Suspect arrested in theft of gun, $2,765 in cash from popular local ice cream shop

Mystic Ice Cream
Mystic Ice Cream

A 37-year-old man with a criminal history has been arrested in connection with the theft of a gun and $2,765 in cash from a popular local ice cream shop.

Mystic Ice Cream on County Road 466A in Fruitland Park bills itself as serving “adult frozen desert” with flavors like Rum Raisin, Pina Colada and Sangria.

Reinaldo Ayala of Fruitland Park was arrested Thursday on charges of armed burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief in connection with a burglary earlier this month at the ice cream shop.

At the time of his arrest, Ayala was already lodged at the Lake County Jail for violating his probation in connection with the theft last year of a woman’s electric scooter.

Reinaldo Ayala
Reinaldo Ayala

Ayala is believed to have taken the money and a .357-caliber revolver Sept.3 from the ice cream shop.

He and two women had been “hanging around” the ice cream shop and had been asked to leave by a manager.

It was later discovered that after closing, entry had been made to the building through a broken window.

Ayala continues to be held without bond. He also had been arrested in 2016 on a charge of battery. He served 15 days in jail in connection with that case.


  1. To bad there wasn’t someone in the store at the time and made good use of the 357. That could have taken another one of America’s finest out of circulation. That would have saved one of our fine Judges the task of giving probation again.

  2. Once a criminal, always a criminal. Black robes haven’t figured that out yet. Elaine, good grief woman, it’s a business, are they not allowed to have whatever cash on hand they need to run the business? Does cash on hand entitled some bottom feeder to steal it? Get a grip on life.