Village of Dunedin woman charged with filing false police report in sexual battery case

A Village of Dunedin woman was arrested last week on a warrant charging her with filing a false police report in connection with a 2012 sexual battery allegation.

Paula Jean Ayers,

Paula Jean Ayers

Paula Jean Ayers, 44, was arrested on the warrant last week by Lake County sheriff’s deputies.

Ayers is charged with making the false report in October 2012, claiming that a man 20 years her senior had committed sexual battery against her, according to documents on file in Lake County Court.

A detective listened in on a call between Ayers and the man later that same month in which she said she wasn’t going to proceed with the case. She later texted the man and said she was sorry. She indicated another woman had something to do with her bogus allegation, court files indicated.

An arrest had not been possible in 2012, because Ayers had moved to an unknown location in Illinois.

She was booked at the Lake County Jail on July 10 and released after posting $500 bond. She is due back in court later this month.


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    • Paula Meeks Petras says

      Well for everyone’s information this was a false story and have been cleared of any wrong doing. I was the victim in this original case and you idiots with comments about a case you know nothing about should have better things to do

  1. Gloria Dipinto says

    They Are trying to fix a Sexual Battery case gone wrong and a comment thinks it’s a Waste of money ? I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot the story would be different .

  2. Chuck Carter says

    Joseph, it is NOT for the police to prove a crime has been committed, that is for the courts. I am a solid supporter of the police(not cops), that being said, they only collect info & bring it forward to those who have the responsibility to decide if a case has enough merit to move forward.

    • floyd smith says

      Not completely so….The police are the initial investigators.. They have to find enough evidence to charge the person being investigated. The police usually are the first to file charges leading to an arrest…Then it is turned over to the prosecutor.

  3. Eddie Dalton says

    the man who alleged to have committed sexual battery against her, his name need to be cleared. I don’t care how many years it takes. What man would want that hanging over his?

    • Don Baldwin says

      And SHE needs to do the same punishment as he whom was falsely accused would have suffered.

      She should also be placed on the “sexual offender list” to warn others to stay away from her.

      If people couldn’t just walk away after filing false charges…we’d have less false charges.

      • Keith Krause says

        Gotta agree with Don here. It’s a bad thing to sexually attack someone. BUt it’s even worse to falsely accuse someone of it. It’s easier to prove someone DID it, but almost impossible to prove someone DIDN’T do it. And too many times, a simple accusation puts people on the ‘guilty as charged’ list. Many here forget it’s “innocent until PROVEN guilty”. And in the words of a more famous guy than me…
        “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.”

  4. Jean Dulaney says

    Five years later they’re pressing charges? Seems like a waste of government money to me. And Killary still runs free from litigation? It’s a very strange world these days!

    • Joseph Bailey says

      All too often, someone accuses someone of something and the cops react….They should have to PROVE the allegation before they are arrested; unless it concerns a minor…even then, the child should be separated and asked what happened…all too often children are used to fraudulently accuse someone of something; because children never lie…RIGHT???

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