Only two medical marijuana facilities will be located in Sumter County under proposed ordinance

A proposed Sumter County ordinance sets limits on facilities that dispense medical marijuana.

The ordinance, which will be voted on at a future meeting, was reviewed Tuesday night by the Sumter County Board of Commissioners. A public hearing also was held, but no citizens testified.

“We are bringing this forward primarily because the state of Florida has not provided guidance for these facilities,” said Karl Holley, the county’s development director.

Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment on Nov. 8 that legalizes marijuana for certain medical conditions and permits dispensaries to be established around the state. The state is expected to release guidelines later next year.

The Sumter County ordinance would restrict the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to two, based on one per 67,500. If the county gains 20,000 residents, Holley said an additional dispensary would be permitted.

The same organization would be prohibited from operating both dispensaries in the county, although it could operate more than one if any are added.

Dispensaries may be located only on property zoned commercial or industrial. They could not be located within 250 feet of a school or church, but would not be forced to move if a school or church comes in after the dispensary is established.

They also would be subject to inspection by police, fire and building inspectors and would require an authorization for the premises before opening for business.

Cannabis would have to be stored in a sealed container or locked cabinet and could be dispensed only by authorized employees. If deficiencies are found, the dispensary would be given 30 days to correct them.

Dispensaries would be permitted to make deliveries of cannabis products to residences and businesses.




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    • Deena Graves Kerridge says

      Under federal law, marijuana is still a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it can’t lawfully be prescribed or dispensed and it’s why drugstore chains simply can’t get into the business. According to the federal government, it’s still illegal. Individual states have made it legal, making it available, just not thru a pharmacy. If pharmacies sell it, they lose their federal license, which they need to dispense drugs.

  1. James Radatz says

    My daughter who is suffering from limes disease, has had her card from Michigan for 4 years. She has found other natural remedies that provide better pain relief. At a lower cost. She suffered from severe headaches and intestinal issues that have caused her to have major surgery. Her advice to all, is to find a naturopathic doctor.

    • Paula Russo says

      You obviously know nothing about medical grade marijuana. Patients use it to ease pain where other remedies don’t work. It’s not taken to get high.

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Merle, you are in good company, CUZ i do not know anything about medical marijuana either, AND I DON’T WANT TO… but i am sure russo knows all about it, CUZ she is a MAJOR pain in the a—, and is quick to correct, complain, denigrate and make us wish we were all high, rather than listen to her blather… talk to NORMAL people in Colorado, and see if they enjoy living with a bunch of dopeheads

      • Rich McIntyre says

        LiZa, I have a friend who lives in Colorado. He is a retired solider and he said it hasn’t bothered him. He does not use it but supports the rights of others to do so. Perhaps you would like to repel the 21st amendment and bring back the Volstead Act?

      • Don Stack says

        Again, you never cease to amaze with your unintelligent blather on a subject you have zero knowledge of. The FACT that medical cannabis is primarily CBD, it does not get the patient “high” but alleviates pain. My own wife uses CBD to ease the pain of her contorted position due to Parkinsons and it works AND she does not get high at all. The only “dopehead” I’m aware of is you.

      • Carolyn Parrillo says

        Liza, medical marijuana does not make you high CUZ it contains no THC. Hopefully you and I will never have a medical condition that results in the need for pain meds every day.

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