Villager gets fourth hole-in-one

Merl McConnell

Merl McConnell

Villager Merl McConnell scored an ace on the 6th hole of Hawkes Bay Executive Golf Course on Thursday, July 27 while playing with the OF group.

He is reportedly an “old hand” at aces, since this is his fourth hole-in-one. He got three of the holes-in-one here in The Villages. 

He was written up in Golf Digest for his hole-in-one in North Carolina, on a par 4 hole.

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  1. Tony Cirocco says

    That hole in one on a PAR FOUR Hole would be an albatross or double eagle!!!

    Not many Villagers can boast of one of those!

    Merl was even written up in golf digest for that one.

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