Villages Regional Hospital Auxiliary in need of volunteers, particularly in early evening

The Villages Regional Hospital is looking for individuals to join its Auxiliary to help continue the tradition of delivering compassionate patient care.

A volunteer recruitment event will be held Saturday, July 15 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on the second floor atrium of the hospital’s Advanced Surgery Center lobby. Enter through the Advanced Surgery Center door, just off of Clemente Court. Light refreshments will be served and several restaurant gift cards will be raffled off.

“If you’re familiar with the auxiliary, then you know its volunteers work in a variety of departments at the hospital,” said Lou Emmert, president of the hospital Auxiliary. “In fact, they do a little bit of everything – from working at the hospital’s gift shop and information desks to serving as patient representatives to shuttling patients to and from the parking lots to manning the fundraising Ye Old Thrift Shoppe in Lady Lake. They also fill in the gaps by assisting hospital staff and providing extra services for patients, guests and family members.”

Hospital auxiliary volunteers may choose to work with patients, help stock supplies, offer support services in an office environment, or provide services in one of over 30 various departments. A four-hour shift is expected each week and seasonal residents are welcome.

“We are especially in need of volunteers to fill in the early evening shift, from 4 to 8 p.m. as well as weekend shifts,” said Emmert.

Stop by the recruitment event on July 15 to learn more about The Villages Regional Hospital Auxiliary and volunteering. Hospital tours will be provided and active volunteers will be available for questions.


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  1. Michael Gargano says

    That is the last hospital I want to go. It took them two days to get me a tooth brush. One person I know volunteered and was told she needed more computer skills. Start paying people. The only thing they are interested in is money.

  2. Ann Eggleston says

    Years ago whenbthe hospital folirst opened, there was a waiting list to volunteer. Then the volunteers found out how they are treated. TVRH needs to know how to treat volunteers, apparently. Never heard of a hospital with a major shortage of volunteers. TVRH ranks #147 out of 250 in Florida. That’s pretty poor.

  3. James Radatz says

    They don’t need more volunteers, they need more ‘PROPERLY PAID’ nurses and doctors. TVH is out there for the PROFIT. They don’t care about the staff or patient.

  4. Bill Williams says

    Seems to me these hospitals charge enough, they could employ adequate staff. Check that hospital bill when it arrives, I think anyone will agree. Why is it they have to beg for volunteers?

    • Ann Eggleston says

      Most likely because of the way they treat them, Bill. 15 years ago there was a waiting list. Paid staff have to put up with what their superiors dish out. Volunteers do not. They should be treated well and made to feel how much they are appreciated. If someone wants to volunteer, try Haven of Lake and Sumter County. We treat our volunteers right. We appreciate them and we let them know it!

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