Wawa wants landscaping waivers from Lady Lake commissioners


The developer of a planned Wawa will be appearing Monday night before the Lady Lake Commission, seeking landscaping waivers at the planned location at U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and County Road 466.

The landscape waiver requests for the 6,119-square-foot convenience store with fuel operations will be heard at 5:30 p.m. Monday at Lady Lake Town Hall.

An architect’s rendering of the proposed Wawa.

Wawa will preserve two Historic Oak trees on the site. But it is seeking a landscape buffer waiver to accommodate alignment of the proposed commercial driveways along U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and Old Dixie Highway. Other waivers are being sought due to dimensional constraints of connecting sidewalks, outside seating, a loading area and parking spaces abutting the building.

While the business community, including the Lady Lake Chamber of Commerce, has cheered the future Wawa, it has also had its share of detractors who fear the impact of traffic and the loss of local landmarks.


    • you are oh so right Terry, one WAWA sub sandwich and we’ll make a believer out of Dennis… though i do agree, the Marathon station out at the Pinellas Plaza is a first rate operation>>> the Shell gas is good, the people>>>not so much…

  1. No waivers for WAWA. If they want to do a lucrative business in The Villages; they can live by the same rules all the other businesses accepted. We are not that desperate for another gas station. They can go elsewhere and make their arrogant demands to accommodate their trashy gas stations.
    Stick with SHELL and Marathon. Two first class operations.

    • Dennis, that’s just mean and uncalled for. Just because you don’t like them everyone else can suck wind, eh?
      The city approved the building and like it or not it’s past the point of shutting them down. After all they are keeping two “historic” oak trees, so they’ll be dealing with all the mess like everyone else does. Isn’t that fair?