Wawa tries to win community support for proposed location at U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and CR466


Wawa hosted a community open house at the Lady Lake Log Cabin on Wednesday to try to gather support for their newest location at County Road 466 and U.S. Hwy. 27/441.

Dozens of members of the community as well as members of the Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce attended the open house for an introduction to the new gas station, its products, and a few of its employees.

Wawa employees were serving the company's line of juices and wraps
Wawa employees were serving the company’s line of juices and wraps

The proposed location will feature a property over 6,000 square feet, two entry points on S. Old Dixie Avenue, and one entry point on U.S. Highway 27/441.

There will be approximately 45 parking spaces on the property. The developers have indicated that three large oaks will remain on the property.

Wawa site plan at CR 466 and US 27
Wawa’s location will have two entrances on S. Old Dixie Avenue and one on U.S. Hwy. 27/441

“We are excited to welcome Wawa into the community and as a new member of the Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce,” said Sue Kelly, Director of the Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

“They have a reputation for high integrity, community involvement and as a employee owned company, they traditionally start all employees above minimum wage and offer great benefits,” added Kelly.

During April’s Lady Lake Commission meeting, commissioners split a poll 3 to 2 in favor of approving the property.

Commissioner Tony Holden argued that the space was not large enough to accommodate the facility adequately, despite the site plan suggesting otherwise.

Commissioner Paul Hannan suggested that the new gas station would demolish a local landmark in “The Castle,” the building that houses Affordable Lock & Security Solutions and currently sits at the intersection of CR 466 and US Hwy 27.

“I personally don’t think the town of Lady Lake needs a gas station in this location. Do we really need another gas station?” Hannan asked.

Lake County Economic Development coordinator Sam Weekley estimates the facility will bring millions of dollars in business and more than $100,000 in property taxes.

Wawa officials say this particular Lady Lake location would create 35 to 40 jobs that would pay above minimum wage.

The company also has plans to build two additional locations in the area.

Do you favor the newest addition to the Lady Lake gas station scene? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


  1. I say bring on WAWA .We could use a store like that around here.So much easier to stop by there for items than to go into the crazy shopping areas.Also the bldgs that are on the site now look like an eye sore.Who cares about a castle???WAWA has a great reputation .Good luck to WAWA .

  2. The Castle has been here way before Most of you, and before or about the same time as other things built here, and you don’t know its history. Then that lovely old house, where art frame is….Progress does not mean destroying the community the residents hold near and dear, it means adding and enhancing to the area. Then think of the additional traffic nightmare commissioners, you are asking for a worse problem then you have now. There is plenty of property which is vacant…in Lady Lake…you can still get your tax base. Jobs ? Oh please, dont insult the citizens. Plus your current business owners dont count ? Or are you trying to push them out….along with the buildings for more tax base ? Put in other high end businesses then !!! You had a good start years back…what happened ?

  3. As one gentleman said, Villagers have no horse in this race. Villagers should note that WAWA has chosen locations OUTSIDE of the Villages to avoid becoming part of the Villages family. But, the locations selected attract a huge number of Village residents on their way to somewhere else. They want your money but don’t want to contribute to your community.

    I say boycot them and send a message to other businesses who want to take advantage of raking in our retirement funds!

  4. I live on S Old Dixie, just 1 block from where this is going in. I am THRILLED to have it! I drive 441 rush hour every single day and I can say this… If there weren’t so many retired Villagers taking their sweet time coming through at all hours of the day, traffic wouldn’t be so bad. I think this is great and the Old Dixie entrance will be excellent to avoid 441 drivers. Bring on the WAWA!!

  5. For 35 jobs the traffic impact on the community will be enormous. There are 20 gas stations in the Villages and around the city of the Villages. From the proposed Wawa on 301 & 466 there are 4 gas stations quick marts within a minute drive of each other along with a railroad crossing to back up the traffic. If you can’t get a snack and gas now another “Wawa won’t help you. Try and sell or buy a gas station property. The amount of pollution provided by a gas station is astronomical. The cleanup after the tanks are put into the ground is extremely costly. As far as the processed fast food goes at Wawa, it’s the same delivery truck with the same processed fast food as all the others with the Wawa name on it. There is no significance to putting another traffic jam on at the 466 & 301 intersection especially with the railroad crossing that backs up the traffic in all lanes of that intersection.

  6. YES, I think we need another gas station…The ones in that area rip us off. Everyone though that Race Track would give us a better deal…WRONG; Most days they are higher in price…When Murphy’s moved in on 466, the other two Shells, that were high priced, fell in line with Murphy’s, pricewise. They used to be higher than on 27/441. And that station at Colony is ripping everyone off…I have never been in a WAWA store…looking forward to it…We need competition…And that “Castle”??? It does look like it belongs on a beach somewhere…

    • I Agree! Wish they were closer on Hwy 44 but you can bet I will frequent their Establishment! Love their Breakfast Sizzlers, Donuts, sandwiches, Gas, etc!!!! They are Very Clean, Organized and will be an asset to the Area for sure!! WELCOME WAWA!!!

  7. Brian O., your store on Cortez and Mariner Blvd. is doing just fine. You picked a good location. Went past the new one on Cortez at Main St. in downtown Brooksville yesterday. Another good location. I could use another WAWA T-Shirt so I will be at the new store opening. Hope to see you there. The opening at Mariner was a blast with the Firemen beating the Sheriffs deputies in the Hoagie making contest. There was lettuce everywhere.

  8. With the population growing so quickly it is a win-win for the people and the town. The convenience for the people,taxes to the city, and new job growth will make everyone happy. The removal of the castle? It is open for the public to view it? Does it have any historic value? Can it be moved.

  9. If “the castle” is a landmark, it’s only because it’s a weird, out of place building. It does not fit with anything else in the area. Its only redeeming quality is that a business in the building can identify it to a potential customer by saying it’s the building that looks like a castle. Looks more like a sand castle. Tearing that down seems like a plus to the town.

  10. So excited for WaWa. Never thought going to get gas could be so enjoyable.
    And yes we do need another gas station, and the landmark “The Castle” won’t be missed by the majority of the community.

  11. My wife and I are both previously from NJ. WaWa is a great business and we’re in for a real treat. We frequented WaWa 4 days out of 7 up north. WaWa’s are convenient, clean and accommodating. We’re excited to see them come to our area. With the thousands of new homes being built in the new lower portion of The Villages, we’re hoping WaWa builds a store near Morse Blvd and Rt 44. C’mon WaWa, we NEED you on RT 44.

  12. Go ” WAWA “…Good Luck..as for the Castle…It has always been an eyesore….WAWA..is doing the town a favor by choosing the location and at the same time getting rid of an eyesore..

    Plus the people who oppose…what in the world are you thinking ?