Woman reports handgun stolen from her home in Summerfield

A woman reported that a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol was stolen from her home in Summerfield.

The woman reported Sunday that the pistol was missing from her home in the 10000 block of SE 148th Street, according to an incident report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The gun is valued at more than $500.


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    • Ann Eggleston says

      This one was a handgun, Howard. If you keep a gun (or more than one) in your house for protection locking them up is not a solution. They need to be ready to fire–home invasions happen very quickly. But, get a home alarm system. And use it! For some reason TV doesn’t allow home alarms to have an outdoor siren or flashing light. Bad for their “low crime rate” sales pitch, I guess. We were even asked once if we would mind removing the ADT sign up against the house in our front yard. We politely declined.

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