1977 Triumph 1500 Spitfire convertible

  • Mileage: 41278
  • City: Leesburg
  • State: Florida
  • Zip/Postal Code: 32778
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I have always had convertibles, both old and new, but never have had a car that is this much fun. I bought this magnificent car in July of 2016, and I am the third owner. This car has never been up north and has no rust. The first owner was in New Orleans, and the second owner was in Tampa, Florida. You won’t believe how much fun it is to drive! Everywhere I go, I have folks stopping me to ask questions, as well as tell me all about a Spitfire that they have owned in the past. Either that, or they have a friend that owns one. Where did I get it? Is it for sale? Isn’t it fun to drive! Or, how is it on gas? You name it, they have asked it. I have often come out from grocery shopping and found 2 or 3 men or women gathered about the car, marveling about it. Some even wanting me to raise the bonnet, so they can explain all about the engine and the innerworkings of the car. When I stop at a stoplight, drivers roll their windows down to chat about my car. One even asked me to pull over to look inside at the engine, and then launched into a funny story about one that he owned when he was in college. It is quite amazing.

I bought the car because I fell in love with it, but never expected this much attention. I do drive it daily around town, and to the Villages. I am sure it would go further to wherever I want to go, but I don’t want to put more miles on it. It only has about 41,000 miles on it. It has always been garaged, and the woman before me did not drive it, only showed it at car shows. She showed it as a “James Bond” Goldfinger car and had it all decked out as such. The name of the car is Lucy-Loo.

As the car was show ready, I have had to do very little to her. We did have it thoroughly checked out by our mechanic, and he found no problems. I did have the accelerator cable break, and had it replaced. It was fine with me driving it, but I made the mistake of letting a heavy footed male friend drive it, and right after he drove it, the accelerator cable sheared. I don’t know if it had anything to do with letting him drive it, but I have to wonder. It was really pretty cool. The cable broke when I was over in the Villages, about 20 miles from Tavares, where we live. The car just stopped going when I shifted, and I was pushing the car off to the side of the road, while angry drivers were honking and trying to run me over. Honestly! This man from Michigan ran over from the other side of the road and helped me push her over. He couldn’t believe that no one was helping, but instead honking and trying to run me over. He raised the bonnet and found the problem right away. He had no tools with him, but rigged a new accelerator cable from “tie wraps”, which believe it or not got me home to Tavares, and to the mechanic the next day! That guy used to own a Triumph when he was younger and knew all about them! I was pretty lucky there.

My husband replaced the pump for the windshield wipers, as they worked when I got it but did not spray. The gas tank indicator did not work, and he fixed that. We also got a new front windshield, as there was a little ding in it and scratches that were quite annoying. The dual carb has been replaced with a Weber carb, by the first owner. The car was repainted with the original color of Tahiti Blue by the previous owner, as well as newly recovered seats and a new convertible top.

There was no tonneau cover with the car, so we bought a new one and had it professionally fitted and the snaps installed. We had the snaps redone on the top, as well, as they were cheap black plastic snaps that were mostly broken. The guy that did our tonneau cover fixed it to where you can have the top down, but the tonneau cover snaps right on to the top, so you don’t have to remove the top to put the tonneau cover on. This makes it easy when you go shopping, or go into a store. It is now quick to just pop that cover on to protect the inside in case it rains, or to shield from prying eyes. There is a radio with it, but we did not install it, as I use my smartphone and tether it to a JBL speaker. We have also addressed driver and passenger doors. One of the door handles did not work on the driver’s side, so you had to reach inside to open the door. This was a hassle and I quickly got tired of doing that. The mechanisms inside were old and both ended up breaking within a couple of weeks. My husband is a machinist and very handy, so he took off the doors and machined and replaced the stuff inside the door that makes it open. They now work like a charm, and there is no more reaching inside to open doors! He installed metal heat shields to keep the engine cool. We also bought new side mirrors that are round and very classic to that car. We bought everything from Victoria British online.
We have spent at least $2200 on the car, and paid $6500. We are not trying to make a killing, just get our money back. We are selling for $8700.00, below market for that car.

I am very reluctant to sell her, but I recently finished my Master’s degree and am searching for jobs in Orlando, and don’t want to drive that far every day in Lucy-Loo.
She is a wonderful car and a total delight. You would be very lucky to own her. I will be very sad to part with her.

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