To the Editor:

With all the rains we are getting, The Villages said they have to drain some of the water off. Why are we still held to a 10 percent surcharge on water and can only water once a week? Since the water for the lawns comes from the retention ponds let us use the water for our lawns more often.

Jerry Fink
Village of Fernandina


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  1. Ray Gagnon says

    With all the rain we are getting, why the hell are you watering you lawn? If you still insist you need to water 2 or 3 times a week with all this rain, just shut up and pay the surcharge.

  2. Sande Metzger says

    I have had my sprinklers turned off most of June and July. I am amazed at how many residents run their irrigation systems even during rain storms. Spanish Springs water for irrigation does NOT come from retention ponds or recycled water.

    The resident across the street has his running twice a day every day. I understand that lightning often alters the timer but the water dept. certainly must notice the exorbinate usage and notify this snowbird in some way. I just can’t imagine what their water bill must look like.

  3. Don Baldwin says

    Once the rains came back and people stopped watering their lawns, the “emergency” was over. There’s plenty of water, it’s just getting it out fast enough when everyone wants to water their lawn. Restrictions should stop now.

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