Second man arrested in maintenance ripoff of blind 89-year-old Villages resident

Oscar William Freeman

Oscar William Freeman

A second man has been arrested after allegedly helping himself to the checkbook of a blind 89-year-old resident of The Villages.

A Citizens First Bank employee contacted law enforcement after noticing that several large checks had cleared under an elderly customer’s name. The checks, ranging in amounts, from $250 to $900, totaled $5,630.

One suspect, 46-year-old Eugene Widows, was arrested last month while cashing one of the checks.

A second suspect, 48-year-old Oscar William Freeman, also has been arrested on two counts of exploitation of the elderly. He is free on $4,000 bond.

The woman told police she left the doors unlocked at her home. She said the maintenance workers often walked in and out of her home and she said she could not see them.

The Department of Children and Families was contacted on behalf of the woman. She was also transported to The Villages Regional Hospital.




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  1. Gloria Dipinto says

    There Are no Excuses for these 2 Scumbags they are the lowest of Crooks everywhere . The money should be returned or worked off in prison . NO Freakin Probation .

  2. Ann Eggleston says

    I hope, if this lady must call in maintenance men of any type, that s neighbor hoesbover yo her home and supervises. Don’t let any maintenance or cleaning people in any room if your house without going with them. If there are two, call a friend. If they’re offended, hire new people.

      • James Radatz says

        B.W. Just maybe you are one of the lucky ones. It seems that when the Villages pop ups kick in, what we are typing, will jump to a previous line, or worse yet, knock us out of the section. I have noticed this in not only my comments, but in many others. However, you are so right, in stating that we should read what we wrote, before we hit enter.

  3. James Radatz says

    Scumbags, such as these guy’s, need the full penalty of the law with all counts being charged separately. Just maybe, they will become charged guest’s of the state of Florida penal system.

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