Woman arrested in alleged theft of groceries blames ‘defective’ scanner at Wal-Mart

Tina Dickinson

Tina Dickinson

A woman arrested Monday after allegedly stealing groceries at the Wal-Mart in Summerfield, blamed a defective scanner in the incident.

Tina Dickinson, 29, of Ocklawaha, initially attracted the attention of the store’s loss prevention officer when she was walking through the grocery section, feeding unpurchased items including chicken poppers and Dr. Pepper to a small child who was with her, according to an arrest report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

When Dickinson went to a self-checkout lane, the loss prevention officer noticed Dickinson bypassing the scanner and bagging merchandise.

She left the store with $43.99 worth of merchandise for which she had not paid, the arrest report indicated.

She denied she had tried to steal the food and said it was not her fault “that the items did not scan,” the arrest report said.

She was arrested on charge of petit theft and booked at the Marion County Jail on $500 bond.




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  1. Debbie Smith Edwards says

    this is the same woman seen all over the Villages and surrounding area begging. she told a friend she needed diapers so instead of giving money the friend went into Target and bought diapers but when she came out the woman was gone.

    • Duane I. Dailey says

      you are so right she has been using that little girl for panhandling all over the Villages parking lots for weeks its time someone caught her

  2. Melvin Tigue says

    ” The woman had initially attracted the attention of the store’s law prevention officer when she fed unpurchased chicken poppers who had been walking through the store with her ”

    The mind boggles trying to imagine how a chicken popper walks with her while being fed

  3. Brent Clarke says

    Maybe she’s just ahead of her time. In the future, you’ll just be able to walk out and it will scan you and your purchases and automatically charge your credit card.

  4. Bob Cochran says

    I wonder what happened to the kid she was feeding the chicken poppers and Dr Pepper to. Maybe the kid is still wandering around the store looking for mommy.

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