Two area restaurants cited for only minor violations after recent shutdowns for failed inspections

Two area restaurants are bouncing back with better inspection results after each of them were shut down earlier this year for high-priority violations.

Chef's of Napoli is located on U.S. 301 in Wildwood.

Chef’s of Napoli is located on U.S. 301 in Wildwood.

Chef’s of Napoli on U.S. 301 in Wildwood had been shut down in January due to roach activity, according to inspection information on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The inspection also revealed that some equipment was in poor repair, including a microwave handle that was broken and lights that were not working. A high-priority violation was discovered when the inspector found that a dishmachine’s chlorine sanitizer did not meet minimum requirements. There were also food temperature violations and an accumulation of encrusted food debris on a mixer head and dough machine. The restaurant corrected the violations and was able to re-open the following day.

As of its most recent inspection on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Chef’s of Napoli had only four basic violations. They were in regard to an employee storing personal items in a food preparation area, improper use of sponges, a light not functioning on an overhead hood and old labels stuck to food containers after cleaning.

Little Joey's Italian Restaurant

Little Joey’s Italian Restaurant

In February, Little Joey’s Italian Restaurant in Baylee Plaza in Summerfield was forced to shut down after roach excrement was found near a pizza-making table. There were numerous dead roaches on the floor under refrigeration units in the kitchen, the inspector’s report indicated. More than 20 dead roaches were on the floor in the server station. Four dead roaches were on the floor in pizza station. Six dead roaches were on the floor near a mixer. More than 15 dead roaches were on the floor under a triple sink. Two dead roaches were on the shelf under a steam table on the cookline. The restaurant was allowed to re-open the following day after coming into compliance. As of a March 13 inspection, Little Joey’s met inspection standards and was cited for only three basic violations. They were old food stuck to clean dishware, soil residue buildup on non-food contact surface, and a wiping cloth chlorine sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength.

In the case of both restaurants, violations were corrected on site while the inspector was present.


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  1. Pete-o Peterson says

    people eat at c clubs,look on line and see the crap they do or sorry that’s part of the vilages. after the roach deal at oshucks we couldn’t get a seat for 1/2 hour. advertising did wonders for them

  2. Juliana Prescott says

    How do you not SEE roaches? You have many people working the kitchen and it’s beyond my comprehension that NO ONE was aware???? No interest in either restaurant for being so careless.

  3. Ellie Lemke says

    I hope there’s a surprise follow up in a month or so. I’ve heard both restaurants have wonderful food, but I’d be reluctant to eat at

  4. Jim Kinley says

    Good to hear both restaurants are in compliance. We have found their service and food to be good. Thanks to the health departments and inspectors for the job they do.

  5. Larry Ferman says

    So now the return of the ” Dedicated ” patrons to ignore the past misdeeds, and eat the added….. I’ll call them ” Raisin’s ” in their food.

    Good Luck..Thank You Very Much

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