Pence, and at the same time, Trump is saying thee information was “fake news”. If it’s fake news, how could he be misleading anyone?

        One giant teenage fraud fest. Quick Donny, hide the coke & pot in the closet and air out the room. Adults are coming.

        PS- Trump has not “done” anything yet. He as issued a bunch of plans and orders, but not one piece of his “agenda” to Congress.

        • Rob, good post. Trump lied so many times and I just loved it when he had to blame it on someone else, “That’s what I was told.” He has a hell of a crew if they can’t even get the information for him correct. Actually, I think he pulled that out of his rear and when he couldn’t get away with lying, he blamed it on some un-named other person.

          Now he’s started campaigning for 2020. He just wants that adoration, feed his ego, don’t bother him with actual concerns. Pitiful.