Village of Southern Oaks seeks permission for as many as 20,300 homes


As many as 20,300 homes could be built in the Village of Southern Oaks, which includes 4,518 acres south of State Road 44 and east of U.S. 301 on both sides of the Florida Turnpike.

The land was acquired recently by The Villages and Wildwood officials are in the process of annexing and rezoning the land to make way for the massive development.

The Village of Southern Oaks is a separate project from the Village of Fenney, which currently is under construction along County Road 468 about three miles south of State Road 44, the current southern border of The Villages.

An overview of the Villages of Southern Oaks.
An overview of the Village of Southern Oaks.

At a special meeting Tuesday of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board, Special Magistrate Archie O. Lowry Jr. is expected to consider rezoning the land to Age-Restricted Development and another ordinance that sets development standards for the project including conservation, wetlands and wildlife habitat requirements.

Age-Restricted Development is a new Wildwood zoning category that requires most residents to be at least age 55. The zoning requires mixed-use development, including residential and commercial, and a variety of housing types.

About 1.7 million square feet of the land is designated for non-residential use, including recreation, commercial, medical, office and other uses. Another 288,000 square feet is designated for governmental use. A trail system would encourage walking, biking and other transportation modes.

A large portion of the land currently is used for agriculture and that would continue until it is developed.

Earlier this year, The Villages announced the purchase of 8,000 acres near the turnpike which could accommodate 14,000 homes. But the proposed Wildwood ordinance would permit 20,300 homes on 4,518 acres of the property.

At their meeting Monday night, Wildwood commissioners also approved an ordinance to annex 17 parcels totaling about 365 acres of The Villages land east of U.S. 301 and north of CR 468.

Commissioners also heard the first reading of an ordinance to annex 6.7 acres at U.S. 301 and County Road 462 west for the new city police station. They also approved a $39,445 contract to install a new floor at the Wildwood Community Center.


  1. Every day I look up to watch the sky falling. It will be spectacular when it happens, but despite all the warnings, it seems to be still in the same place it has always been. #tiredofwaiting #c’monsky!

  2. Peoples, The Villages builds new homes. The Villages spends beaucoup bucks telling yankees ‘Move to Florida where you can complain that everything isn’t 100% perfect like it is up north!” This helps keep your house value up by keeping interest in this area high. Remember, today’s new resident is tomorrow’s growth opponent.

  3. Good for this corporation. It is not longer a family enterprise. They have had really good “advice?” from financial counselors who also are profiting from this.
    But after 5 years we have seen the writing on the wall!. We thought we could enjoy our retirement with what we hoped would allow us to do with our property as we wished. So we found out that unless you plant Palms, and golf, and MahJongg we don’t fit in!.
    Yes, we now know we are not +55ers even though we are in our 70’s. We like our independence and our rights to our property. We like living without the necessity of having to keep up the appearance of being “In the mix”!
    So happily we found a real place for real people who can be who they want to be and not part of a commune that is ruled by the developer!
    Will send our goodbyes when we move!

  4. Unfortunately, I just now checked my email and saw this. Note that the article refers to a special meeting on it on Tuesday. Turns out that that Tuesday is today. Since the article failed to give the time or location of that meeting, I researched it and found that it was at 2:00 PM, so I am a bit late to attend, much less to ask others to attend. Gee, I wonder how such an important news item failed to make the front page of “The Daily Sun”. It did not even make it as a one sentence article in the local news section.
    There is an overall community benefit to having some areas in a county age-restricted, but past a certain point they’ll do more harm than good. There is also something sad about making an endless supply of cookie-cutter housing developments. Our rights to limited access facilities are not worth much when a developer can sell as man as he wants to simply by declaring new homes to be a part of The Villages.

  5. OMG! Are you kidding?
    20,000 more homes??!!! Anyone who knows anything about Florida knows about sink holes especially at times of drought. Lived in Florida for over 30 years and have been on water restrictions EVERY DAY for the 30 years and still witnessed sinkholes in well established neighborhoods including the block I lived on before coming to the Villages! What we have now in the Villages is not established ground and continuing to build threatens sink holes even more. The water mains are shifting causing these breaks that have occurred in my village at least twice placing the residents on water usage restrictions for possible contaminants. The ground is not settled and further building threatens us all. Anyone not get this? Continuing to build is not good!!!!!

  6. Does anybody still not think that there will be tunnels under 44 for golf carts and that all the land between this place and Fenney, at least, will eventually be developed ? TV is just getting started.

  7. Hope the plan includes a new hospital. As things stand now the current Villages hospital is jammed during snowbird season. Now adding 20000 new homes and about 40 thousand over 55 age residents the current area hospitals won’t be able to deal with things. Where will all of the support staff for hospitals, assisted living communities, restaurants, retailers etc find the help needed? Is any of this being considered in addition to zoning and construction plans?

  8. When, NOT IF, you build, they will come. The history and reputation of the Villages, has made it so that not only TV, but all of the surrounding communities, including the RV parks, has become the area of choice, for those that plan to move to Florida.

  9. We’re in a drought and water use should be at the forefront of people’s thoughts. Of course, when it gets down to the almighty dollar, the $ reigns big time and comes first. No thought is put to future consequences when it comes to grabbing the dollar. The permits that equal future tax dollars, new government buildings and more under the table $ is first and foremost.
    Any smart thinking person on a people’s government Planning and Zoning board would say let’s stop and think just a minute; Where is the water for these 40,600 or so people coming from? What is the budget cost for fire, EMT, police, garbage pickup, road maintenance and all the other service requirements going to be. Where are these people going to go for acute care? Which over loaded hospital are these brain trusts thinking is going to handle this population explosion. Is the developer going to provide all these services? Is the local government going to build the new hospitals required to handle the load? Saying OK to a developer is different than Planning and Zoning where your community is going. I don’t see any Planning and Zoning, I just see show me the money and don’t bother me.

    • Earl,

      We need to think ahead. The baby boomers are retiring now and buying here. When they and we die, The Villages will be a ghost town as there will not be enough population to continue as today. Property values will dwindle to nothing. But hey, the Morse Family is making all their money now and could care less what happens to our property values in the future. And they call this Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. Give it 20 years and the motto will be “Florida’s Friendliest Ghost Town”. Is there ever any end to GREED? The answer is HELL NO! You are right on Earl.

  10. Yipeeeee!! What water problem??? The rest of us can conserve and do without so the Villages can grow. We know there cannot EVER be enough new homes. Just so the family continues to make $$$ Does anyone know the golf courses are using Windows 2000. Too bad the fam can’t really keep up with what they have.

  11. The Villages Company or whatever is their official corporate name is … they are land developers and to think they would just Stop when they used all the land that we currently think of as The Villages is naive. 20,000+ homes will take a while to build even at the pace that they are at now. Our water shortage is temporary and water levels will return. I wish them luck and that they continue to employ as many tradesmen as they do.

    I do wonder why they have not thought to build more under 55 housing, where will all the gardeners, handymen, cooks, clerks and Bartenders

    Skip, I am looking at Freeport, Bahamas as a future refuge. Keywest is too expensive.

    • Our water shortage is temporary? Where do you get this bit of information? Also, you will get your workers from the vast supply of under educated job hoppers that will flock to the area. See any good in that?

    • Good grief, Mike! You must have a special relationship with Mother Nature to make such an absurd prediction. You epitomize denial. If you were attempting sarcasm you came up well short. Earle and Barbara are spot on! Please include me with the list of whiners. The Villages is out demanding itself.

  12. How can the current residents and tax payers in the area be under watering restrictions by one government agency while different a different government agency is in the process of approving the addition of 20,300 homes?????

  13. I don’t see any more impact than if the announcement was for a Del Webb new community being proposed here.

    No doubt they will still be a stand-a-lone with their own town square, medical and golfing.

    and they will have a good view of the prison lit up at night

  14. Holy Christmas, now that’s gonna a nice tax base for Wildwood. Yes, Wildwood is gonna be the richest city on the USofA. I’ve often said it, money and power can do anything, and so it is. Don’t worry about the water folks, team Morse can afford to pipe it in from the ocean and desalinate it, another money maker.

  15. The runaway train went over the hill and she blew,
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