Letter to the Editor: Owens Corning defective roofing shingles

To the Editor:

RE: Owens-Corning defective roofing shingles

Recently I received a letter from Owens Corning supporting my claim that I have defective shingles on my roof.  Similiar to many of the residents in the Villages with the same problem, their solution was to give me credit for new shingles, however they informed me that the labor cost of removing the old shingles and replacing them with new ones is my problem ($10,000) .  This policy of Owens Corning is a recent departure from their initial policy which was to pay full costs for the replacement.  Many of us probably know someone out there who received a replacement roof the cost of which was fully borne by Owens-Corning.   For the many of you  with the same concerns, do you believe that we should initiate a class action suit against Owens Corning or is there some other course of action we should pursue?

Melvin Friedman
Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter