Villager to make network television debut next week on Steve Harvey show on NBC


Larry Rivellese – with a little help from — will make his network television debut with Steve Harvey on June 21.
The Villager with a passion for opera and softball will appear on the debut show of “Forever Young,” Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC-TV. It is hosted by Steve Harvey and produced by Ellen DeGeneres. Rivellese will sing “Nessun Dorma.”
Here is a video of him singing the number in The Villages:
The show contacted last year after a story and video of Rivellese singing appeared on The feature story detailed his love of softball and his booming tenor voice.

Larry Rivellese was in powerful voice singing an operatic number.
Larry Rivellese

Rivellese spent four days in April, filming his segment on the show in Los Angeles. NBC also sent a film crew to The Villages. They filmed Rivellese playing softball, singing songs, mowing his lawn and working on the water pipes in his bathroom.
Rivellese – who worked as a plumber back in New York — sat down for an interview with Steve Harvey during the show.
“I’m so excited; this means a lot to me,” Rivellese, who has lived in The Villages for nearly 14 years, previously told “They were very enthusiastic about me appearing on the show. They spent a couple of days preparing, and then filmed the show.”

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

While he visited Los Angeles, NBC supplied Rivellese with a wardrobe, music director and make-up. The network even gave him a haircut.
“I told the guy, ‘I hope you don’t give me the same haircut as Steve Harvey; I don’t want to be bald.’” Rivellese said.
Steve Harvey couldn’t quite believe the power in Rivellese’s operatic vocals. “They heard me sing on video and asked how old I was,” he said. “I told them 71. They said, ‘You can’t be that old and sing like that.’ I said, oh yes I can.”

During the show, Rivellese sang “Nessun Dorma.”
Harvey, who was unaware that Rivellese was a serious opera singer, was impressed and praised Rivellese.
“It was great,” Rivellese said.


  1. Great guy, and a great singer and softball player. I recall we were at a restaurant with friends once and did not know he was there. All of a sudden we heard this powerful voice burst into song behind us. He is good!

  2. Larry is a great guy and a great talent. I had the opportunity to play softball with him before he was famous. Good for him getting this extra attention and shedding a positive light on The Villages community.

  3. Great job, Larry. We are all going to watch you next week.

    People should know that the Villages initially refused to let the show film Larry at the softball complex’s. Softball is a big part of Larry’s life besides singing. All the best, buddy!!.