Villager sentenced in theft of iPhones from employee server station at Applebee’s

A 51-year-old Village of Silver Lake woman has been sentenced in connection with the theft of two employee iPhones from Applebee’s restaurant.

Melissa Mae Mullins

Melissa Mae Mullins

Two employees of the restaurant on Bichara Boulevard contacted Lady Lake police on June 4 after they discovered their iPhones were missing from a server station.

Video surveillance showed a woman with a long ponytail and in a uniform enter the restaurant and leave with the iPhones, according to a booking sheet from the Lady Lake Police Department. A police officer checked around and discovered the uniform worn by the woman in the video was a Winn-Dixie uniform.

Meanwhile, another person returned the iPhones to the restaurant, but the employees indicated they wanted to pursue charges.

Melissa Mae Mullins of 1010 Parker Place, an employee of the nearby Winn-Dixie, surrendered to police on June 8.

This past week in Lake County Court, Mullins entered a plea of no contest to a charge of grand theft. She was placed on 36 months probation, ordered to pay a total of $1,118 court costs and fined $262.50.




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  1. Oren Miller says

    The cost of probation in Florida is $50-60 per month. Her probation will cost her another $2,000 minimum. If she asked to do do a drug test at any time with no notice she has to do it. It would have been cheaper to buy two new IPhones.

  2. Elwood White says

    My apologies to all the law biding citizens that live on the Historic Side and those that cherish being residents of were it all started, but I read these news articles every day and noticed that whenever,(but not always,) there is a Villager breaking the law for various reasons other then car or cart accidents, the offender in most cases are from that area.

  3. Len Pittsacado says

    Jimmy, go back under your rock. Nobody does time for petit theft anywhere. The costs of incarceration are too high for most any state to lock them up.

    • Bill Williams says

      Len, you sir are the one that needs to be under that slimy rock. Sentences are light, if folks don’t have a incarceration period, what’s the deterrent? Man, I just don’t know about you, get a grip on reality. .

    • LiZa Adkison says

      Len, PETTY, (not “petit”) theft is swiping a candy bar>>>have you bought 2 iphones lately???

      at least she paid a fine and court costs, too bad that is not the case ALL the time

  4. James Radatz says

    This story needs to be forwarded up north for all the criminals to read. Break the law and the only thing you will get is probation. Welcome to the tri-county area.

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