Wawa details plans for Lady Lake location, looking to add third Wawa in Villages market

Representatives of Wawa detailed their plans for a new store to be located at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and County Road 466 in Lady Lake.

Wawa officials offered a conceptual presentation Monday evening to the Lady Lake Commission. They pointed out they are proceeding with plans for a new Wawa at County Road 466 and U.S. 301 in Oxford.

They also revealed they are looking to add a third Wawa in this market on U.S. Hwy. 441 near Lowe’s in Sumter County.

There are already 110 Wawas in Florida and the company wants to aggressively add more.

An architect's rendering of the proposed Wawa.

An architect’s rendering of the proposed Wawa.

Wawa officials said the Lady Lake location would create 35 to 40 jobs that would pay above minimum wage.

A Wawa official said that 30,000 cars per day are currently moving through the location where the Wawa would be built. He said the roadways at the proposed location were engineered to accommodate up to 75,000 cars per day.

Two commissioners made it clear they were not excited about Wawa’s desire to build at that location.

“It is like trying to stick a size 12 foot into a size 8 shoe,” said Commissioner Tony Holden.

He said there are other locations in Lady Lake that would be better suited for Wawa.

Commissioner Paul Hannan said Wawa, as famous for the food it sells as for the gasoline pumped at its locations, could hurt mom-and-pop businesses nearby.

The Affordable Lock & Security Solutions bulding, known as "The Castle," would be demolished to make way for Wawa.

The Affordable Lock & Security Solutions bulding, known as “The Castle,” would be demolished to make way for Wawa.

Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, the building known as “The Castle,” would be one of four businesses that would be demolished to make room for Wawa.

Hannan said it would be a shame to see the landmark go.

“I personally don’t think the town of Lady Lake needs a gas station in this location. Do we really need another gas station?” asked Commissioner Paul Hannan.

Mayor Jim Richards polled the commission about the possibility of moving ahead with the Wawa project. He and Commissioners Ruth Kussard and Dan Vincent favor the project moving ahead. Hannan and Holden indicated they are against the project.


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  1. Linda Helmbrecht says

    Landmark? Is that what people use to give directions to someone……go to 441/466, then past the castle(?) on the right?
    I agree with Joe, the owners of the property aren’t worried the building…
    As they say, everything has a price.
    My only concern is, how easy/difficult will it be to enter/exit the parking lot of WaWa?

  2. Nancy Verhelst says

    Three new WAWAs north of 466! How about something in the southern part of The Villages?????
    There are now more people SOUTH of 466, than north. Those of us near 466A, have to travel for everything. There’s plenty of space down here guys!!

  3. Jim Kinley says

    Competition is good. Without knowing all the details regarding the pro and cons of WaWa building in the proposed Lady Lake location, it appears on the surface that they would likely just draw customers away from already established service stations. There is already plenty competition in the immediate area and this is not a high growth residential area.

    WaWa should look where the growth is going to be in the next two or three years. Trailwinds or another location along 466A and along 44 and Morse Blvd. makes sense.

  4. Claire Sheldon Milyo says

    If this location is properly zoned and meets other basic criteria, these “all powerful ” officials having a discussion about saving a “landmark” are proposing to hurt these property owners. That is outrageous to me! Take away the value of someone’s property because you like the way it looks! A free country?!?! Ha!

    • Joe Gyomory says

      I think Holden and Hannon will change their mind when the checks clear. Either way it’s 3 to 2 and looks like the mayor wins. I’m sure the owners of the famous “landmark” aren’t worried about it’s historical value or they wouldn’t sell the property. I never thought that building fit into that area anyhow.

  5. Jim Meyer says

    It’s about time that we got WaWa around here. As to putting Mom & Pop overpriced businesses out of business, that argument was made when Wal-Mart started coming around. Sure some were affected. I prefer WaWa as I have used them in Virginia for years.

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