Villager seriously injured in bicycling accident in Indiana

Villager Howard Alls had a serious cycling accident while riding in Indiana resulting in cracked ribs and a punctured lung.

He had been riding with a friend on Wednesday in Indiana when he decided to stop in a safe area and check on a cell phone message, according to the Sumter Landing Bicycling Club.

He was turning off the main road he had been riding on and turning into another newly constructed blacktop road where he was going to stop. In transferring from one level of blacktop surface to another his front wheel caught the edge and he said the front wheel twisted so fast, he didn’t have any time to react and he went down hard. There were no other bicycles or motor vehicles involved.

A CAT scan on his head was negative with no internal bleeding although some concussion symptoms. He has been in a hospital in Evansville, Ind.


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  1. Chip Griffen says

    Neg. CT and no broken bones? Nope, not a serious bike crash….and, most of Sumter Cycling riders show signs of concussion…every day. Hell, most “of age” show signs of concussion every minute of every day. I always chalked it up to booze.

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