Response to Mr. Fuller’s letter about 55+ retirees

To the Editor:

Mr. Fuller you are exactly right. We were told exactly the same as you – that one had to be 55+ to live here and absolutely nobody under 55 is allowed to purchase or reside. Apparently, a ploy to get retirees to move here. In a few years this will become another blighted town, neighborhood. By the way, flamingos and crosses aren’t rude, don’t drink, fight, argue with police or hit hospital personnel. I told one crafter at a show we weren’t allowed to display their beautiful items, “So sorry.”

Judi Griffin
Village of St. Charles


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  1. Linda Helmbrecht says

    Here we go again! Why don’t people read the requirements about 55+ communities? If under 55 isn’t allowed to buy or rent….isn’t that age discrimination?
    As for TV becoming “blighted”, anything is possible, but I feel
    it is highly unlikely. Maybe when the baby boomers are no more, and the “affluent” have gotten too old to flaunt what they have, it could happen I guess. But don’t get your britches in a knot…you still have time for a few more rounds of golf, a few more golf cart rides, and, a few more drinks before those low class, drug dealing, trouble makers move into a neighborhood close to you. Have a good night all!

  2. Ronald Jones says

    Ok, in nutshell, the laws on 55+ communities are:
    1) you can require that at least 80% of the houses have at least one person 55+; in fact, you can require up to 100% of the houses have at least one 55+ resident. This would be set out in the documents for the particular development.
    2) You can ban residents under the age of 18; you don’t have to but it will depend upon the documents setting up the development; The Villages has a number of developments, some of which have different documents; you need to check the documents setting up your particular development. You can allow under 18 visitors but check your particular development.
    3) What you can’t do, however, is ban residents over 18 but under 55; period; so long as there is a 55+ resident, they can bring in family members over 18 but under 55; adult child, adult grandchildren, niece, nephew, sister, brother, or for that matter, a spouse; if they want to marry a 19 year old then can do so and then bring that spouse in, legally. There is no legal way to ban someone under 55, just because they are under 55, but over 18 so long as they are related to someone 55+ who lives there.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Ronald, that’s a bunch to think about, especially on Monday, which is margarita nite at the adkison’s… all i can say if, people, respect others, themselves, the laws, i don’t give a rip how old they are… just be considerate, kind, follow the rules, treat others as you would want to be treated, and i think we eliminate a lot of crap

  3. Jim Fraser says

    If one bothers to read a bit of the news, you’d find that many of the problems here, and there really are very few compare to other municipalities of this size, are caused by people over the age of 55. This idea that all of the crime is committed by adult children of residents is patently false. Several times a week I read stories of people over 55 fighting in the squares, arrested for driving the golf cart while intoxicated and shooting up their neighbor’s front door. It is not all young people committing what little crime we have,
    Additionally, if one were to do a small bit of research before moving here, you would find that no one was told: “that one had to be 55+ to live here and absolutely nobody under 55 is allowed to purchase or reside.”
    The law states and The Villages rule is that 80% of the homes must be occupied by at least one person over the age of 55 an d that no one under the age of 19 is allowed to live here full time.
    And as far as: “In a few years this will become another blighted town, neighborhood.”, The Villages has been run this way for over 30 years and we seem to be doing fine. TV is the fastest growing metropolitan region in the country and has been for many years and will continue to be for many years to come.
    I think that a lot of people fail to see how nice it is here. They see a few stories about crimes and blow it all out of proportion. We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. We have one of the highest standards of living in the world and we have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
    So my advice would be to stop all the gloom and doom and get out and enjoy this wonderful place.

    • Janice Doto says

      Jim, you said it so well I can’t add much. Just that everyone who believes our crime is so BAD should look at a newspaper from your home town to see what real crime is. Our petty DUI’s and such would be too menial to even be reported. My five years here have all been wonderful years with much laughter and happiness. I have met people in line at stores and had enjoyable conversations with them. Just smile and even you gloom sayers can find friendly folks anywhere you go.

  4. Peter Atkin says

    Hate to remind you folks, but when I moved out of the ‘historic’ section 15 years ago we had so many young people living with their parents or renting the trailers that we had school busses coming in picking up and dropping off kids. Expect it as YOUR neighborhoods decline.

  5. James Radatz says

    Looking through the laws on age discrimination in the 55+ communities, you can find every reason for younger persons to be allowed in the communities. We can all look for reasonable reasoning. However, it all depends on how the judicial systems wants to determine the findings. In retrospect, the local stores and restaurants have to be manned by someone. I prefer to enjoy my retirement and let the young people wait on me. I personally have some young people living near me and I don’t have issues with any of them, as I still remember, that I was young, way back when.

  6. Ray Gagnon says

    “In a few years this will become another blighted town”? Where is that coming from? this is another example of what is ailing our county, everything is either black or white, right or left, where is the middle? Yes, even in a predominantly 55+ affluent community there is ignorance and intolerance. And as someone pointed out, it’s not just that 20% can be under 55, in order to comply with Federal Law discrimination , I believe the requires that 20% be under 55. And lets not forget, that in a community of 100,000+ retired folks, there is an absolutely massive need for services that we, 55+ retired folks don’t want to do anymore! We need a younger segment of the population to support our need for services. And if you actually read the crime reports, you might notice there is NO shortage of we, 55+ folks exhibiting deplorable behavior. This is a simple matter of statistics and demographics. In any population of size, you are going to get a little of everything, some good and some bad and maybe some awful. It will span all age groups. That IS NOT going to make this a “blighted community”.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      thumbs up Ray, but i don’t see the greatest majority of us as “affluent”… am sure there are a few really wealthy people here, but i believe most are middle-middle income that provided for our “golden years” by not running up a lot of debt and “keeping up with the jones”… at least that’s the crowd i run with,i LOVE them all, and even LIKE most of them too!!!

      • Chip Griffen says

        You are SPOT ON LiZa. But, SOME of them act like they are “old money” blah blah blah.

        I find the nicest people are on the “Historic Side” (oh, the humanity!!!), and the closer one gets to 466a, the less people know about their neighbors – and, the more they actually were “rich” during their lives (be it old money, or earned).

    • Jim Fraser says

      Actually, the law states that in order to qualify as a retirement or over 55 community, 80% of the homes must be occupied by at least one person over the age of 55. If you wanted to do a bit of math, you’d find that legally well over 80% of this community’s full-time residents could be under 55.

  7. Hunter Hampton says

    Wow, the racists have all come out to play. There was a time when racists kept their racism to themselves, I expect Don, Josie and Liza will be wearing their white sheets soon…..

    To Judi, NO development is 100% over 55. You could have done your research. To maintain its 55+ status under federal law, at least 80 percent of homes must be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older. That means 20% can be under 55… all have to be over 19.

  8. Don Baldwin says

    “In a few years this will become another blighted town”

    Diversity…it always ends the same. The Villages is what it is because of the demographics…successful, affluent, white people. There are thousands of wonderful communities that share these demographics. But none that are wonderful are “diversified”.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Don, if you are under the impression that there are no people of color or other races here that are successful and perhaps “affluent”, you could not be more wrong… yes, at this time the majority of those living here are white… but i believe and certainly hope in time as our country evolves, more non whites will TAKE advantage of a good education and use opportunities to make a good life for themselves, and NOT BE DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT AS THEIR DADDY…it’s not going to happen overnight, but i would hope by the time our grandchildren are living here, the numbers will be 50-50>>> and not BLIGHTED…the case of Dr. Ben Carson should be the rule, and not the exception…i’d like to think our MAGNIFICENT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, if he was given a chance to truly lead our country to the greatness he speaks of, will be instrumental in this happening…he wants good schools for ALL… he wants opportunities for ALL… he wants to eradicate the dreadful drug problems that are robbing people of a decent, healthy life…
      as i said, it is going to take time, but it is never going to happen if all the liberal lefties want to do is push the russia-russia-russia, crap down our throats…

      • Chip Griffen says

        LiZa – last person who had such views was a world leader. Same types of genus classifications…his name was Adolf Hitler. He lost his battle just Judi will…maybe she can start her own neighborhood. We shall call it “Ghestappo Land”.

        • Len Pittsacado says

          So retired people wanting to live in a community of other retired people somehow equates to Hitler? You sound like a lib that wants to equate all those they disagree with as Nazi’s. It does a great disservice to Hitler as his hatred for all mankind is unprecedented . Giver it a rest and try and say something intelligent.

      • Bill Williams says

        Love you Liz and the way you write. You make up for all the socialists like Chip and Hampton. Those people have one word in their vocabulary ‘racist’. Anyone else sick and tired of that BS?

        • LiZa Adkison says

          Bill, right now i am bewildered, so i am not sure if you are supporting me or being sarcastic… what Hunter just posted has thrown me for a loop, and considering the size of my rear end, that’s saying a lot…

          to answer your question, YES i am bloody sick and tired of all their BS, including the russia-russia-russia crap

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