Villages official offers possible solution in controversy over little white crosses

A Villages official has offered what he believes is a common sense solution in the controversy over little white crosses in The Villages.

Many Villagers have placed little white crosses in their yards, but some have had to remove those crosses after complaints were made to Community Standards. Many Community Development Districts in The Villages have prohibitions against lawn ornaments. A group of residents in Community Development District 4 recently attended a board meeting and defiantly told supervisors they would not remove their crosses.

Amenity Authority Committee Chairman Carl Bell last week announced a possible alternative for those who wish to make an expression of their faith.

“You can put a cross on a flag pole or attach it to your home,” Bell said.

He added that there are also options such as displaying a cross on a flower pot.

The little white cross movement began in Frankenmuth, Mich.


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  1. Bill Sayer says

    “King James” Matthew 6:6

    But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

  2. Glorianne Lowe says

    I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked by the complaints regarding the small white crosses, but I am. Most people in America understand the significance of the cross. It is a symbol of compassion, love and understanding. It is not offensive. It is not a statement of intolerance. It is not a “yard display” in the materialistic sense of the phrase. We purchased our homes in TV because we believe we have found the best place for us to live the life we want to live. We take pride in the appearance of TV and how it is maintained. We have deed restrictions to ensure that the appearance is retained and outlandish and gaudy “accessories” are not thrust upon the community such that our property values are decreased. But, seriously, a small white cross can’t be put in our yard? Are we really so petty that we can’t tolerate a small white cross? Do we have to jump to conclusions that it will lead to intolerable displays? Come on, people, this isn’t a dictatorship we are living in, it is a community. How about we try to remember that and display a little human kindness.

    • Jan Brown says

      The Villages official’s suggestion is ridiculous. The solution is put the little white cross in one of your garden areas among your bushes or flowers. It looks quite nice that way and doesn’t interfere with grass cutting. Personally, “religious” items should be removed from the deed restrictions – I have a 1st Amendment right to free speech, and that little white cross is an expression of that right.

  3. Earle Russell says

    This is an explanation from Freedom Crosses USA. I must agree with their reasoning and the fact that there is an assault on Christians around the world including within the US. Showing your Christian beliefs should be done in many ways. Being afraid that you will be singled out as a criminal because you have a cross in your garden should not be a fear of anyone in the USA. I personally don’t have a problem with a cross in someone’s yard, of course I am a Christian. The only reason I could think of that would make someone get their shorts in an uproar is because for some reason they are against Christian beliefs. In that case they don’t have a leg to stand on. My thought is everyone that is Christian should get a little white Cross and put it in their yard and let’s see how much of a minority there is that doesn’t want them around.
    Dear Fellow Americans
    Over the last few years, I have become deeply concerned about the denial of any reference to God or prayer in our public institutions, as well as the dwindling visible symbols of Christian beliefs in our country. I am sure there are many other Americans who feel the same way. It is time that patriotic Americans and Christians take a stand to demonstrate our love of country and our faith and belief in God to the world before our freedoms are further challenged.
    It takes just one person, one church, one community to forward this movement and inspire others.
    May God bless you and your family and may God bless America.
    Lacey King, President
    Freedom Crosses USA

  4. Ronan Baron says

    I personally don’t care one way or another. But whenever I see one, I can’t help but think that a pet or something was buried in the front yard.

    • Marijane Lanwehr says

      Ronan Baron, Read you input and laughed out loud. That is exactly what I first think of when I see the little things in the ground. How much nicer they’d look attached to a flag poll or to the side of one’s house. Nope, I’m not sold in the flower pot idea…sort a repeat of the pet burial image again!

  5. Judie Brown says

    I have a “little white cross” in my yard. No one has ever complained about it. If someone wants a “little star of David”….so what?? Come on folks…so many important issues in our country, get over yourselves and MYO f@#$%nB. Have a good day.

  6. PD says

    I enjoy the creches my neighbors’ put up at Christmas , and the Lenten cross of another. But the little white crosses make me uneasy. This is still the south, folks. Crosses on the lawn don’t automatically mean peace, love and understanding. It doesn’t look like pride in your religion as much as ‘all others keep out.’

    • Mary Lbi LeMatty Flynn says

      Little white crosses make you uneasy because we live in the South?
      I hate to tell you but you the South is known as the Bible belt. There are even large white crosses out side TV you can see traveling around. What about the little crosses where someone was killed in an accident? You must have a lot of uneasy moment.
      Have you been witnessing cross burnings in TV?

      I stand with Earle Russell, I am tired of Christianity being under attack. The last 8 yrs it’s been more & more under attack by the left.

      Hopefully, you will get over your uneasiness.

  7. Nick Lappa says

    Ya know, instead of all the worry about a little white cross, people better start to worry about all the crime, (yes we have alot of crime in TV), North Korea, Russia, China, Middle East and Muslims trying to change this country, leech politicians, etc., etc. Once all of the above is accomplished then and only then WE CAN WORRY ABOUT A LITTLE WHITE CROSS.

  8. Glenn Daily says

    I know Carl Bell and he is an honest guy. I think those suggestions should not be onerous for anyone. Those suggestions are practical and solves a problem.

  9. Sherren PJ says

    There would be no problem whatsoever if residents were to simply follow the deed restrictions. These restrictions are not onerous and meant to protect our property values. Every resident agreed with deed restrictions when they purchased a home in The Villages.

    • David Cole says

      As far as I know we are still living in a Christian nation if the cross bothers you then don’t look at it. If that does not work then leave.

      • Rob Michaels says

        I have no problems with displaying those crosses, even though they really represent intolerance by minority of some christian sects.

        The crosses began as a response to a town taking a monument off of town property after being sued by atheists. Since everyone was displaying the cross on their front yard, the whole issue became moot.

        Somewhere down the line, the radicals got hold of the idea and added the sad political diatribe that this is a “christian nation.”

        Well David Cole, and other ignorants and intolerants, America is NOT a Christian nation, and it never has been. We hold to a set of ideals rooted primarily in Masonry, which espouses good and decent common behavior and development of the individual to his or her highest potential (That seems to get lost a lot!)

        • Dave Balinger says

          Exactly! We are not a christian nation. We are a republic. The notion that America is “blessed” by some imaginary friend in the sky and favors our country for some reason over others, is simply ludicrous and without any basis in fact.
          Everyone should just abide by the code restrictions and not try to make some “assault on christianity” out of it.

  10. Lou Maruzo says

    The Villages CCD’s will eventually really, really tick someone off who will find themselves an attorney or group and this will end up in a federal court as a violation of their 1st Amendment’s right. Might even be a Class Action as their are actually 100’s of these crosses around TV. All this complaining is a big “Nothing Burger”, to quote a jerk, by people that have nothing else to do.

  11. Karen Duarte says

    Has anyone noticed there is a cross design on the front of The Villages Charter School.
    Of course it is part of the building design and cannot be replaced. Is that be appropriate if this is a public school?
    And BYW they didn’t tell us about deed compliance until AFTER they took our money when we had the “orientation” and ID pictures taken!

      • LiZa Adkison says

        i got mine when i signed my contract to buy… though i did have to ASK for them, though technically, you should have them 72 hours BEFORE you sign a contract to buy… but of course that was back in 2006 when you had 1 hour to make up your mind, or the next 12 people in line would take your place…

  12. barb miller says

    I cannot believe all the fuss about a tiny white cross that most people don’t even see (unless they are looking for something to complain about) – drive down Odell Cir between BV and Morse amd check out the hideous cactus entire backyard – how does that come into compliance – it is a junky eyesore

  13. Will Wilkerson says

    Ah! The ole’ flagpole end around. Let’s see…
    1. MAGA flag?
    2. Confederate flag?
    3. Rainbow flag?
    4. ISIS flag?

    This could be fun. I might have to invest in a flag pole. Are there any height restrictions?

    • Lou Maruzo says

      Several of the Christian Churches around TV will give them to you if you ask about them. There may or not be a small charge but I don’t know if anyone who has had to pay for one.

  14. Dave Balinger says

    If people can put crosses in their front yards, I should be able to put a For Sale sign in mine when I decide to sell. I think The Villages would have a difficult time selectively enforcing this restriction.

    • Chip Griffen says

      Not really, religious freedom in every case where it hits SCOTUS has won – but, then some atheists will come in and demand a freedom FROM religion as opposed to a freedom OF religion. But, that would be disparate cases. Their contention is that of a sign, not that of a religion…plus, this is on private property.

      The fun part – and, factually – religion has started far more wars than region.

      • Len Pittsacado says

        That’s corny. religion hasn’t started anything. People start wars, almost always because of greed and/or perceived injustice. People like to hide behind the mask of religion but except for islam, no religion advocates killing. Hitler, Pol Pot, Japan’s emperor, Castro, Mao, millions dead and none of them under the guise of religion.

  15. Sande Metzger says

    This little white cross isn’t noteworthy enough to even bother with a poll. I can’t believe it’s still in

  16. Gail Bailey says

    Hunter is bazarre open your eyes. I will put up a cross just to say, looking at it in our yard it won’t hurt Anyone. We have nice neighbors.

  17. Chuck Carter says

    Bottom line is that we all signed a contract in that we agreed not to display items of any kind in our front yards. That being said, I have one in my yard. It will stay until someone complains, then I will do as I am obligated to do both by contract and by scripture. Scripture tells me to obey all authority as if commanded by God, unless it is illegal or immoral. So, in my understanding, this is not a “religious right” issue, it’s one of both legal and scriptural authority. If I search hard & diligently enough, I am sure I can find a public place somewhere on my property to legall display the cross. If not, then my life will have to serve as my public display of my profession of faith.

  18. John Kastura says


    Consider conducting a Y/N polls on the question. Should small white religious items such as the small white crosses be permitted in The Villages??

  19. Lou Card says

    Of my four direct neighbors I.e. North, south, east and west, three of the four have the white cross in their yard. Christianity is their faith and the property is theirs. I have no problem with anyone showing respect for their faith.

  20. James Radatz says

    Smart move. Now let the inept, ‘special people (if you can call them people) complain. This country was formed as a religious freedom country and a ‘MINOR’ expression of ones faith on ones property, should never be frowned upon.

  21. Hunter Hampton says

    That opens up the door for Star of Davids, the star and crescent, pentagrams, Flying Spaghetti Monsters……and many more…. can’t wait for the photos.

    • James Radatz says

      H.H. And next, you will demand, that all street signs be taken down, because they could also be considered in the shape of a cross. How about the cross bar in a light post, etc. This is the U.S.A. and it’s about time, all U.S.A citizens be respected and let the nay Sayers learn to mind their own business.

          • Rob Michaels says

            Not Chip, but the highly intolerant James Radatz.

            I have NO doubt that James sits in one of the front rows of his church thanking God with this prayer:

            ‘I thank you, God, that I am not a sinner like everyone else. For I don’t cheat, I don’t sin, and I don’t commit adultery. I’m certainly not like that tax collector!
            Luke 18:11

    • Chip Griffen says

      What is wrong with a Star of David? I must be missing something….I have a better solution…people need to mind their own business…and, the only Flying Spaghetti Monster I ever seen was a mad drunk woman from TV in Chefs of Napoli throwing her food at another woman….

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