Villages man known for Special Olympics feats arrested with graphic images at Belvedere Library

John O'Reilly Jr. with his Special Olympics medals.
John O’Reilly Jr. with his Special Olympics medals.

A man known for his participation in local Special Olympics was arrested Wednesday at the Belvedere Library when he was found to have inappropriate graphic sexual images on his iPhone.

John Edward O’Reilly Jr., 34, who resides in the Village of Bonnybrook, had been spotted by a library patron at about 4:30 p.m. typing a random number asking the number to “find him a random little boy.” While O’Reilly was texting, the unknown number sent a nude photograph of what appeared to be a 10-year-old boy, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The witness said the text message sent by O’Reilly requested the random number “find one around where you live.”

John Edward O’Reilly Jr.
John Edward O’Reilly Jr.

At the time, O’Reilly was sitting with multiple young children making paper airplanes for them at the library, the arrest report indicated.

When a deputy arrived, O’Reilly gave the deputy permission to look at his cell phone. A review of the cell phone yielded at least six images/video files that depicted the sexual exploitation of children.

O’Reilly was arrested on six felony counts of possession of obscene material. He was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center and released after posting $12,000 bond.

O’Reilly is known for his involvement in Sumter County Special Olympics. He participated in games in March in St. Petersburg.


  1. It amazes me how clueless some people can be.I am a parent of a disabled man .My son may be in early 20s but also has a mentality of a younger child .Most people have no idea what parents of disabled children have to go through .We do our best to lead him down the right path in life for him to go on.Sometimes they may not do the right things and we have to correct them .Sometimes they just do not understand common sense things .To be honest there are many cruel people out there that take advantage of the disabled. I have had issues where “kids” sent my son pictures of younger girls over 18 yrs old as a joke to get him going .Even though they are over legal age me and my ex wife got wind of it and stopped the games before it go out of hand.My point is just because my son can navigate the internet facebook etc doesn’t mean he understands what he may do or not do can get him in trouble.Please do not convict this fella before you know all the facts maybe he just didn’t understand what he was doing or someone did send pics to him to play him.It is sad he has a strike against him to start with he really doesn’t need another one for the rest of his life.

  2. To All:
    I know John. I know his family. John is a hard-working member of this society. He is 34 and functions at about the level of a 10 year old, caused from developmental disabilities from birth. His mother has more caring attitude in her little finger than most of the people I run into here in TV.
    To Ann…… Yes, it is a sad situation. John has the mental capabilities to be able to bus tables at a local TV restaurant. He is able to often bath and maintain his cleanliness through constant supervision and reinforcement from other adults in his circle of influence. He can navigate a phone. I would venture to bet that any of your 10 year old grand-kids can do more on their phones than all of us combined. And, yes, now that this action has been identified, all of the children who may come in contact with him need to be protected.
    To Chip….. thank you for posting the other article about John’s interaction with the local Police and their fundraising and support to Special Olympics. You are right, John is special. As are all of the kids of parents who also live here in TV and are members of the mentally disabled and participants in the Special Olympics.
    To Paula…. I hate to think that you could be one of my neighbors with that kind of attitude. Like others have said in other responses in this digital response medium…..go back under the rock you climbed out from under!
    To Deb… thank you for your logical and accurate response.
    To Diana…. I am glad you are compassionate towards John’s disabilities. He and his parents are desperately in need of our thoughts and prayers. I do not condone what he did. Now, that his actions identified a need for discipline and monitoring, the parents and the state will do all they can to keep our children safe.
    To Claudette….. read my response to Ann. In addition to John losing his job, income, friends at work, customers at work, access to all of the activities that are available to the mentally challenged, and access to the library……what would you suggest be done to him. Lock him up at taxpayer expense in an asylum and throw away the key?
    To Chip….. Great comment…..”We all know teen boys in a group are capable of.” Enough said. I agree to the question of “participant”. Poorly written article. John was/is a mentally challenged 34 year old that looked forward to participating with all of his friends in the weekly activities that are provided for those citizens of our neighborhood that are disabled through no fault of their own.
    To Ann….. not sure how you found criticism of the police in Chip’s response. But that’s just me.
    Bill Williams…. Same directions and same rock as referred to in my response to Paula.
    Here’s the bottom line. John will lose his job, his ability to stay and function on his own in his own living space. He will most likely lose his ability to participate in all of the activities that are available to the mentally disabled here in TV. He will not be allowed to go the Library, ever again. His parents will have to make some very difficult decisions in the near future for John’s care and living. He will most likely become a ward of the state, and all of us will help pay to house him for the rest of his life. I don’t know what the solution to John is. But, I do know that there are thousands of “John’s and Jane’s” out there that are in the same situation and they all deserve to treated with care and compassion. John had pictures on his phone that “someone” sent him. Does that mean we condemn him to a lock-down facility where he withers away and dies? Unless you have a solution to this societal problem, please don’t waste your time, and mine, by trying to dignify a response.

    • The criticism of Chip’s police response is because of the spelling and his criticism of police in every article where police are involved. It is a pattern. I do not know what should be done about John. It is a sad situation, yet at the same time a very touchy situation. I am not a doctor and I don’t know where the answer lies. It is sad John has lost his work and at the same time understandable. His mind is ten but his size is adult. No one knows what he is capable of and therefore I think the protection of children must be a priority.

    • Thanks, Steve, for your thoughtful, rational, grownup perspective to a very sad occurrence. I wish more of us would choose to embrace this kind of “compassionate concern” rather than “cruel condemnation,” especially when we haven’t walked in the other’s shoes and/or before all the facts are known. I, too, know John and his “tough, loving, concerned parents, and I also am blessed to live in a country that people are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. So rather than throw stones from my glass house, I will say prayers for all involved and respect the law after it’s rendered.

  3. This is not the first time the Pole Lease have had to deal with Mr. O’Reilly Jr. I really do wonder, with TVN’s penchant for finding other links for stories…why leave this one out?

    Hmmm….does not make good “news” to report that a “criminal” has a known mental/physical inability/disability.What fun is it to say that “Autistic Man did X” ? Rather, we let a few who did not read or comprehend the story think that this man was the Bill Cosby of the Special Olympics…he isnt…he is “special”. But, the police did take in a $12k bond for who is essentially a “minor” despite his birth certificate.

    • Since once again people are weighing in without the facts. He lives alone as an adult he is responsible for his actions. As a special needs adult not sure what’s going to happen. But weighing in about parents you do not know you might get some facts first.

  4. So sorry when someone has disabilities, for they were given a life that should not be given to anyone. Does my compassion for the mentally disabled outweigh my concerns to protect our young innocent children? NO!!! He should be monitored carefully and kept away from young innocent children.

    • The Special Olympics is for intellectually challenged persons for them to gain respect in the community. It would seem that he was quite intellectually capable of navigating porn sites on his cell phone. Does anyone know if it went further than that? How long has this been going on? His loss of respect should bar him from the Olympics.

    • As usual “I knew a guy”. This guys name was Andre, he was VERY autistic and was as nice as a kitten. At about 30-35 he would go to the YMCA (using public disabled transit) and he would spend hours in the pool area. Everyone knew him. Andre had the ability to sing just about any TV theme song there was…well, one day a few of the “for real” teens told Andre to go into the womens locker room and pull down his pants….guess what Andre did.

      Andre was banned from the YMCA, arrested and charged with a crime.

      I do not know the level of “disability” the man in this story has…but, one needs to look very carefully at who he was with. We all know what teen boys in a group are capable of.

      And “known for his involvement”? What the hell kind of statement is that? A volunteer or donor are “known for their involvement”. This man was known as a PARTICIPANT.

      • You seem to know “a guy” that relates to every article involving the police. And, the police are always wrong in your opinion. Why don’t you do a citizen ride along on a weekend overnight shift and see firsthand what they deal with. I’m sure you “know a guy” who can arrange this. But, maybe you’d rather just criticize ignorantly.

        • His name was Andre, and at our age, and with what I do for a living – we meet tons of people every day Ann, even more when you are on boards (YMCA, Strongkids, Dogpark, Park Dist, and on and on).

          I have ridden with police (we had to as part of a former position, police and Ambulance). Then again, we only had one EMT OD on narcotics while on duty in our facility…cops, many. Why dont you go ask some ED MD’s what they see. While it is not “as bad” in TV, there is a reason police beatings are all over Televsion – and a reason society is finally fighting back.

          The cops who arrested this guy were probably “following policy”, but, that does not make it right. The cop who had to put in a police report where a DUI guy worked? How is that in any way shape or form germane to the situation? Too bad Katie Belles can not sue him in civil court for defamation. It simply is not in any way part of the story.

          • The beatings that you say are all over television are because they run that type of story endlessly. You know many people so I’m sure you know the media concentrates on the bad. Statistics show that police officers “go bad” less often than clergy and teachers. Yet, they are always the focus of media. The media does not report the stories of good officers do. Recently one precinct in a major city had a run and the officers noticed the children in the household had no beds. They slept on the floor. The officers pooled their own money and bought all three children beds and dressers. Media doesn’t report the good. It isn’t news.

          • BTW, while good, charitable acts are performed by officers every day, you won’t see it on TV. No one is interested. It is only found on police websites for those who get tired of constant controversy and like to read good news.