Safety first for all walkers, runners, and joggers!


To the Editor:

As I travel in my golf cart here, I encounter many pedestrians on the streets and the paths. Please, please, please, for your safety, follow the rules of the road. If there is a sidewalk, you should be on it. Not on the street and not in the golf cart lane. You should always be facing the traffic coming towards you. If you have your back to me, and especially if you are wearing ear phones, you cannot see me or hear me coming, and I certainly do not know what you are going to do. I have had people step sideways right in my path because they had no idea that I was behind them. Always be aware of your surroundings and after dusk wear reflective clothing or some type of light so that you are visible.

Ronnie Sullivan
Village of Bonita



  1. When I am walking on the MMPs and see a golf cart or bike, i always move onto the grass, not just because I believe it’s the right thing to do, but because if the driver is not paying attention for even a few seconds, I could be seriously injured.

  2. Whenever I am walking on a path and see someone on the wrong side I flag them down and tell them. Most of the time they get all “huffy” and look at me like I have two heads. I have yet to come across someone that has thanked me. Go figure.

  3. Amen to your letter. Just Monday while on the multi-modal trail, I came across a couple where the walkers were walking their dog with the traffic and in the middle of the trail—then another young lady walking with the traffic. None of us want to hit a dog or a pedestrian. Maybe they don’t know the rules?

  4. Under the best of circumstances, it can be difficult to see a walker on the cart path. Glare on the windshield, blinding sun, shadows can all contribute to the driver being unable to see well. The walker should always be prepared to jump out of the way if it becomes necessary. I’ve seen walkers paying absolutely NO ATTENTION to their surroundings.

    Cart drivers could also go a little slower in some instances, as well.

    • Cart drivers should be prepared to stop. Many drivers assume that that lane is for their express use. NOT SO. If the developer, the town, the county, or the state were against pedestrians using this lane they would have required sidewalks.

  5. Wearing reflective clothing is an especially important safety item for walkers, IMHO. I travel early mornings before dawn frequently in my cart on paths and encounter walkers wearing dark clothing. It is virtually impossible to see them until the very last moment as I approach. Golf cart lights do not illuminate very far in advance and most paths are not well lit. Some walkers carry a light but it is of little value when compared to reflective clothing…and many point the light down and it cannot be seen by an approaching cart.

  6. Is a quick, light ‘beep’ on your golf cart horn acceptable when passing a jogger? Bikers are supposed to announce “Passing on the right (or left)” when going around a jogger, but I don’t know if that would work for golf carts. Dunno.