Sue Michalson’s op-ed

To the Editor:

I could not agree more with Steve Gordon’s letter concerning Sue Michalson’s op ed in the I too am ashamed to call Michalson a Jew as she is more of a radical anti-Semetic.
I would like to know when Ms. Michalson ever showed disagreement when Arabs tortured and murdered Jews in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Jordan. Did she ever display anger over the suicide attackers unleashed by the Arabs?  Did she ever consider what the Arabs would have done had they won the war they precipitated in 1967? I bet that Michalson would condemn the death penalty yet applaud the suicide bombers yet if you think about it, those are two diametrically opposite points of view. This shows what a hypocrite she is. I say if she does not want to be considered a Jew that it is the Jewish population who gets the better of that deal.

Lawrence Schultz
Stone Creek


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  1. Chuck Tortorete says

    Ms Michalson was brave to put her point of view out there for others to agree or disagree with. If you disagree with that point of view that is your right but to make personal attacks because someone does not agree with your point of view seems to be the way things are today and should not be condoned.

  2. Paul Collins says

    Why does Ms Michalson receive such bitter anger. Here’s a Jewish gal that’s lived in Israel and has seen first hand injustices. I haven’t. I only know what I read. Historically the Jews have been in the forefront of civil rights and have spoken up for the rights of all. They’ve suffered tremendously in concentration camps and know full well the value of individual rights. Then why do some continue to build settlements that from I read are built on land that doesn’t belong to them. While I haven’t been there I have read that the Palestinians live in walled off towns and villages with check points that make it extremely difficult to see family and friends in nearby towns. If your land was taken from you by people from Ukraine, Russia, Brooklyn wouldn’t you be upset? Every country in the UN has ruled against building these settlements. Is it anti semetic or fair play to discontinue building them. We have been providing Israel huge sums of money mostly in the form of grants. Over 3000 million dollars each year mostly for armaments. Wouldn’t it be better spent to create a climate of trust. A kind of Marshall Plan and who better to administer it thru the UN then the thinking moderate Jews with Arabs. I’d certainly include Sue Michalson..

    • Evan Wohl says

      Just curious , Should The US give back California , Arizona, New Mexico & Texas Back to Mexico ? . These too were territories won in war . The land that Israel now occupies is theirs . To the victor goes the spoils . especially from a war Israel did not start in 1967 and 1973. They already gave back the Sinai to Egypt with a peace deal . Every one seems to forget that the neighboring countries to Israel ( that are Muslim ) don’t even want the Palestinians (Egypt, Jordan, & Lebanon) they refused them in 1949 , 1953, and so on . The Palestinians are a people who refuse to take responsibility for their own future and blame everyone else for their misfortune . Kind of like Liberals

  3. Nicole Benedict says

    From the Letter to the Editor:

    “I bet that Michalson would condemn the death penalty yet applaud the suicide bombers yet if you think about it, those are two diametrically opposite points of view. This shows what a hypocrite she is. ”

    Mr. Shultz “bets” that Ms. Michelson feels a certain way, and then promptly condemns her as a hypocrite.

    Mr. Shultz, I think much of your angst would go away if you stopped guessing at things, and dealt only in facts. Rather than assigning how you “bet” people feel, maybe you could try actually finding out.

    Mr. Shultz, I bet you feel pretty stupid right now. If you think about it, you are mocking a women for something she never said. This shows what a misogynist you are.

    (see what I did there?)

  4. Larry Berman says

    It took more moral courage for Ms Michalson, speaking from her heart and soul, to write her editorial than all of her brainwashed detractors put together. Shame on all of you for accepting fear and hate as the answer to a complicated, human rights problem. Open your hearts and minds to the dilemma she is addressing instead of resorting to knee-jerk primitive feelings and beliefs.

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