Suspect in 2014 Evans Prairie robbery, Brownwood Care Center employee arrested

Marriyaunda Anderson

Marriyaunda Anderson

Keithen Jamar Rawlings

Keithen Jamar Rawlings

A man arrested in a 2014 armed robbery at Evans Prairie Country Club and a woman who works at the Brownwood Care Center are free on bond following their arrests this past weekend.

Keithen Jamar Rawlings, 25, of Wildwood, and Marriyaunda Anderson, 22, of Leesburg, were arrested Sunday night after a disturbance at a neighborhood in Eustis.

Rawlings was using Facebook Live to record his presence in a woman’s home where he was not wanted, according to an arrest report from the Eustis Police Department. He was arrested on a charge of burglary and was also cited for having a three-year-old child in the back of a car unrestrained.

Anderson called the homeowner and made threats to her as Rawlings was being arrested, according to an arrest report. She also refused to cooperate with police. Anderson was arrested on charges of tampering or harassing a witness and resisting an officer.

Both were booked at the Lake County Jail. Rawlings is free on  $5,000 bond. Anderson is free on $6,000 bond.

In 2014, Rawlings had been arrested in a stickup at Evans Prairie Country Club in The Villages. You can read more about that incident HERE

Anderson works at the Brownwood Care Center in Wildwood, according to the arrest report.


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  1. Mary Kay Reis says

    It is mandatory in the state of Florida that ANYONE working in healthcare or daycare or other jobs working directly with the vulnerable are to be fingerprinted and background checked prior to employment

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Scary they don’t check their employees out, too. It’s a care center, not McDonalds. I’m sure employees at the center come in close contact with residents personal items as well. i wonder if she is still an employee today? If she is, residents should demand her termination. BTW, how the heck do you pronounce that first name?

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