Thanks to Wildwood Police Department


To the Editor:

I left my house last Sunday headed for Brownwood. Forgot my cell phone and my husband was in the hospital. When I went to leave, my car was dead. The Wildwood police let me use a cell phone to call AAA. AAA said they would be there within the hour. So the police called someone else who brought a battery pack and had my car started before AAA got there.  Again, many thanks!

Mary Maier
Village of Dunedin


    • Some people always complain. She most likely needed her car, especially with her husband in the hospital. The police are not taxi services. They don’t “give rides”. Not only is it not their job, it creates liability, especially nowadays. They helped her and yet some people feel the need to criticize the police. It is truly a damned if you do, damned if you don’t profession because there will always be people like Frank around. (Wait–Chip, did you change your name?)

  1. As a retired law enforcement officer who is a strong advocated of Community Oriented Policing, that’s what good police officers do. See the gratitude they enjoy from such acts. Doing this over and over again makes an officer even more happy in doing his/her job. I have been impressed with the Wildwood Police Department. Recruiting police officers is key. When you recruit for adventure, that is what you will get. When you recruit for service, that also is what you will attract. It is more difficult to train an adventurist officer to be in the spirit of service; On the other hand, it is less difficult an officer serving in the spirit of service to be trained for the adventurist parts of law enforcement. Police departments are service agencies and not military forces at war with its citizens. That’s the bottom line. Lock up the criminals as it becomes necessary; otherwise,serve/ Good job WPD!