Villages District Commander to speak to POA about non-traditional law enforcement programs

Sgt. Robert Siemer

Lt. Robert Siemer

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Villages District Commander Lt. Robert Siemer will speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15 to the Property Owners Association at Laurel Manor Recreation Center.

The topic will be the sheriff’s office’s non-traditional law enforcement programs including the Peace of Mind program, Vial of Life program, free home security inspection and the scent kit for missing people. He will also update the POA on the latest scams in The Villages.

You do not need to be a POA member to attend this program.




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  1. Larry McMurry says

    These programs help make us the “special” place we are. AND we benefit greatly from the work of many dedicated and talented volunteers that make it all work so well.

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