The trouble with Donald

Marsha Shearer
Marsha Shearer

What follows is not meant to be about politics – it’s not about issues or political party.  This isn’t even about the election, writ large.  That’s done and over; decision made.  But it is about the character and mental stability of the person who will shortly become the President and leader of the free world – actually he could be the most important person on the planet – what he does, for better but especially for worse, could impact everyone in every country the world over.

Voters make decisions based on a wide variety of variables.  What is generally assumed is that having won the nomination, the basic minimum standards – the prerequisites needed to be an effective leader – have been met.  The difference with Trump was that he had no past history as a public servant to scrutinize.  Still, given his reputation as a successful businessman, there was the natural and normal assumption that, at a minimum, he was a relatively intact, intelligent, literate, curious, creative, honest, critical thinking, problem solving individual…the basic characteristics that, in varying degrees, heads of large organizations and successful politicians possess.  One would think.  But polls indicate that none of these characteristics – whether present or absent – was as important to Trump voters as their desire for change.  Disqualifiers for a typical politician running for any office, let alone the presidency, were ignored or characterized differently.  Samples include mocking a person with a disabling condition, criticizing a war hero because he had been captured, demeaning Gold Star parents, refusing to release his tax returns, manufacturing all of his products outside the US while condemning the same behavior in others, his apparent lack of payment of federal income taxes for years, his statements about his views on women and minorities; readers can add their own examples and there are many more to choose from.  But…most every other Republican running in the primaries, and certainly Hillary, represented the same old, same old.  Change was demanded and change is what we got.  But we also got something else; a seriously flawed human being.  And no matter your politics, this should not be ignored or characterized differently.

See if this description by the Mayo Clinic, together with criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), sounds like anyone you know.       

       *Has an exaggerated sense of self-importance

       *Expects to be recognized as superior to others

       *Exaggerates achievements and talents

       *Requires constant attention and admiration

       *Has a sense of entitlement

       *Expects special favors and unquestioning compliance

       *Takes advantage of others to get what they want

       *Has an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

       *Behaves in an arrogant or haughty manner.

       *Values themselves more than others

       *Looks down and belittles others in order to feel superior

       *Becomes angry or impatient when not receiving special treatment

       *Insists on the best of everything, car, home, possessions

       *Hypersensitive to criticism – perceived or real

       *Difficulty taking responsibility for mistakes and apologizing

       *Doesn’t trust easily and has few, if any, close friends

These characteristics are symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is a mental disorder. And it describes Donald Trump.  An aspect of the condition is that he believes he can do no wrong.  If he does it, that – ipso facto – makes it right.  Slights and criticisms – real or imagined – must be addressed.  He lies often and easily even when the truth is readily available in print and video. His ego is fragile and he’s on guard constantly for any threat, which may explain his inability to sleep and compulsion to tweet as an immediate response to any perceived slight or negative statement.

Supporters continue to say that any day Trump will become ‘Presidential.’  That day will not come.  He is who he is.  He’s still fighting the election he won.  It will always be about him.  And until something happens and he gets himself in a situation of his own making and is impeached or he resigns or his term expires, the country and the world will be holding their collective breath.  One thing is sure.  His self-interest, however he defines it, will come before all else.  Here’s hoping his closest advisors will be able to do for him what he seems unable to do for himself…which is to look beyond his own fragile ego and act for the greater good.

I did say this opinion piece wasn’t about politics but we need to ask ourselves how we got here.  For one thing, most folks would agree that at the end, we had two lousy choices.  Many people voted against a candidate (Never Hillary; Never Trump), not for a candidate.  Having omitted one of them, there was only one choice left. Others who couldn’t tolerate either, stayed home.  The political parties need to take a fresh look at the primary process.  Wide open primaries, open to all candidates of all parties, that occur on the same day nationwide might be one way of involving more than base voters in the process.  The RNC and DNC need to do precisely what a narcissist would never do – take a good long objective look at the current process, admit there are serious problems, and work cooperatively together and with others to develop solutions that will result in voters having a choice between two, or more, really great candidates.  If only.

There is an old Chinese curse that seems to have been delivered in spades: ‘May you live in interesting times.’  This might be one import we could do without.

Marsha Shearer is a resident of The Villages.


  1. Anyone care to place a wager that the current White House staff DOESN’T trash the place as bad, or worse , than the Clinton White House staff did? This is the perfect example of the type of people that these liberals are. Petty, mean, vindictive, childish vandals who think nothing of committing a crime to make their point. I don’t recall ANY Republican White House staff ever doing such a thing. These LOSERS, from Obama on down, are set on sabotaging the new president and have already started. This is as un-American as it gets. This harms our nation and is close to being sedition. Maybe it actually is. These spoiled children should be prosecuted if they do trash the White House or sabotoge computers and other equipment that OUR taxes paid for. Grorge W should have prosecuted Clinton’s White House staff for doing just that. This time don’t let them get away with it.

    • Howard, where, pray tell, do you get the idea that the Obamas are set on sabotaging Trump? The President has bent over backwards to help Trump, it’s not his fault that Trump thinks he’s so smart that he doesn’t need help. He doesn’t even take the time to read through his security briefing, then bitches because the press got information before he did. He had it first, he just chose not to bother with it. No one needs to sabotage him, he’ll self-destruct on his own.

    • Harold’s been hacked! This is way too cogent compared to the real thing.

      Whoever you are, you’re an unreasonable facsimilie for H the H’s diarrhea of blatherskite and flatulent winds of gasconade.

      Harold, we miss you.

      We love you, man.

  2. Ah, Linda, are you still in your crying room with your coloring book and crayons? I followed your rantings in the newspaper right from the beginning of the election process! I always got a laugh from your depictions of Obama and Hillary!! I think you must live in an alternate universe!! I notice that since Trump won that you have become less cryptic and more sedate in your writings. Please dont stop keep on writing ,you are a never ending source of humor to me!!!

    • Alan, oh, I’m sure she just lives for your entertainment (heavy sarcasm font needed here). Of course, she’s more sedate, she’s just like so many of us that have no enthusiasm for the upcoming changing of the guard. It’s very hard to have any kind of enthusiasm for a man that has been shown to have temper tantrums because someone says something about him and has to resort to twitter to get out his frustrations, that gropes women “because he can.” He’s a reality star who has used his smarts to screw the underdog and laughs about it. Do you really think he won’t screw you?

      No time for crying and coloring books, there’s a new movement to change things so that this debacle doesn’t happen again. The march to make sure Trump doesn’t get a second term, providing of course, that he makes it thru the first one, has already started and it’s growing stronger every day. Stay tuned, there’s much more to come.

    • Hey Alan, thanks, I am more than happy to oblige. Glad you like my letters. Perhaps you would also like to read the anonymous hate mail I recieve. They read like a Trump Policy Agenda. To coin a phrase from NYC columnist, Cindy Adams, “only in The Villages kids, only in The Villages…ha, ha, ha.


    • I would love to attend one of the Democratic Party’s meetings here in the villages. I promise I would be cordial and not try to instigate any arguments or discussion unless I was asked. anyone interested in giving me a time and place? I would not be attending to condone many of the things Trump has said. I simply believe there are many TRUMP policies that will benefit the majority of Americans and help our country in areas it truly needs some improvement in. I accept opposition viewpoints as long as they have some factual basis and not just continuing to call Trump and all Trump’s advisers and backers names.

      We might have some disagreement on how to make America great again but I truly don’t believe any American is not interested in seeing that.

  3. Rather than accept the loss of the recent election and search for ways to recapture the leadership of the country, the liberals have determined that bashing the winners, protesting with no purpose or possible gain and playing the “BUT” game is the best course of action. Particularly on this site, the “BUT” response is a constant attempt to minimize what happened on November 8th. “Trump won the electoral vote, BUT…” “People are afraid of more terrorist attacks, BUT…” “50 million people are on food stamps, BUT…” Let me provide what the “BUT” factor meant to the American voter. And for those hanging on to the “2-1/2 million more votes chant,” this has nothing to do with the E.C. Here’s the 2016 election results:
    The Senate is controlled by the Republicans, 52 – 48.
    The Republicans picked up additional seats in the House and now control by a 241 – 194 majority, historical numbers.
    In state races, the Republicans now have 33 Governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.
    Republicans now control the executive branch and both chambers in 32 states, while Democrats hold on to both in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Oregon and Rhode Island.
    Republicans now control the Governor’s house or State Legeslative chambers in 44 states.
    This wasn’t a defeat for the Democrats, this was a whooping.
    So liberals, you decide how you’re going to respond, as you profess, for the good of the country and your party. It’s a choice of getting back to winning or going down further by adopting a long term sore loser approach. What ever you decide, they’ll be no “BUTs” about it.

        • Judie, you won’t get an answer because it’s not true. I’m waiting to see “President Trump’ eulogize a black pastor in a black church and ending it with singing Amazing Grace. We will never see any empathy, and decency from Trump.

        • Have you been hiding under a rock?
          Barack The Beloved
          Obama’s Socialist Roots And Worldview
          Living Like Royalty, Perpetually Fundraising
          Deriding America On The World Stage (“Apology Tour”)
          Obama And Israel
          Obama The Divider
          Dividing Americans By Class
          Dividing Americans By Race & Ethnicity
          Dividing Americans By Gender
          Key Obama Appointees: Reflecting the President’s Radicalism
          The Dreadful Economy
          Obama And Taxes
          Obama And Health Care
          Obama And Energy / Environment
          Obama And Homeland Security / War On Terror
          Killing Osama Bin Laden
          Obama And The Military
          Obama And Immigration
          Obama And Welfare Policy
          Obama And The Constitution / Supreme Court
          Obama And Abortion
          Obama And Education
          Obama and Gun Rights
          Obama And ACORN: A Corrupt, Unholy Alliance
          Obama And The Policies That Led To The Housing And Economic Crisis
          The “Fast & Furious” Gun Scandal
          Obama And The Iraq War
          Obama And Iran
          Obama And Egypt
          Obama And Libya (Including The September 11, 2012 Terror Attack)
          Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood
          Obama and Jihad: Appeasement & Denial

    • Ed,
      Brilliant minds or idiots must think alike. I’m sure both of us will receive a lot of replies. I just sent in a new opinion to be published, which lists much of the same information you have in your comment. I promise I did not plagiarize it!

      The great thing is, the Democrats just don’t get it! They just keep spitting out the name-calling, but really don’t pay any attention to what is going on underneath the presidency. In my new thread. I even agree with them on all the things they have said about Pres. Trump so we could get on to something else. (I don’t agree with them but I wanted to get on to the important stuff.) , they are losing in every possible way in election after election. As long as they stay fixated on Trump, they will continue to be fighting from a sinking ship, in my opinion.
      Have a great weekend everyone.

      • Mike, you really must either be intellectually challenged or you think we are. “In my new thread. I even agree with them on all the things they have said about Pres. Trump so we could get on to something else. (I don’t agree with them but I wanted to get on to the important stuff.)” Either you think we won’t realize by reading that that you were lying to us, or you forgot that we would be able to read it. Either way, your effort to “get on to the important stuff” was disingenuous at best. And you wonder why we don’t believe you when you talk about wanting to have honest conversations.

      • I think you’re delusional Mike! You try to come across in one post as wanting to go to a democrat meeting, promising to be “a good boy” and in the post to Ed you contradict yourself by saying you don’t agree with any of us but will just “make believe”. Are you trying to make a mockery out of something? Trying to show how important and logical you are? Stop trying to make yourself appear better than you really are. We can see right thru your charade.

          • Deena, Paula, and Hunter

            I posted this in the wrong place originally.

            Deena- More name calling on your part. I’m TRYING to get past that type of discussion and on to the meat of differences. Policies, ways to change the country for the better etc. I wasn’t hiding anything. I thought I made my intention very clear- get past the crap and onto meaningful items.

            Paula- Same reply. Just trying to get past the name-calling logjam these threads seem to bring out and on to real discussions where we might find some common ground to help Make America GREATER.

            Hunter- No act. I’ve been very clear on my desire. To get past the silly name calling and on to a real discussion. I guess now I can add actor to names I’ve been called…..

            I will continue to point out the silly name calling. It really does neither side any good. Again, I don’t believe I have done that, but let me know if I’m wrong.(as I’m sure you will.)


          • Mike, I did no name calling, I gave an either/or response to what you posted. If you chose the either, then it’s you agreeing to what I said, so not name calling. You’re just upset that you got caught with your lie. Keep pointing out whatever you want. Your passive/aggressiveness won’t work on here. You’re way too obvious.

  4. Fred DerHund says
    JANUARY 14, 2017 AT 8:45 AM

    “Keith, Trump and the Republican congress will be addressing jobs, healthcare, infrastructure repair, and immigration reform starting next week. Put your seatbelt on. Trump will succeed where Obama failed.”

    Yes, all the things they could not find the time to do for the last 6 years. Why? Because in GOP world party “trumps” country, why work on infrastructure or healthcare, jobs or immigration when Obama was in office, less he get credit.

    Well at least the job of destroying Obama didn’t work. Only few presidents leave office with over 50 percent approval ratings. Obama is one that has.

    • Obama got nothing done because he refused to include congress, particularly Republicans, in the law making process. Obamacare was promised to be a totally open, bi-partisan effort. I remember Obama saying he wanted the hearing televised on CSPAN. In reality, Obamacare was hatched up as a secretive, back room deal. A reporter asked Nancy Pilosi about the transparency promise and her reply was, ” a lot is promised during a campaign that doesn’t happen.” This is just one example of many. Look at Obama’s executive orders that were overturned in court. Look how many will be cancelled by Trump. Admit it. Obama was a do nothing President.

    • Ed you are correct. Keith, here is the nonfiction version of your story. For the first 2 years of Obama’s first term, I believe he had a super majority in Congress. Not needing any Republican support, he decided to ignore the Republicans all together and did not pursue bipartisan support of any legislation. The voters obviously did not support his agenda and for the next 6 years, Republicans took control of the House. Then as you say, the Republicans didn’t cooperate. Blame Obama’s poor leadership. Payback is a bitch. Watch Trump, as an experienced leader, I bet he will pursue some bipartisan legislation right out of the gate.

      With respect to Obama, his LEGACY is destroyed. Most of his presidential actions will be erased in the next year by Trump and Congress. But you are right, he will remain popular. Kim Kardashian is popular too.

      • Sorry Fred, George. The Senate was 59-41. That may sound like a super majority but it’s not. When you have a majority leader who ahs pledged not only to make his priority making Obama a one-term president (that’s politics, no problem) but actually meets on Nov. 9th with a group of house members and republican strategists, and the y agree to obstruct every single bill or idea sponsored by the Democrats, then not having 60 votes to achieve cloture is a big problem, as we saw.

        Unfortunately, it was the civility- the wimpiness of Harry Reid, who agreed to simply drop a bill if it didn’t have 60 votes. Prior to that, if someone was threatening a filibuster, they actually had to stand on the floor of the Senate and filibuster! Imagine that. If that rule had stayed in place, many bills would have been up for consideration, since real filibusters do not always work.

        At this point, I could go on to cite the actual account of that meeting and who was there, but then I would be wordy.

        • Keith, I may owe you an apology! If you were referring to Obama’s legacy of failures, you are correct! It is not destroyed. The list will live in infamy.

          But a year from now, his legacy of successes will be reduced to two bullet points:
          – was first African-American President
          – was more popular than Kim Kardashian

          • If everything Obama has achieved becomes lost, that will say what a truly heartless bunch the right among us are. Seriously, why does money matter more to you than people?

          • If Making America Great Again means the right must bear the “heartless” moniker in the delusional eyes of those on the left. We will wear it proudly.

            Any civilized society bears the responsibility of taking care of those among us without the capacity to take care of themselves. But that is a far cry from the socialism and income distribution promoted by the left. You want money? Get a job.

  5. Ed wrote:

    “There was no need for any hearings…the episodes were not lied about, distorted or involved in any cover-ups. The American public trusted Ronald Reagan because, when situations arose, he went on TV and told us the truth. FYI”

    well, there you go again … two words … Iran Contra.

    • No Keith, once again, you are wrong. While I was writing this, I knew I would be challenged. If you remember, Ronald Reagan went on television and explained that he was not involved in the planning nor did he authorize the Iran-Contra affair. Reagan also went on to say that this episode went on under his administration and therefore, he took full responsibility. Now, compare that response to Obama’s or Clinton’s.

        • Keith, you continue to throw out these little tidbits of uninformed, inaccurate nonsense, get smacked in your place and claim victory. Eventually, you’ve got to reach the conclusion that if everyone thinks you’re a baboon, you just might be. Ask a grandchild for help before you post. Go back and get your GED. Donate your laptop to a charity. As the Ding-Dong girls would say, “Do it for your love of country.”

      • You are compressing time and wildly distorting the situation. It was a sordid two-year affair that tore at the fabric of our government, and exposed Reagan as a conspirator in trading arms to our most vile enemy – Iran- for 7 hostages.

        Iran-Contra began as an arms-for hostages deal for 7 hostages held by Hezbollah, a puppet of Iran. ELEVEN administration officials were tried and convicted. All of them were either vacated or pardoned.

        For Oliver North’s treachery, he was tried and convicted, although the conviction was overturned not on the merits, but because of the fact that the testimony was given under immunity.

        The administration stonewalled and the entire affair took more than two years to sort out, prosecute and settle. Reagan only spoke out when it was becoming clear that the scandal could end in massive trials and his impeachment.

        By “owning up” to it, even though virtually all sources said he didn’t really even know more than sketchy details was no act of courage of honesty. about
        We got our hostages, in return we sold Hezbollah- the Islamic State of the time, 1000 shoulder fired Tow and Stinger missiles. That money was then used in DELIBERATE violation of the law to help fund the militant contras in Nicaragua, who were opposed to the elected communist government of Nicaragua/

        Ed you sterilize and minimize the event by simply sloughing off the importance of it and saying “eh… well…Reagan took responsibility.”

  6. This is like reading comedy! I worked in the White House for 5 administrations before emails and Tweets, and Facebook. Teletype and courier were used by the Staff to communicate. Running the message center was interesting, my conclusion is that most administrations have some built in corruptness. How else can a person enter politics with a negative net worth, and 30 years later retire with a nest egg of $40-50M dollars when the salary for that entire timeframe was never about $150K a year except for Presidents who make $250K. The Clinton machine was so corrupt that folks who routinely handle classified material are still in disbelief. Like Ms. Lillian is quoted about the Carter boys, “When the boys were in grade school, Billy was always the smartest of the two!” I am personally excited about the potential for the next 8 years.

  7. For Harold the Hermaphrodite and all others smoking crack pipes in unison and praying to their new god of the church of the gooey death and the discount house of Progressive worship, Donald will be our President for the next 8 years of your tears. We are happy he will not be yours. You see, we have not had a President for the last 16 years!

    I only wish I had written this:

    There’s more wind and tears coming from the left now that we’re mere days away from President Trump being a reality. But we know now what we should have always known: They were bluffing all along.

    Rosie O’Donnell’s latest martial law tweet provides the proof

    She would rather have everyone in the country subject to military law, suspension of Habeas Corpus, quarantines, curfews, and shoot-on-sight orders than she herself having to accept Donald Trump as president.


    If she really meant it, she’d be fine with herself going to jail to do whatever it took to keep Trump out of the White House. And we know she wouldn’t be willing to suffer the inconvenience of prison–maybe a ride to the police station on Jan. 20th is about all she’ll do, mugging for the cameras the whole way.

    Rosie isn’t the only one who’s bluffing. The whole liberal apparatus and the Democratic Party has been bluffing as they move along the five stages of grief from denial, through anger, bargaining, depression and finally into acceptance.

    There’s Meryl Streep’s totally unshocking and fully expected potshots from the safety of a liberal bubble at the Golden Globes. Then there’s the full-page ad taken out by Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and a bunch of other leftist celebrities in the New York Times last week in which they call Trump a Fascist. I don’t know if that’s a particularly productive use of money, but it’s probably cathartic for them. And I’m not sure where catharsis fits in the grief stages.

    And in the acceptance phase is the sad video of Emma Stone, Natalie Portman and Amy Adams singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”

    Presumably, there are many liberals in the government who also oppose Trump with all their being. My question is, if these liberals were so vehemently opposed to Trump all this time, why haven’t any of them in government actually, you know, blown the whistle on him? Why haven’t they risked jail, like Edward Snowden, to expose something so heinous about soon-to-be President Donald Trump that the country would absolutely reject him?

    All the opposition files dumped on America, which ruined 2016 for so many, didn’t stop Trump. In fact, I think it strengthened him.

    Not that they haven’t tried to stop Trump, but they were just bluffing.

    For instance, Trump never released his tax returns. Speculation ran that they must be so awful, and full of smoking guns, that they couldn’t possibly be made public or Trump would be run out of the country.  But the privacy of tax returns is sacrosanct, at least according to the lawyer I asked (who isn’t an expert, and I’m not a lawyer).

    The law, 26 U.S.C. § 6103, is pretty clear about the government not disclosing tax information. Even the president, currently Barack Obama, could not order Trump’s tax return to be disclosed. He’d even have a hard time getting his hands on it at all, unless he had a reason that stood up to public scrutiny (but he does have the authority to order a copy for the White House, just not without a specific reason). “So Trump will lose the election” is not a good reason.

    I suppose if there were enough smoking guns, someone at the IRS (remember Lois Lerner?) might “leak” the information or otherwise brief Obama. They might “leak” the information to the press, also. But then what? Go to jail to stop Trump? Would a reporter rot in jail when a judge orders her to disclose sources (there’s no way the New York Times would not publish Trump’s tax returns if they got a verifiable actual copy, no matter who broke the law)?

    Or would they take an unverifiable copy of a purported tax return from an anonymous source and publish it, a la Buzzfeed? I don’t think most legitimate press would do that.

    If Trump is truly the despot these people say he is (“a Fascist America!”) then I hope to God someone has the temerity, courage, and conviction to expose it in 2017, 2018, or beyond. I would actually respect that. Even if it failed, at least they put their liberal heinies where their mouths are. But they don’t really care about that, only their own relevance.

    I am the first to tell you I’m not the biggest fan of Trump. I opposed him in the Republican primaries. I would rather not have had the choice of Trump vs. Clinton in the general election. I didn’t vote for either. But I fully understand that making useless protest gestures, mocking, and spending money on anti-Trump advertising after the election is settled, is just dumb.

    Trump exhibits some characteristics, even days from the Oval Office, that I find troubling. I find his dismissal of the legitimate press, along with the “fake news” press, to be self-serving and unstatesmanlike. I disagree with his positions on many issues. But I don’t pledge myself to his failure. But neither do the liberals who pretend to call for martial law and such idiotic sentiments. They just want to be heard, and to remain relevant. It’s really pathetic.

    If the liberals who sign their names to newspaper ads, and appear in hastily-made desperation videos, were as serious as the founders of our country, they’d all risk arrest, even death, to stop the person they believe is a tyrant worse than King George III. Obviously, none of them, in or out of the government, believe that it’s worth their sacred honor, or their lives, to stop Trump.

    They were bluffing because they thought people agreed with them and now they’re angry to find that people agreed with Trump more.

          • Being a vacationing snowbird and new to this site, I have no idea who George is. But one thing I know for sure, he owns you people. Your fixation with him is comical. Try to stay on topic children, you are sufficiently challenged by the subject matter and cannot afford the distraction.

          • Fred, it is you who has the fascination. We just laugh at your attempts to hide behind obscure names, of which you think are so clever. Your writing skills and thought process give you away every time. Such a shame that you destroyed your family name and can no longer post under it. I certainly hope it was worth it. Wonder how your dad would feel about that. Sad, little man.

          • I did not realize that it was George making up all these names. I actually thought some of them were Ed’s. In the meantime, Howard, simply because I thought you might have a few too many on this, and on the ADA/LLLC issue, seems an odd reason to doubt my existence as a real person.

            I think my writing style is fairly unique on this site, including my propensity to post longer replies. I do this in an attempt to “shut down” anyone who would simply dismiss my points as not being sourced or real. That’s what my argument Jack Brush’s editorial was when “Bob Sparks” posts other’s articles as his own, then weaker minds congratulate his post & we’re off chasing fake-sourced news.
            Since “Bob” never responds to comments or questions about “his” plagiarized posts, you’re left hanging in the air.

            A tool that works very well for our president-elect. Believe me. Be-lieve me.
            And I’m real. Very, very, very real.

  8. Deliberate immovable ignorance is a trademark of many Trump voters. Like Trump, they report to angry name calling, childish word distortions (libtards, Obummer, etc.), and outright falsifications to avoid discussing the positives of any substantive topic.

    Cases in point: Howard when he’s had too much to drink, Mary, VillagesNews publisher Ed M., Lloyd, and Liza. There are many other conservatives who comment thoughtfully yet forcefully without resorting to childish and churlish language.

  9. I have to admit that I am intrigued. Can’t wait to hear what Mayo clinic says about Hillary’s psychological profile. I am sure the Marsha will be open minded and honest with her next article regarding the Clinton culture of corruption and her professional opinion regarding pathological lying as related to Hillary. Then again, Hillary is no longer a valid persona worthy of any future political consideration or attention. The only loose end regarding the Clinton culture of corruption is her culpability in violations of National Security.

    • Please stop whining about Hillary. Trump won. Get over it.

      Still, it will be interesting to watch Trump implode/explode as his “appointees” are already completely disavowing his immature calls regarding international relations, torture, Russia and intelligence.

      Fortunately, these distinguished men and women, who are extremely conservative, will not easily conform to “Trump Land” and its narcissistically distorted world view.

      • Whining Rob? What was the title of this “Opinion” piece again? How many “opinion” (hit pieces) about Trump has this author(?) published on here? Did she not invite comments?

        Don’t mistake my ill mannered gloating as “whining.” ;^)

        When it comes to violations to National Security, I do not whine, I demand justice. And Hillary needs to be required to appear before a court of law to determine if she is guilty of National Security violations or not. It should not be left up to a few presidential appointees to decide on whether she is guilty or not. This has noting to do with the election. This has to do with the death of Americans and the possibility of more deaths in the future as a result of her intended or careless actions. It does bring into question Hillary’s psychological profile.

        Unlike the author, I am content with affording the new president the courtesy of being sworn in before I judge his actions as president. Just like I did with Obama.

        • Marsha’s piece is her own. I wrote about this months ago, so I’m not whining about the election results.

          Meanwhile you all have a potential trump-Russian scandal on your hands that will not go away soon. I have NO doubt that there are tapes of his behavior, although it would be difficult to get financial records of his being funded by Russian oligarchs., unless he released them.

          Why do you think he won’t open his tax returns, even though he promised he would AND condemned any candidate who wouldn’t? Because, unlike disclosure statements, he would have to reveal all the sources of “income” he receives through amortized loans from Russian oligarchs and Chinese state businessmen.

          Doesn’t it strike any of you as odd that this man, the man who knows the struggles of the people, now that he has won the White house, still refuses to release his tax returns?

          Should a new president of the United States really be behaving the way he is with adolescent tweets and seeing people come and go from his golden tower?

          Should the nation’s chief executive really be attacking our own loyal national security personnel as “Nazis” and yet congratulating Putin for being smart?

          I’m not whining about him winning the electoral college ad the presidency. I’m saying that any threat to the integrity of the United States should be investigated at the proper level. Why would a president disagree with that concept at all?

          • Rob, elsewhere on this thread you wrote “I do this in an attempt to shut down anyone who would simply dismiss my points as not being sourced or real”

            Meanwhile, above you go off on the following ‘unsourced’ and ‘unreal’ fabrications:
            – “financial records of his being funded by Russian oligarch” and
            – “all the sources of income he receives through amortized loans from Russian oligarchs”

            One thing is for sure, you trade in fake news and are not the Encyclopedia Britannica you purport to be.

          • You know, Fred Derhund, you are a total give-way. You, as Fred Derhund are doing the exact same thing as George Dakin, Jr. did. Responding to the same people with the same words, the same know it all attitude. Maybe soon we will all see some “links” to a fake website and facebook page, just to see how YOU like it.

          • Linda, given your inability to post an intelligent rebuttal, I will assume you are in agreement with my response to Rob.

  10. Marsha,
    This is type of reporting that people despise. You label a person because he either doesn’t conform to your thinking or you have other aspiration to become a journalist.

    CNN, NY Times, et al; did this type of reporting that catapulted President Elect Trump.

    I I hope your reporting a stick and paste from Frued, or other outlet, gets you and the company you work for, sued for defamation.

  11. Reading these comments, especially by some of you, I think I now I finally understand why those of you who voted for Trump, did. You are just like him. Bullies, arrogant, narcissistic, unwilling to hear what others say. This thread is very enlightening.

        • Quoting Hillary Clinton, is this another ‘perfect example’ emphasizing what you wrote?

          “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.”

          • She was obviously referring to the white supremacists, the KKK members etc…. most evolved people do find them deplorable. If you felt she meant you you must lump yourself into those groups.

          • Fred, don’t hold your breath for a response…you’ll never get one. They just throw out crap; but when called on it, run and hide.

          • Fred and Ed, no we don’t think think half of the Trump supporters are white supremacists and KKK members. She also was including, as referenced by yourself above, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.” That may not be half, but it’s a good size chunk.

          • I think the deplorable statement that Ms Clinton made was one of her big errors during the campaign, We all know it is more like 75 percent not 50 percent are deplorable.

          • Hunter, please note that Deena and Keith provided two more “perfect examples to emphasize what you wrote”. I love it, thank you.

        • You should read what you wrote again, and this time try to comprehend (if you can) . I stand by what I said. The real haters are the liberals as demonstrated by their recent actions. Trump is your president, no matter how many times you say he isn’t, so why not just shut up and accept it. Your irrational gnashing and ranting is borderline insane.

      • Howard, look around our country & the shape of our world. This is the results of the you bleeding heart liberals. You are hell bent in destroying America with your progressive or liberal ideas.
        It’s sad people like you and your other Democrats or whatever you call yourselves can only resort to the name calling. But who cares just shows the Americans & world what type of people America is dealing with. “We” the people of America have voted you OUT with corrupt Hillary. We are taking back our country which you want to destroy so badly.
        As for as calling conservatives demonizers yu missed the target again. It is your corrupt Hillary that sold her soul to the devil years ago and he “rewarded” her by losing the election. It would be soooooooo nice in America if all you American haters checked out of America with the Hollywood group of a**ses.

  12. After reading all the comments on both sides. I’m embarrassed to say I was born Florida and lived for half of my life. I only left when my spouse was transferred to another state for his job. That used to be a place where people were kind and accepting, of everyone. Just because you disagree with each other, is no excuse to denigrate each other. Where has civility gone?

      • “I think I now I finally understand why those of you who voted for Trump, did. You are just like him. Bullies, arrogant, narcissistic, unwilling to hear what others say. This thread is very enlightening.”

        I voted for Trump and I don’t believe I am any of the things you listed above. I have also offered numerous times to sit down and discuss civilly policies on both sides of the aisles. No one has taken me up on that yet.
        Have a great day.

          • Hunter, rereading your post above, I do not see that you asked the question you reference. In fact, you were the one name-calling when you called Trump supporters “Bullies, arrogant, narcissistic”.

            In response to the question you didn’t ask, I offer the following response. It is obvious that both sides of the aisle represented here are passionate about their beliefs and resort to name-calling when they cannot respond with an intelligent rebuttal. I should also note that, predictably, Democrats call Republicans bullies, as you do, because Democrats love to play the victim.

            You can do better. I await an intelligent rebuttal.

          • Tune in tonight for the National News anchored by Hunter Hampton, aka Anderson Cooper, on CNN. I know it’s where I go to get my fake news. Lol

          • I did ask a question….. I’ll ask again…. someone please read it to Howard….. and explain it. Here… “Hunter Hampton says

            January 11, 2017 at 9:20 PM

            Being from NYC I’ve known Donald Trump’s terrible reputation for years, that said I thought Okay…. it won’t be so bad. I mean how bad can it be? Then he chose Pence… uh oh, the man is a religious nut who hates gays… then he chose Bannon… oh dear…. now Sessions, a man who was too racist for Strom Thurmond…. let that sink in. He’s putting men from Goldman Sachs in, the people who were part of the problem. He nominated a woman who doesn’t believe in public schools to be the head of education. His son in law even, which is illegal. Do none of you people who voted for him have any issues with any of these choices? Are any of you uneasy about his Russian connections? Please tell the truth, are any of you having second thoughts?

            Oh, and what about his maniacal tweeting, does that make any of you uncomfortable or do you think presidents don’t need to be dignified?”

          • Hunter, nice try. Did you really think you were going to pass of a two day old post with multiple questions (5), about different subject matter, as the post you referenced? PS, Mike’s post above doesn’t even respond to those questions. But I gladly will………

            1) I mean how bad can it be?
            – not as bad as Obama

            2) Do none of you people who voted for him have any issues with any of these choices?
            – No, I like his choices

            3) Are any of you uneasy about his Russian connections?
            – No, I had much more concern with the Clinton’s acceptance of millions from foreign countries for birthday presents, speeches, and foundation donations. There is no evidence of Trump accepting a penny from Russia.

            4) Please tell the truth, are any of you having second thoughts?
            -Absolutely not. Actually, his actions to date exceed my highest expectations.

            5) Oh, and what about his maniacal tweeting, does that make any of you uncomfortable or do you think presidents don’t need to be dignified?”
            -Yes his tweeting makes me uncomfortable but I recognize the need for it given the obvious bias of the main stream media. Besides, his tweeting worked. He bypassed the media and spoke, unfiltered, directly to the people. I guess you consider Hillary a ‘dignified’ loser because she didn’t tweet. How is that working for her

            One more thing, it was me, Fred, not Howard, that raised the issue about your ‘question’. Pay attention.

    • I’ve lived in Florida for over 25 years and trust me, people elsewhere don’t act like this…only in The Villages do you find this degree of hate. Way too many old cranky people with way too much time on their hands who feel entitled to demean others for entertainment. It’s really important to get out of “the bubble” once in a while to preserve your sanity and love of humanity.

  13. I was watching some of the confirmation hearings today and focused in on Mike Pompeo’s, nominee for Director of the CIA. Responding to both sides of the isle, topics ranged from cyber security to ISIS to Russian intelligence. Up came Sen. Kamala Harris (D – California, who won Barbara Boxer’s seat). She spent her entire time focusing in on gay marriage, equal pay and climate change. Many fellow senators as well as Ponpeo looked at her like, “I think you’re in the wrong building.” Discussing gay marriage with the secret intelligence entity of the U.S?…global warming to the covert agency of the nation? This from a United States Senator?

    My advise to liberal Democrats…better be concerned with your own house before you disrespectfully and disgracefully call the others sides President crazy. It won’t be too hard…after the people spoke this election, you don’t have very many local, state and national leaders to discipline.

      • Clinton’s three million votes came from California and New York. If you throw out California and New York for both candidates, you will find that Trump won the popular vote by 1.7 million votes in the rest of the country.

        Trump won the electoral college 304 to 227. That amounted to one of the most one-sided elections in recent history.

        If you don’t like the outcome, get the law changed.

          • I do not know one “devoted Republican’ working to undermine the electoral college system. And I know a great number of devoted Republicans. Please share the source of your misinformation.

          • FAIL! Good luck, not. If your candidate had won this wouldn’t even be an issue. It’s only because you LOST
            Hypocritical to the max (liberals)!

          • Fred, I have friends that are Republicans and they are part of a movement that wants the EC to change. You would not know them, as they want nothing to do with the likes of you. They are fair, rational, intelligent individuals.

            And for you and Howard, here’s a source that you guys swear by. You know, FOX NEWS. Guess you forgot this little tidbit from Obama’s elections.

          • Deena, last election cycle when Romney lost, some Republicans considered supporting a change to the EC. Losers always do, like the Democrats are this election cycle. Your claim that ‘devoted Republicans’ are supporting a change after this election cycle is comical. Please ask your Republican friends to identify the ‘movement’ they are part of. I’d love to contact the group.

        • Let’s be fair, if you throw out Hillary’s top two states, then you must throw out Trump’s top two. But why should we throw out any state’s votes? Those votes are the voice of the people and each person’s vote should count. Trump won the election, but no matter how you twist your numbers, Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million. The people spoke, loud and clear. Trump was just smarter at what states he targeted, Hillary was too confident. Trump won and life goes on.

          • Ahh Deena, you recognize “Trump was just smarter at what states he targeted”!
            It is fair to say, Trump supporters believe he will use those ‘smarts’ to Make America Great Again, despite Marsha’s fabricated psychoanalysis. We’ll find out over the next 4 years. Godspeed Donald Trump.

          • Fred, he has also used those smarts to destroy people who were just doing their jobs. Do some research on how he got those billions and billions he brags about (but refuses to prove). It was on the backs of the little guys. Foreign countries might take great exception to his tactics and we will be the ones paying the price. He may be smart but his ethics are nothing to brag about.

          • Deena, apparently you have done the research to support your claim. Please share it with me.

            Also, please spare me your foolish uniformed speculation on what “foreign counties might take great exception to”. That can be said by anyone about any president at anytime. Trump supporters care about America and JOBS not what foreign countries think.

          • Deena Graves Kerridge says
            January 13, 2017 at 5:08 AM
            Let’s be fair, if you throw out Hillary’s top two states, then you must throw out Trump’s top two. But why should we throw out any state’s votes?

            The answer to your question is simple: because the Constitution clearly states that the electoral college will determine the winner of the election for president, not the popular vote.

            If you want a change to the popular vote then attempt to have the constitution amended…not a snowballs chance in hell of that happening.

            You people have tried to blame the defeat of an incompetent and emotionally unstable candidate on anyone and everyone. Bottom line is that Clinton is a compulsive liar who listens to no one and has either failed at or not accomplished a damn thing in the projects she has attempted over the years.

            SHOW ME HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Fred (not your real name, but I’ll play along), please spare me your foolish, uninformed speculation that my statement wouldn’t apply to any President. Trump just happens to be the one, at the moment, that has no filter on his fingers or his mouth. What other countries think about us can make the difference between them being our ally or our adversary. And God forbid should Trump say something that upsets Kim Jong-un. He’s crazy enough to get his tail in a knot and to make a nuke and aim it at us. He has enough plutonium to make 10. Now that’s some scary shit.

          • Ross, what I asked and you answered are two separate things. I was asking why throw out any state’s vote in regards to something you said. Your reply was about the EC. There was no denial by me that the EC is how we select the President. As for a Constitutional Amendment, that remains to be seen. It has happened before, it can and probably will again. Even the Republicans have looked into changing it.

            Hillary is past tense these days, in case you hadn’t noticed. Move on.

          • Deena, thank you for verifying you have no data to back up your unsubstantiated, no fabricated, claims.

      • I know you will never stop holding on to the popular vote chant. After all, that’s all you’ve got. Those 2+ million votes won’t buy you a cup of coffee. Let’s just say your candidate came in second. That’s like owning the lottery ticket that is off by one number. This past year, Nyquest won the Kentucky Derby, Denver won the Super Bowl, Andy Murray won the men’s and Serena Williams won the woman’s singles at Wimbledon and Danny Willet won the Masters. Who came in 2nd? No one cares. Please, for the good of the country, your party and yourself, STOP WITH THE POPULAR VOTE…NO ONE CARES.

        • Ed, why does the popular vote bother you so much? If no one cares, why even mention it? You see, it does bother us because it is a clear indication that the people spoke and the system didn’t recognize it. The EC is outdated and needs to be revised, and we’re working on it.

          • Are liberals heads hard as rocks? Can’t you see why the electoral college is necessary? Without it in place one or two states can elect anyone they want to be POTUS! It can’t be that way! IT CANT BE THAT WAY!

          • I don’t care if one state can elect the POTUS. Why bother to vote if your vote doesn’t count? Every vote should count.

          • Because it’s thrown into virtually every discussion. Liberals are absolutely possessed with the theory that the election was stolen from them. Whenever a President-Elect supported mentions Trump, a liberal automatically responds with that 2-1/5 million rant. A conservative has NEVER initiated a popular vote conversation unless it’s in protest of this rediculous, redundant practice. And you ask me, “why does the popular vote bother me so much?” Are you kidding?

          • Imagine if Trump had gotten 3 million more votes, then lost to the EC. Hahahaha there would be pandemonium…

          • Fairly obvious that it bothers Trump as well. He still shouts to the crowd that he won by a landslide. His ego just won’t let him see the facts as they are printed. Wonder how he feels now as he is slipping badly in the polls and hasn’t even been sworn in yet. As of this am 37% approval rating…how is that a positive trend?

          • Hunter, you are correct, losers create ‘pandemonium’ as evidenced by the Democrats reaction this election cycle.

            Trump was a national candidate and won. Hillary was a regional candidate and lost. The Electoral College worked exactly the way it was intended. Namely, to ensure that support for the president, and the president’s support of the people, is distributed nationwide. The Democrats ignored the flyover states and it cost them the election. The solution is for the Democrats to garner the support of all Americans not just those living in the coastal metropolises. The solution is not a change to the Electoral College.

            It should also be noted that your vote did “count”. It determined the assignment of your state’s the Electoral Votes per the Constitution and consistent with your understanding before the election. As you say, if the shoe was on the other foot, you wouldn’t have a problem.

          • Ed, I recall who finished second in the Super Bowl. Like a hillary supporter, I haven’t recovered yet.

  14. Ms. Shearer: I share some of your concerns about our new POTUS and agree with the conclusion that we had 2 lousy candidates. The most important part of your letter, though, can’t be stressed enough: the weakness of our political parties and how little control they have over the nominating process. In this age of imperial presidents we MUST find a better way of selecting presidents.

  15. Marsha,
    I understand where you’re coming from. Non-politically speaking, I too had a problem with Hillary Clinton. Such a corrupt, selfish, narcissistic, self important, calculating, thieving, back stabbing, evil person. Probably the worst person ever to be a major presidential candidate. Did I mention soooo corrupt?

        • Uh, maybe because Trump won, not Hillary. Why is Hillary still relevant? Hillary has been trashed, thrashed and rehashed far longer than necessary at this point. Everything should be directed at Trump now.

          • Exactly my point Linda, Hillary isn’t relavent. But Marsha always dishonestly tries to create a perception of being ‘fair and balanced’ by tickling Hillary then lambasting Trump. She is totally biased, which is ok. It’s an opinion piece. Just be honest.

  16. All you R’s need to stop whining that we need to “get over it.” We are over it but we will never stand behind your racist, bigoted, jerk of a president. Your side won. We accept it. You’re the ones who need to get over it and live with it
    Trump will be subjected to the scrutiny that Obama was subjected to and possibly more


  17. No matter how he is, what he says or what he does, it HAS to be better than the other choice, HRC! Sorry, we just had NO ALTERNATIVE! It was worth it to see the look on her and Barry’s face when she LOST!

    • Marie,
      Like he said he could shot someone and not lost one vote, you would have still voted for him I’m sure. Many people will be killed from his actions!
      This again is not about Hilary. It’s about the bully you helped elect.

      • Sally said:
        “Many people will be killed from his actions!”

        Four people WERE killed by Hillary’s actions and we will probably never know how many more have been or will be killed by her national security violations.

      • Sally, how about Benghazi? Those lives don’t count for your Libby’s?
        How about the nearly2,499 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq so far under Obama’s watch.
        Almost 4,000 people killed in Chicago under his watch.
        Stop whining all the time. It’s pathic. You can’t get it through your heads corrupt Hillary wasn’t wanted by the American people………PERIOD!!!!
        Hopefully, she will end up in jail where she belongs. No one around anymore to protect her.

        • Mary,
          Regarding Afghanistan President Obama sent troops into Afghanistan to fight ISIS. Most Americans felt that ISIS posed a treat to the country. Are you in the minority that preferred that our troops didn’t go into Afghanistan?

          As far as Chicago. A president doesn’t have the authority to randomly send the National Guard to a state. The Governor of Illinois has to request the troops. The blame of the deaths in Chicago should be placed at the state level. They are responsible for creating then enforcing the laws, not President Obama. Would you prefer that a President rule down to the state level? Most Republicans prefer Lasse Faire.

          We aren’t whining … Just like many Republicans, and Trump did when Obama was elected, we are expressing our concerns. Fortunately most Democrats showed dignity and didn’t dip down to the birther level with trump. Most complaints are against his current actions (tweeting fake news, or insults), belittling our Intel Agencies, refusing to release his tax returns, and not accepting that Russia stuck their nose into our election process (not saying they influenced the results, just saying they crossed a line).

          Hopefully Republicans will stop whining and allow Democrats the same considerations that they had. It is after all, for still America and we are entitled to freedom of speech PEORIOD!

          Regarding Hillary … you got to get over the fact that despite winning the popular vote she lost. Put it to bed and move forward. It is getting very old hearing the same whine from the Republican whenever we express a concern about the President Elect.

          • Kathy, don’t bother trying to explain anything to Lbi. She wears blinders when it comes to Trump…just truly loves the man and all he stands for. And forget about Obama…I believe she still believes he was not born in this country. She just likes to accost people on here if they don’t have her same opinions. She actually thinks she’s going to change minds with all her (mostly) incoherent rants!

          • kathy, of course you are whining. Also, your facts are twisted with non-truths but no reason to explain. Go sit in the corner for 4 yrs and cry.
            As for Paula,
            But as a true Libby’s you have no proof or basis for your stupid comments you just made. You just run your mouth off, don’t you?. I believe I told you before why are you reading my postings if you think I rant on. Just skip over.

          • She didn’t lift a regal finger to help. In fact, security was reduced before the attack, even though there was intelligence to indicate there would be an attack on U. S. embassies. She and Slick Willy are peas in the same pod. If Willy had done his job years before, when he knew bIn Laden’s itinerary and where-abouts, and used the excuse of “legality” not to, even though Bin Laden was named as a planner of the original bombing of the World Trade Center, 3000 lives might not have been lost. In addition, virtually all of the planning for the destruction of the towers by the 2nd attack was done on Willy’s watch. Yet Obama was quick to blame Bush, who had been in office only a little over 7 months. That attack took years of training and planning. So, we can lay the blame of the destruction of over 3000 souls directly at Willy’s feet.

          • Hunter,
            I don’t blame Hillary for killing our embassy personnel in Benghazi but I do blame her for trying to blame it on a video and a protest march when she knew differently. That has turned out to be a fact.

          • Hunter said: “Why is she to blame and not the terrorists who actually did it?”

            What “terrorists?” Hillary said they were demonstrators, protesting a video.

        • Benghaaazzzzziiii … funny how we don’t hear much about that anymore. Just another political hack job by the GOP do nothing congress who spent years tearing down Clinton instead of doing their real jobs like health care reform, jobs bill for infrastructure repair, immigration reform, / etc etc etc

          • Keith, Trump and the Republican congress will be addressing jobs, healthcare, infrastructure repair, and immigration reform starting next week. Put your seatbelt on. Trump will succeed where Obama failed.

          • I’m going to use a typical reply like the Democrats use.

            “OH Brother”.

            Actually, the soon to be departed Harry Reid would not allow many of the bills passed by the house to be even brought to the floor of the Senate. You will see some of the same bills come to the floor now. Hallelujah!!

  18. Take your blinders off and unplug your ears, many republicans have seen who this self centered self severing bigot is, and voted for conscious and country and not party.
    God help us from all for the many disillusioned bigots that voted for the orange bloodsucker.
    I give this man child less then 6 months before he’s impeached…

  19. Ms Flynn — I would have to disagree with your assessments cited herein. First of all your assessment of liberals not loving their country. We bleed red just like you, and have gone to war and died just like the conservatives . We have, do, and will always fight for our country and its flag — internationally and domestically. We have sought the greater good, the Equality stated in the Constitution. And we hold the freedom of religion (or none at all) sacrosanct. Further, I question your analysis.

    “Our country is a mess BECAUSE of the Liberal Democrat’s.” — What ‘mess’ are you referring to? A stock market that is at its peak? An unemployment rate that is lower than the previous 12 years and better than any Repblican administration if the last 30 years? A military force that uses 54% of the discretionary funds of the federal government? A health care system that has had the lowest cost increase in premiums in a decade? Equality to our citizens in marriage, military service, public service, and through the taxes and law? Health care for adult children up to 27? Health care for individuals who were previously denied coverage for ‘preexitibg conditions’? Food Stamps for our young military, the preponderance of Appalachian families and those in the most of Red of States that are also not minorities? Of the protection of the environment you and I enjoy because of the full enforcement of EPA standards that assures clean air and water? Or of the protection of the health and welfare of children through Various tax and legislative actions?

    “… hate our value, standards, constitutional laws, God, our flag & our Country.” Do. you mean the right to voice deserting opinions? The standards of civility and decency demonstrated by the Obamas? The recognition that ‘God’ is a religious belief that has different and even no relevance to our citizenry?

    “… corrupt Hillary’s”. “… corrupt team” “…CNN and their fake news”. What part of NEVER BEEN INDICTED, TRIED OR CONVICTED by Hillary or her team of any of the bogus charges thrown at her warrants your condemnation? Where does FOX News FX, Headlinenews, America One or for that matter any of the ‘talking heads’ fall in your assessment of ‘fake news’?

    [Trump] wants to bring jobs back to America……..which he started already doing. Let’s see how that meets the rest of 12 million jobs created under Mr Obama? Or the saving of the American auto industry with its millions of direct and associated manufacturing, production, sales and support jobs?

    “Bring law & order back to our country.” Are you referring to the numerous ‘illegal-by-court-determination’ of police misconduct , profiling, and various criminal actions? Of the further militarization of our law enforcement?

    “Help the inner cities…” With his opposition to an increase in the minimum wage that the majority of the inner city population relies on? Of his plan to change the tax laws that eliminates childcare credits for those with the greatest need and adding of deductions that benefit only those who can deduct anything from taxes?

    “Will take care of our Vets” By not including them in his 100 day Contract With America announced last week?

    “Build our military” over the existing 57% of discretionary budget it already has, with its billions in obsolete technologies and unwanted weaponry pushed by lobbyists for the Defense Industry and their legislative lackeys?

    “Will back our law enforcement. Not throw them under the bus” how, by accepting poor and illegal performance? By allowing profiling?

    “Will protect us against refugees coming to America. Not open gates with no vetting” Besides having both the UN, the Department of State’s Immigration vetting processes, what can he add? Do you really want him to go down the road of developing religious profile lists a la the Nazis of the 30s and 40s of the last century?

    “He will NOT go around the world apologizing for America” What do you base this claim on? The ‘real news’ sources (Reuters, AP, BBC, the 3 major networks et al) said that Obama did not apologize for America.

    “Illegal aliens do NOT have the same rights as American citizens” -True. But they also — as part of our LAWS — to the basic protections of justice such as due process and evidence, are they not? And, do. they not do the jobs American citizens don’t (such as the migrant workers that Mr Reagan to exempt from illegal status and ultimately made 4 million of them citizens WITHOUT any penalty)?

    “Close down sanctuary cities” Doesn’t this go against your claim of improving our inner cities when he proposes removing funding from these cities?

    Trump is taking the stand of America & Americans first. All Americans? What about the disadvantaged? The American worker whose minimum wage is less than 2/3rds of the rest of the developed nations? The uninsured? The homeless? The union workers that his own companies deny work to by requesting H1B visas for similarly qualified foreign nationals? By having his own manufacturing and that of his family’s businesses manufactured offshore?

    “Trump will watch our backs”. How?

    As a military veteran, a small business owner with 5 employees, and the manager of an IT division of Fortune 500 company — who also is a liberal (though I prefer Progressive) — I believe Mr Trump. as the PEOTUS, deserves a chance. I also believe he will disappoint all those who voted for his mantra.

    • Me. Penix
      I disagree with many of your assessments.
      You cite religion for all yet, Christians are being persecuted by the thousands while this administration bent over backwards to support muslims who want sharia Law.

      The stock market is at an all time high but at what expense. Manufacturing is almost obsolete in this country.

      The unemployment rate is down due to worker participation. A statistic you did not mention.

      Our military service men and women were treated horrible and our military is at it lowest level since WWII.

      Heath care premiums are at an all time high. people would rather pay the penalty than the premium. There are still 20 million without insurance.

      More people are on food stamps than ever before.

      With respect to the news, there is no denying false reporting. It’s a fact.

      The job report you indicate 12 million jobs added. While I do agree jobs have been created but they are mostly service related jobs with minimum salary.

      Obama has apologized for America and I heard his speeches.

      Trumps nominations to his cabinet are not career politians who know nothing. He has done more without being President than Obama, he has brought real hope.

      We are still dependent on foreign oil

  20. Carol Ford says
    “Sounds just like the hatred on the Trump side…Thank you Marsha for your opinion…well said…”

    Down a little lower on this thread Carol said, “I would not call him a President….but a ego bigoted racist bully who thinks he is great….Sad man” Short memory eh Carol?

    The first comment sounds like leftists are “sweetness and life.” Then you read the second comment by Carol and you quickly realize that she is as big a hypocrite as the democrat party and the left wing media.

    When are you bunch of entitled spoiled brats going to grow up and realize that you got your asses kicked and that the electoral process worked?

  21. I am so glad I waited till now to read The Village News. The other day I read it so early there were no comments, it was very disappointing. I used to read the comics in the newspaper. Now I get my daily dose of humor from all the comments on all the articles printed here. And, even I get join in. Thanks to all!

  22. Who the hell is Marsha Shearer and why should anyone give a damn what she thinks about anything? Opinions are like butt holes…everyone has one and she has certainly shown hers.

    The list Mayo Clinic could apply to anyone who has ever run for high office. My first thought went to Odummy.

    • It looked to me that she was writing about Barak Obama. These are the same traits that he had.
      *Has an exaggerated sense of self-importance
             *Expects to be recognized as superior to others
             *Exaggerates achievements and talents
             *Requires constant attention and admiration
             *Has a sense of entitlement
             *Expects special favors and unquestioning compliance
             *Takes advantage of others to get what they want
             *Has an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
             *Behaves in an arrogant or haughty manner.
             *Values themselves more than others
             *Looks down and belittles others in order to feel superior
             *Becomes angry or impatient when not receiving special treatment
             *Insists on the best of everything, car, home, possessions
             *Hypersensitive to criticism – perceived or real
             *Difficulty taking responsibility for mistakes and apologizing
             *Doesn’t trust easily and has few, if any, close friends

  23. As to Marsha’s comment about Trump making fun of the disabled. Obama announced on Jay Leno, I believe, that he bowled so poorly he felt like he was in Special Olympics. But of course he was the media darling so nothing was made of it. Also, video clips are dangerous as we have seen many times. If you watch the entire clip you will see he was making fun of a senator who is not disabled. We have had so many protests and so much destruction over snippets of edited video you would think we would learn. But nope–put of a five second clip from a ten minute video and all hell breaks loose. And, no one cares to see the entire video. If they do they find nothing was wrong after all.

    • “…like he was in Special Olympics” … as offensive as specifically mocking a reporter who has a congestive joint disorder? And by the way — I viewed the entire video on his comments — it had nothing to do with the Senator. The clip you may be referring to is a compendium of clips of his various outbursts on the Primary trail and against Sen Rubio. In the full clip he even attacks the reporter for his 9/11 article.

  24. Build a wall make Mexico pay for it, no we’ll pay then collect later.
    Prosecute Hillary appoint a special prosecutor, nope we’ll pass on that one.
    Blames the intelligence agencies for fraudulent news stories.
    Repeal Affordable health care act with a “better ” “cheaper” system that will hopefully not screw the uninsured, holding my breath on this one. Sound like anyone we know?

    • al said:

      “Build a wall make Mexico pay for it, no we’ll pay then collect later.” — Trump made a promise that he is attempting to stand by. As you know, trying to get paid for projects takes a lot of time. Trump wants to get this done now, so that he lives up to his promise. This is one promise that I have no doubt that he could get Mexico to pay for it.

      “Prosecute Hillary appoint a special prosecutor, nope we’ll pass on that one.” — Do you really think he is passing on this one? If he announces that he intends to prosecute Hillary, do you not think that Obama would pardon her on his way out to protect himself? Trump may not do it but he will not discourage congress or anyone else from prosecuting her.

      “Blames the intelligence agencies for fraudulent news stories.” — If the shoe fits………. Do you remember how Obama accused the Supreme Court of being wrong in front of America during his speech in congress? Sound familiar?

      “Repeal Affordable health care act with a “better ” “cheaper” system that will hopefully not screw the uninsured, holding my breath on this one. Sound like anyone we know?” — Looks like it is happening right now. What’s the question?

      He is outspoken. Many of us are like that. I prefer to question his actions more than his verbiage. And his actions are quite extraordinary for someone that has not yet been sworn into office. He is a go-getter and that is a positive thing. He is also declining his salary, which is also admirable. I think that I will at least wait until he is sworn in before casting any adverse judgement upon him.

      • if your idea of a better cheaper ACA is what we have now fromt he GOP, them we have nothing. Which is exactly what ther plan is right now, nothing.

        What does the Supreme Court have to do with intelligence agencies? WHat in the world is wrong with disagreeing with the Supreme Court? First of all money is not free speech … and what about abortion, the SC ruled it was legal yet I have hear many GOP presidents and candidates disagree with that.

  25. Folks, Marsha is not disputing the election. She is not comparing Trump to anyone. This wasn’t about Obama. And her comments regarding Hillary were hardly flattering. Clearly, she wasn’t enthralled by either candidate.
    It might be more worthwhile to comment on the content of the opinion piece rather than some something drawn out of thin air.
    Actually, I thought her last comments about how the primary process could be improved were interesting. I’d like to see some discussion about that. As far as Trump’s diagnosis is concerned, while every politician has some degree of ego/self-confidence, in Trump’s case, it’s debilitating. The symptoms described him to a T.

  26. The elections were about personalities not policies. And the negatives of one were not viewed as significant as the negatives of the other.

    If it were about policies I truly believe that the outcome would have been different. At risk: America’s standing in the world; all of us retirees living with Social Security and Medicare; our children’s and grandchildren’s PUBLIC education; healthcare for our fellow citizens; and, most importantly, the equality we offer by Cobstitutional mandate to ALL current and would-be citizens.

    Yes, Mr Trump is the PEOTUS and he should act on behalf of the entire citizenry of the USA, not just the top 10%. Already his actions suggest otherwise and his statements (Social media, phone calls, or news conferences) cause for alarm not only by Americans but by many around the world. (I say the latter from 6 weeks traveling to several countries since his election and being questioned about Mr Trump and his public actions and pronouncements.)

    So, let’s take give him and his nominees the ultimate vetting (he asks of potential immigrees) and assess his policies and those of the Congress in light of what is beneficial for All citizens.

    • Billy,
      I have to strongly disagree with your interpretation of the election not being about policies. Here are the policies that help me make my decision to vote for Donald Trump.
      Get the damn border closed once and for all.
      Get the tax rates down for everyone and I don’t care how you do it.
      Get a different healthcare system that does not have the gigantic built-in premium increases.
      TRY to get the companies to repatriate and bring monies back into the United States that are currently being held outside.
      Pick a Supreme Court justice or more that enforces the Constitution and not trying to rewrite it.
      Get the education system changed so we aren’t just throwing more money at it with out requiring the teachers to show they are actually doing their job and teaching.
      slow down the gigantic increase in food stamps and deficit.

      I didn’t really care who proposed those changes on either side of the aisle, but unfortunately, the Democrats ran a socialist that would increase many of those items and Hillary Clinton, who wanted to continue the Obama policies an additional four years. I only had one choice that filled the bill.

  27. I can’t believe you people are still whining over losing the election. You can whine all you want for the next 4 yrs. The American people have spoken.

    All your temper tantrums just show the world that the Liberal Democrats would knowingly vote for a woman that is the most corrupt politician to run for President. Doesn’t say much for the Libby’s with their staged riots, fake news, dishonest tactics they used in their campaign. Not to mention the millions of dollars they spent on slandering Trump. How about Hillary getting the questions before the debates? Show a lot of integrity but that word has never been connected with Hillary or her mafia team.

    The Republicans show more class than the Democrats liberals ever will. We lost to Obama you never saw anything like this.

    Our country is a mess BECAUSE of the Liberal Democrat’s. Sounds to me like you hate America for what it as founded on. You hate our value, standards, constitutional laws, God, our flag & our Country.

    Why haven’t I seen all you so-called American liberals outraged at the way your party is still acting? You have blamed everyone for corrupt Hillary’s lost and still are. She & her corrupt team lost for you. CNN with their fake news why didn’t you call them on it? Why, because you really don’t care. All you people care about corrupt Hillary lost. The woman of your choice. No matter how corrupt she is.

    The Libby’s hate Trump because:

    He wants to bring jobs back to America……..which he started already doing.

    Bring law & order back to our country.

    Help the inner cities………which the Democrats haven’t done in decades because of corruption. Obama’s Chicago the worst of them.

    Will take care of our Vets

    Build our military

    Will back our law enforcement. Not throw them under the bus

    Will protect us against refugees coming to America. Not open gates with no vetting

    He will NOT go around the world apologizing for America

    Illegal aliens do NOT have the same rights as American citizens

    Close down sanctuary cities

    Trump is taking the stand of America & Americans first.

    Trump will watch our backs.

    This is just some of the things he wants for us & America. But the Liberals hate him for that? It really makes me wonder about the Liberals Looks like Anti-American to me. You Liberal want us to think 3rd world like Obama tried. The liberals just want to run us to the ground.

    This is exactly why we are taking America back and will make her great again.

    8 days to go but who’s counting!!!!! Gooooooooooo President Trump!!

  28. Perhaps it is what some might consider a “winner’s” disorder. For the past eight years, there were no winners, just losers that received participation awards. Hillary gets NO participation award for second place.

    • I think we’re all past the fact that Hillary lost, we’re just not over the fact that Trump won. If we have concerns, is it your feeling that we should just ignore the signs? How well did that work on 9/11?

      • As evidenced by the comments of the liberal contributors here, they are not “past the fact that Hillary lost”. In fact, Marsha and most of the liberals here are still in campaign mode. It’s time to move on folks. Trump will soon be YOUR President.

        • We weren’t the ones traveling around the country, still in full campaign mode after being elected, basically shouting like a madman “I won, I won, I won”. How presidential was that? Who met with Kanye? Who had his picture taken with convicted Don King? Who was on the stage with him New Year’s Eve…Joey “No Socks”? Not a bit of fake news there folks…showed up on every channel and he was darn proud of it all!

        • gee maybe if the winning candidate would stop tweeting like a 7th grader against anyone who says anything about him we could move on. Maybe once he becomes the president barf, just threw up a little in my mouth), then he will have more to do with his time, there will always be more peoplea gainst him than for him. that comes with the job. only soecial presidents leave office with over 50 percent approval ratings, can you name who there are?

  29. Marsha said: “See if this description by the Mayo Clinic, together with criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), sounds like anyone you know. ”

    Yes Marsha, every one of those traits are attributable to President Obama. Every one of them.

    Nicely written. I like the way you insist that this is not political. I believe you. I believe this is a personal thing for you. When the right responded to Obama being elected in the same manner, they were labeled “racists.”

    I wonder if the left will still feel the same loyalty for Hilary when she is indicted for her many felonies.

    • I also believe many of those traits apply to Hillary Clinton.

      Let’s face it, the public is not used to a political figure that is not polished , tells the truth, and truly has the best interest of America in his heart.
      The professional politicians are in a panic mode. They have lost control of the public purse. The liberals have been brainwashed for the past eight years. Lots of freebies, the working man enslaved to provide a wide range of free stuff . Well it just did not come to pass. Working America is tired of the professional politician looking out for everyone but America. The giving away of our American way of life. Welcome back to the real world. !

  30. OMG here we go again, what we have here are those Hollywood liberal types that can’t accept the outcome of an election. Now, you wannabe wordsmiths can whine for the next eight years hopefully, those that take the time to read this liberal/progressive trash just don’t have anything to do. However, it’s pleasing to me just to see you liberals squirm and whine. Get over it, maybe, just maybe, America is waking up to something better than Obama who has damned near destroyed our Country.

  31. Marsha,
    Thank you so much for voicing what many of us have been too stunned to put into words. I do know by approval ratings of only 38% (for PE Trump) that the majority of the citizens of this country are seeing what you and I are seeing and are also concerned!
    Please don’t let the words of a few here, some even trying to compare President Obama with your astute description of PE Trump, ruffle your feather or deter you from voicing your opinion.
    You speak the truth, as I have silently been seeing it play out over the last year + …….
    If and when, The Donald, leaves office or is impeached, I will shutter on another level….. politically speaking, VPE Pence is very scary to me. He has openly stated that if a gay couple walks into the marriage license office to apply for a license, that they should be ARRESTED!!!! All “gays” should have to go through “conversion therapy”!!!!
    I guess the signs “Make America Great Again” means only if you are not one of the many minorities that “they” don’t like!!!!!
    Sorry, your story was not based on Politics, but this reply definitely is. Just voicing ALL of my concerns for this administration!!

  32. Marsha,

    Excellent piece, once again. “Urine” the minority in the Villages, and I know that the “stream” of hatred heading your way is nothing new. There is a “vas deferens” between the two parties these days, and it’s clear just by reading the comments thus far that Trump’s supporters are expecting him to cast a “shower” of riches their way – one might say a “golden shower”. I think we all are going to get just what they hoped for……

  33. The writer just like the main stream media and the left all share the same common problem. They do not know how to handle a real individual. They are so accustomed to having it there way where politicians cowered to them. It’s refreshing to see Donald Trump act as his own man and fire right back at these liberals. It’s going to be a great year!

  34. Marsha,

    Reading your commentary, specifically the signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I immediately identified your subject as our current occupant of The White House, none other than Barrack Hussein Obama!

  35. Marsha, excellent article, well thought out and well written. It’s not political, it’s about our President Elect and the concerns we all should have. It wouldn’t matter if Hillary had won and this same article described her, I know you would still write it, because you care about this country.

    It doesn’t take a psychologist to realize that you nailed it with his Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you can read and comprehend what you read, you don’t need a degree, just a logical, observant mind. There’s no point trying to reason with someone who does not want to listen to reason.

    • I tried to reason with all of you at the anti-Trump protest until all of you had left the premises! I even offered to come and talk in a cordial manner at one of your Democratic meetings. There were no takers.

      It is normally useless to try and reason with Democratic supporters. Their total venom is directed at Donald Trump as a person. I very seldom hear anything with regards to arguments about his anticipated changes in Obama care, safety at the borders, improving the economy and economic well-being of the country, or fighting those organizations that want to kill us.

      I believe that is the main reason that Clinton did not win. She presented nothing new, and the country was tired of eight years of destroying what Americans held dear as a country.Time will tell whether the next eight years are better than the last eight. I’m certainly willing to give it a shot.

      As your revered leader, Barack Obama said upon winning the election, “elections have consequences and you lost……”

      I smile every time I read one of these attack comments. The Democrats just don’t get it and will continue losing until they offer something useful. I have stated before there is a reason why:
      They lost the presidency.
      They lost the Senate.
      They lost the house.
      They lost the governorships.
      They lost the majority of state senates.
      They lost the majority of statehouses.

      It is pretty obvious, their message is not working.

      • Mike – You tried to “reason” with me? And I see below that you claim that someone told you to go die? Was that me? Did I tell you to go die? Were you a fiction writer before you were retired?

        Silly me – being just a woman, and thereby apparently unreasonable – I thought we were having a nice discussion about the electoral college. During those rare instances when you let me finish a sentence I put forth my case about open primaries, incentivizing people to vote and encouraged you to tell me why you felt the electoral college was still necessary. You did so, and while I disagreed, I walked away remarking to Marsha what a rare treat it was in the Villages to have a conversation with a republican without being personally attacked.

        Now I learn you were there to explain to the ladies the proper way to think and to make your brave tale of tangling with the progressive women even more exciting, you’ve added in death threats! It’s a page turner to be sure!

        Marsha – loved your piece, but this is why I don’t come to the comment section.

        • Chris,
          I’ll try to respond to some of your post. I was never a fiction writer before I retired. I did write one book about the way I did obtain early retirement though.
          You know that it wasn’t you the told me to go die. It was the small, slightly overweight gentleman that I believe you told to move back. I would be more than happy to come to one of your Democratic meetings and point him out to you. If you have forgotten him.

          My offer is still open. I would be more than happy to come and meet in a cordial setting with your entire Democratic group, male and female. I don’t know if being politically correct. I also have to add a few more categories…… Transgender etc.

          I did not go to the library to tangle with progressive women. They were actually blocking the sidewalk. I would normally walk on. It wasn’t a big deal and ice explained I would be more than happy to talk one-on-one with anyone that was suggested from the group. That option is still available.
          Have a great day. The inauguration is coming soon.

  36. After watching his spectacle of a news conference and tonight’s confirmation of a second separate source about his “indebtedness” to Putin, Trump’s self-implosion just gets closer.

    Remember, the Republicans have no great love for him, and Pence would definitely fit their ideology better. The courts ruled in Paula Jones case that a sitting president could still be taken to court for offenses committed before election. Clinton was “impeached” not because of the affairs, but because he lied under oath WHILE president.

    Does anyone really believe that Trump, if sued after January 20th, would not be likely to perjure himself out of his own self-destructive ego? I, and may others, warned of Trump’s narcissistic disorder long before he won the nomination. We are now watching that play out as he accuses the FBI & our national intelligence personnel, all loyal Americans, of being traitors and witch hunters, while praising the Russians and Putin for their support.

    It’s a train wreck already in motion. I say “President Pence” will be on the White House “welcome” mat by the end of the year.

    • I wonder if Hillary will be relieved when she is indicted and convicted of her many felonies, that she did not get elected and have to go through the disgrace of being the first incarcerated president, female president.

        • Did he say anything about preventing anyone else from going after her? Is he going to pardon her? I agree that they have been friends, most Trump and Slick Willie. Maybe Trump is dumb, dumb like a fox. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when she gets slapped with an arrest warrant for her felonies.

          I will be very disappointed if Hillary is not held accountable before some form of justice.

          By the way, I am pretty sure that I will not agree with everything Trump does while in office. After all, he used to be a Democrat. Surely, he is not a total convert. I do not have any illusions that a politician (or Trump) will live up to ALL their promises. Hopefully, he attempts to fulfill a majority of them. But, actually I voted against Hillary, more than what I figured that Trump could accomplish in the position.

  37. Let’s take an inventory of what the radical, left wing liberals have done to torpedo Trump’s presidency since Election Day. They damn near burned down the city of Portland and protested in every major city carrying, “not my president” signs; blocking entry to businesses and disallowing pedestrians to go to work. They’ve instrumented ridiculous recounts and even organized a campaign to entice Electoral College delegates to change their pledged ballots. The fanatics invented a relationship between Putin and Trump to discredit his patriotism and, most recently, written complete fiction, passing it off as hard news. Despite all these efforts, nothing has worked in their delusional quest.

    Now you, Marsha, in your own convoluted way, have come up with a new direction to deface Trump before Inauguration Day; I’ll say he’s mentally ill. What an innovative approach. And I absolutely love your preamble to this opinion by stating your writing has nothing to do with party or politics…then you proceed to rant, paragraph after paragraph, with your vicious venom on how Trump is insane and dangerous.. You even have the audacity to reference the Mayo Clinic as evidence of your demented analysis.

    Marsha, the only people who fit into the category of troubled are you and that mentally challenged pack of radical liberals who follow your agenda. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • Once again Ed, you can’t make a comment without including personal smears and insults against EVERYBODY you disagree with (mentally challenged pack….). Marsha’s comments about Trump’s mental illness are not novel or original (sorry Marsha!).

      It will become more obvious, week by week, that Trump’s grasp of reality is mediated solely by how he perceives himself as superior to everyone else on the planet, and is incapable of “letting go” even the slightest perceived insult or comment.

      As such, even the universally acknowledged interference in our electoral process by Putin is turned into “It’s all about me.. and I won.” He is incapable of seeing the bigger picture- that our nation’s most cherished institution- free and fair elections- were infiltrated by a foreign government that seeks to do us harm.

      Our intelligence agencies and the national news- both organs that Trump now considers as traitorous, never questioned whether the vote count was “rigged.” They only reported that Putin infiltrated the process by hacking, by planting false news stories, and by manipulating public opinion. Somehow, trump is incapable of understanding that, seeing the only important component as being, “I won.. I won, I won.” He has yet to acknowledge that he has a higher responsibility to the nation than bragging about his victory.

    • Ed, thanx for the well written, CONCISE reminder of SOME of the heinous words/actions of the liberal lefties that can’t seam to face reality, and the fact that they have LOST, and the country has WON… am sure you know you could have listed many more items, but we got the message LOUD AND CLEAR

      • Ed always has intelligent comments that are spot on. Glad he has joined the logical thinkers on here. People seem to forget that many of us felt the same way when Obama was elected. But we did not disrupt college campuses and bring life to a halt crying in the corner holding our puppies. Just goes to show you. You’re never too old to be a snowflake.

        • Ann, you make it sound like there were, as Trump would say, thousands and thousands of these snowflakes you speak of. In reality, they don’t even make up 1% of the people who voted for Hillary. That kind of flies in the face of that logical thinking you mentioned.

          • There are 200 million registered voters in the U.S. If we take your figure as accurate, there are not thousands of “snowflakes, but 2 million. Ann, Deena is offended by being labeled a snowflake. How about just, “senior flake.” It’s much more accurate.

          • Another reading comprehension disorder, once again, just bit a conservative in the ass. This time it’s Ed. I didn’t say 1%, and I didn’t say of the registered voters, either. I said they didn’t even make up 1% of Hillary’s votes. You just pick out words and then combine them into your twisted narrative. Can you see how dishonest that is? Please respond…you were very anxious to jump on my comment with your false interruption, let’s hear what you have to say on this writing. Ed, you cannot offend me because that would mean I would have to value your opinion. I value the opinions of those i respect, you don’t qualify.

          • Impossible to do the math since what I said was “they don’t even make up 1% of the people who voted for Hillary.” Everything less than 1% is an infinite number, so Ed’s no mathematician, can’t even comprehend what he’s read.

          • I think you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself, Deena. You have 2 choices…shut up or keep digging. Apparently, you can’t help yourself so just keep digging.

          • What’s the matter, Ed, don’t like it when someone throws your own words back at you? I’m not digging, but you sure are swinging in the wind. Loving it!

    • Harry, most all the people (with functioning minds) said, AMEN!!!… and this bs is very political, Marsha, don’t further embarrass yourself by saying it is not…hey, we put up with your feckless, America HATING assh–e for 8 years>>> suck it up

          • Come on Deena,
            I know from experience, this is the way these things go. Remember the anti-Trump protests when I was told by the “gentleman”, to just go away and die. Just die.
            I have not retaliated with one comment of hate towards any of the Democratic posters and never will. I do always try to stick to the facts and the policies I agree and disagree with as presented by Pres. and Pres. elect. I definitely had reasons to vote the way I did.

          • Mike, I ask Rob to stop the abuse allegations against LiZa and this is your reply? Nowhere did I tell anyone to go away and die, not now, not ever. I made no hateful comment and made no comment on how you voted. WTH?

          • So when 4,000 more people are killed in Chicago under Trump’s rule, will you then blame him? How many months does he get before we blame him for an economic disaster, a terrorist attack, a hurricane?

            Trump voters stated they were angry about Obama not doing more to help victims right after Katrina. Never mind that George W, Bush was president.

          • Deena, I appreciate your concern about discussing the “abuse” issue along with other conversations.

            If you’ll notice, I do not throw personal “insults” or smears lightly. My comments to or about Liza’s behavior are solely present when SHE decides to personally insult or impugn behavior in an abusive manner.

            For example, “hey, we put up with your feckless, America HATING assh–e for 8 years.” There is no excuse for this sort of hate speech. I’m not talking about race, sex, party or political belief, but about raw unfiltered language.

            Liza is perfectly capable of making comments and insults without resorting to vicious personal attacks & I will continue to call her on it when she employs such language.

            Being a victim of abuse does not give one a free pass to abuse others. There are no mandatory orders that anyone must put up their posts on these discussions. If she chooses to participate, if and when she crosses that line, I’m not going to sit back and be an enabler.

            But thanks for your comment. Perhaps all sides will understand the need to stop personal insults or nasty attributions.

        • I hate having to come to Liza’s defense again, but I’m sure we all remember when Liza posted about how she isn’t allowed to have a relationship with her grandchildren, because her child (I don’t remember son or daughter) didn’t want the children exposed to Liza’s particular brand of venom.

          While obviously, as a mother, I support that decision, I can’t imagine the pain of not having a relationship with grandchildren.

          Let’s leave Liza’s estranged family out of it – mock her for her spelling, her grammar, her syntax, her bizarre use of punctuation, her wildly wrong information etc, but family stuff shouldn’t be part of it.


          • Why in the world would anyone post on here problems involving family? Looking for sympathy maybe? SHE made it fair game when SHE allowed everyone on here into her private life. She has no problem going after others with no regard to truth or relevance. I don’t support digging that deeply at another person but obviously, the acid queen does not feel the same way. She actively goes to great lengths to investigate people who do not agree with her. I know, as I have been a frequent recipient of her horrible jabs. She needs to get over herself and move on. Maybe work on her family life in private. We should not be an outlet for her frustrations.

          • Deena,
            I’m not sure where you got the impression that I said it was you the told me to go away and die. This happened at the anti-Trump protest in front of the library and was a shorter gentleman slightly overweight middle-aged. I could certainly pick him out in a lineup.

            I don’t know what comment about my voting you are talking about.
            Sorry for any confusion and especially if I caused it.

          • Mike, it would be easier to follow if you put your comments under the thread that they refer to. Try it, then there will be no confusion as to what I or others are responding to.

        • Don’t make jokes about abuse. It isn’t funny and there is far too much real abuse going on. Pick another analogy. Using child abuse as an analogy to anything written in here is disgusting. Work with victims of abuse for a while. You’ll catch on that it is never a joke.

        • I’m sure that the “grandchildren” have heard worst language on prime time TV. Maybe not used in conjunction with the president, but I am sure that will change as of Jan 20th, and liberal Hollywood.

        • I do not know “Liza” but I am sure that there is no one on here that has not used worst language. Maybe not when referring to the president, but I am sure that will change after Jan 20th. It’s probably better that we don’t throw stones without first making sure the windows are open.

          • Lloyd, swear words aren’t the subject, which you should have been able to get from the comments. LiZa being accused of child abuse is, and the fact that most of us feel it’s inappropriate. Try to stay on track.

  38. Being from NYC I’ve known Donald Trump’s terrible reputation for years, that said I thought Okay…. it won’t be so bad. I mean how bad can it be? Then he chose Pence… uh oh, the man is a religious nut who hates gays… then he chose Bannon… oh dear…. now Sessions, a man who was too racist for Strom Thurmond…. let that sink in. He’s putting men from Goldman Sachs in, the people who were part of the problem. He nominated a woman who doesn’t believe in public schools to be the head of education. His son in law even, which is illegal. Do none of you people who voted for him have any issues with any of these choices? Are any of you uneasy about his Russian connections? Please tell the truth, are any of you having second thoughts?

        • Howard, I don’t think anyone gave him a pass, nor would they for all the others that did it and never got caught. Besides, this is about Trump, Clinton is long past. Deflecting onto one party does nothing to lessen what is being said about the other. In other words, not a valid argument.

          • Yes, Slick Willie was given a pass by the people. They re-elected him, didn’t they?

            The choice was made. The choice was the outspoken candidate without a filter on his thoughts, over a crooked, filthy mouthed criminal running on her perverted husband’s reputation and the failed policies of this administration. Democrats were given a bad hand to run with and they lost to pair of crazy eights. But, the point is that the weak pair of eights was enough to win the hand.

          • That is what Libbys always say when they are put on the spot. Move on.

            Clinton is still with us and if he got a pass then so should Trump.

      • Dignified was probably abandoned as a presidential tradition with Obama. He kind of dispensed with that idea when he bowed to our enemies, disparaged our men and women in blue and then the ultimate indignity when he campaigned for felonious Hillary. And we won’t mention his attempt to influence Israel’s election by funding the opposing candidate. Unless, you are going to excuse him because he is “different.”

      • Hunter
        I don’t know how you can live with yourself, but I would guess you do. You make this opinion forum a joke with your ridiculous crying bull shit information.
        Suggest you stop digging. Your in a hole.

          • Being from NYC and claiming to know all about Trump because they lived in the same city is a bit of a stretch.

          • And, Ann, you would know this how? Didn’t think you were from Manhattan…or any part of NY, for that matter. Anyone who lived, or lives in NYC certainly does know more about Trump than others as he has been for years, a top headline!!

        • The federal anti-nepotism statute at the heart of the current debate states that “a public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official.”

          • Don’t be so sure:

            Johnson signed the nepotism law in response to his predecessor, President John F. Kennedy, appointing his brother, Robert, as attorney general.

            It clearly prohibits the president from appointing relatives to the Cabinet.

            It’s not so clear when it comes to non-Cabinet positions in the White House.

            A court ruling in 1993 clearing Hillary Clinton’s appointment to her husband Bill Clinton’s administration to work on heath-care reform may give the Trump transition team hope in fighting the law.

            Two federal judges said the 1967 anti-nepotism law does not pertain to the White House.

            Jamie Gorelick, a lawyer in President Clinton’s Justice Department who has been working with Kushner on clearing his potential ethical conflicts, insisted she was confident the law did not apply to White House positions.

            “This is not a close question,” she told The Washington Post, citing another law passed in 1978 that she said lets the president hire White House staffers “without regard” to federal personnel laws, including the anti-nepotism statute.

          • Clinton may not have officially appointed Hillary tonacposition but he put her in charge of another health care disaster for which she was paid $100,000.

    • I am not having any second thoughts. I actually am very much impressed by the cabinet members he has settled on. If you would actually take time to read the biographies of these people, you would see they are exactly the ones we need to deal with the problems in the country currently. You won’t take the time, so it does me no good to explain and educate you. I won’t take time to argue the fact that the last president had no political background ( oops, I forgot the community organizer bit) and selected his cabinet from who knows where. We don’t know how well the cabinet will do for Trump but we do know how Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Houma Aberdeen worked out. ( sorry, I don’t know how to spell her name but I don’t really care).

      Again, calling people idiots doesn’t help your argument. I am very proud to be in the basket of deplorable’s.

      • Very well put Mike.
        Very strong cabinet that will finally put America first.
        Enough of the sniveling potus we had for 8 years.
        I believe Trump will make more progress in one year than OBAMA did in 8 years.

    • you know it’s almost like he wants to fail to get out of the job he was just elected too. Pence is more scary than Trump. Trump is just plain stupid, Pence is smart and will use the Bible each and every time.

    • Hunter,
      I can’t even tabulate the number of people you attacked in the following post. It is obvious that you don’t like anyone that thinks different than you do and must add something personal that is negative about them. To me that is very sad.

      Being from NYC I’ve known Donald Trump’s terrible reputation for years, that said I thought Okay…. it won’t be so bad. I mean how bad can it be? Then he chose Pence… uh oh, the man is a religious nut who hates gays… then he chose Bannon… oh dear…. now Sessions, a man who was too racist for Strom Thurmond…. let that sink in. He’s putting men from Goldman Sachs in, the people who were part of the problem. He nominated a woman who doesn’t believe in public schools to be the head of education. His son in law even, which is illegal. Do none of you people who voted for him have any issues with any of these choices? Are any of you uneasy about his Russian connections? Please tell the truth, are any of you having second thoughts?

  39. I’m sorry but I would be more than willing to give him a chance. Just like I did with Obama. I believe you have to be at least a little narcissistic to even run for President. But I don’t see him apologizing to other countries like Obama did. I also don’t see him putting down the police. I also don’t see him putting down our military. And in regards to the long list from Marsha. Where is all the proof of all you listed. Half the stuff written in the press is half truths at best. And I’m sorry, your letter is very political. He is our president, so deal with it.

    • The “proof” is right in front of your eyes and ears…all you have to do is listen to him and watch his actions. Nothing political there…just the acts of a very distressing human being…doesn’t matter if he’s president or janitor…his actions speak loudly as to who he is.

      • I like his actions so far as president elect. I’m going to be especially excited two weeks after he becomes president when he names his first Supreme Court nominee.
        Great times are ahead! Come on, time to start attacking me also as an idiot or whatever. I just laugh about it.

          • I am short. I don’t try to bait anyone to attack me. That is just something that exists in certain people’s personalities. I do list the policies of Trump that I am in favor of and ask for anyone to disagree with them and explain why. Politics is a team sport by the way. I think that is the reason we have a president, vice president, a Senate, a house, a cabinet, and many additional advisers. It is probably the biggest team sport that exists anywhere in the nation. Just my opinion.

      • I have watched him and listen to him, and I still want proof he is what she refers to in that ridiculous long list. I totally agree with Doan, he is not in anybody’s pocket like Hillary was. As far as his treatment of woman, he pays them equal to men. Friend’s daughter runs his son’s brewery. Today’s news, Mexico talking about working with him about the wall. Obama just wanted to let everybody in, the problem with that was Isis has said they were going to come in thru Mexico.

        • Marie, please state your source for “today’s news, Mexico talking about working with him about the wall.” Seems that would be BIG news, yet I can find NO reference to it, not even FOX news.

        • Hmmm…don’t know what news you watch, but I keep seeing the president of Mexico telling us that he’s never going to pay for the wall. You may be watching a bit too much of Stan Jones and his InfoWars.

    • Marie, you say half the stuff in the press is half truths, then you say comparing him to President Obama, ” But I don’t see him apologizing to other countries like Obama did. I also don’t see him putting down the police. I also don’t see him putting down our military.” Those are perfect examples of untruths that you believed.

      • Not untruths. Read what the police say, I check everything on fact check. The military hate him. Again fact checked. Obama sent reps to Travon Martins funeral, tell me, did he do that for the cops ambushed in Texas? The cops ambushed in N.Y?

  40. Well spoken again Marsha, but I fear you’ll need your bullet-proof vest and fire-proof jacket for the comments to come from the posters on here. Just to save face for their perceived “fans” they will never ever agree to anything you say even though it’s all true. I don’t recognize the world that we’re headed into.

    • oh Paula. Your comment is just plain silly. Notice, I’m not attacking you or Marcia, just addressing your comments. You certainly won’t need a bulletproof vest or fireproof jacket because of me. I would be more than happy to debate anyone on the Democratic side that supported the actions of our current president or wants to disagree with the projected policies of our president elect. I don’t get involved in name-calling or smear tactics, only the facts.

      • Well, Mike, since you making comments on my comments that came out of my brain, I feel you are attacking me. If you weren’t intending to do that, then why respond at all? This comment section will never change because we are so diverse. Some, like you, try to come off as kinder…better, but none of you will ever change. Some are so blind that they can’t even see the hate they spew in their enjoyment of tearing down others. Last I looked, still a free country…even here in The Villages!

        • Paula, please show me where I attacked you, rather than just didn’t agree with your information. If I attacked you personally, I truly apologize. I will offer my input, hopefully backed by facts any time I see it put out as “truth”.

          • Your “truth” in my opinion is a little one-sided. I have no desire to get into a war of words with you Mike as I’m pretty sure we would disagree on just about everything. Please stop trying to come off as “Mr Goody Two Shoes” who wants to have a respectful debate. What you want is someone who will sit back and listen to what you have to say…not going to happen here.

  41. You just don’t get it…the president isn’t much more than a talking head. He’s told what to do and what to say. Do you REALLY think the truly powerful would leave their “system” up to the whim of the voters? If voting really mattered, if it could really change anything…they wouldn’t let us do it. Trump played his “Reality TV” role flawlessly. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. This is nothing but a changing of the guard…same government, different guards.

    Don’t fret too much Marsha, he’ll spend like a madman, he’ll borrow like a madman. It’s just different sectors will profit…it’s their turn.

    He’s quite sane.