Villager arrested after crashing golf cart into parked car after night of drinking beer

Douglas Alan Murphy

Douglas Alan Murphy

A 67-year-old Villager was arrested after crashing his golf cart into a car parked in a driveway late Sunday night in the Village of Glenbrook.

Douglas Alan Murphy of the Village of Alhambra had been driving a gold Yamaha golf cart at about 11 p.m. when it struck a red Subaru parked in a driveway in the 3000 block of Burbank Lane, according to an arrest report from the Florida Highway Patrol.

The homeowner heard a loud crash and went outside. When Murphy attempted to leave the scene, the homeowner took the key out of Murphy’s golf cart, the arrest report indicated.

The trooper investigating the accident discovered that Murphy’s driver’s license had been suspended as of Jan. 6, 2009. The trooper also suspected Murphy had been drinking and he admitted he had consumed “six beers earlier in the evening,” the report indicated.

Murphy almost fell to the ground during field sobriety exercises. He later refused to provide a breath sample.

He was booked on $500 bond at the Sumter County Detention Center.




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  1. James Radatz says

    Boozers that get behind the wheel of any vehicle are potential murders and need to be treated as such. May D.M enjoy paying all the legal fees he so justly deserves.

  2. Jeff Summerfield says

    Murphy was driving all over the road when he stopped by the police.
    When he wound down the window the officer was blasted by the smell of drink.
    “How much have you had to drink sir?” he asks.
    “Well” slurs Murphy “Sean and me stopped at the pub on the way home from work, and we had about ten pints of Guiness, with a whiskey chaser, then I drove him home and went in for one for the road. We sank anothe six or seven beers, and finished off a bottle of vodka. I then stopped at the liquor store and got a bottle of whiskey for a nightcap”
    Policeman looked in car and saw a half empty bottle, and then told Muphy to get out of the car, which he did, tried to stand up but fell in a heap on the road.
    The policeman shook his head and sighed” I don’t believe it”
    Whereupon Murphy dragged himself to his feet, and hanging onto the car, looked the officer in the eye, and said.
    “Are you calling me a freaking liar?!

  3. Jr Donald T Hood says

    What does the information about his drivers license have anything to do with the article?? He was driving a golf cart. He does not require a drivers license.

  4. warren Johnson says

    But officer, I only had six beers……LOL
    Good thing there was a car in the driveway or else he may have ended up in the guys garage. Too funny.

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