Villager’s son back behind bars a few days after his release from jail

Keith Barnum

Keith Barnum

A Villager’s 38-year-old son was back behind bars a few days after his release from jail.

Keith Barnum, who lives with his mother on the Historic Side of The Villages, was arrested at 6 a.m. Tuesday on a charge of trespassing at the Circle K service station at 3 La Grande Blvd. He had been arrested last year at the service station after groping an attendant. You can read more about the arrest HERE He had been banned from Circle K after the 2016 incident.

Barnum was recently released from jail after his arrest Dec. 29 at World of Beer at Spanish Springs. You can read more about that arrest HERE 


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  1. Ann Eggleston says

    Mom needs to learn to say “No, enough”. But she won’t. I’m sure she believes he is troubled and it is somehow her fault so she is trying to make it up to him. In the meantime she is giving no though to her neighbors and the rest of us who have to suffer the consequences of this overgrown, out of control brat. I think the smirk on his face says what he thinks of all of this. LE should start charging Mommy the costs of his constant arrests.

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