Villager Johnny McCullah enjoying unexpected singing career

Teresa and Johnny McCullah of the Village of Silver Lake.
Teresa and Johnny McCullah of the Village of Silver Lake.

Johnny McCullah came to The Villages from Ohio several years ago.

He never dreamed he’d be a singer.

Here in The Villages, he started a lawn care business.

And then about four years ago, he auditioned at “Villagers Got Talent ” at Katie Belle’s. He did well. Much better than he thought, he’d do.

And that’s when Villages legend Tony D stepped in with a word of encouragement. It made all the difference.

The lawn care business has been sold. Johnny McCullah is – officially – a full-time singer.

“He never even sang in the shower. This came out of nowhere,” said wife Teresa. Johnny still jokingly calls himself “shaky.” If he held a microphone, sometimes his hands would shake. So he uses a headset. Problem solved. He has developed a loyal following in The Villages.

“The whole family is so nice,” said fan Nancy Dodge of the Village of Rio Grande. “He’s an A-1 person.”

Johnny can certainly coax women — and men — out onto the dance floor. A little bit of Conway. A little bit of Billy Ray Cyrus. And a healthy dose of Elvis.

The Villages has become the great city of re-invention. And Johnny McCullah is celebrating every minute of it.

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