Lynne & Dick Cheney greet fans, sign autographs in The Villages

Roy Narducci shot this photo of Dick and Lynne Cheney at Barnes & Noble in The Villages.
Roy Narducci shot this photo of Dick and Lynne Cheney at Barnes & Noble in The Villages.

Former second lady Lynne Cheney greeted dozens of fans at Barnes and Nobles on Friday afternoon during her book tour to promote her latest book,  James Madison: A Life Reconsidered (Viking Press). Accompanying the second lady was her husband, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I brought an escort with me – I call him my arm candy,” said Mrs. Cheney of the the former Vice President.

The book, a “labor of love” for Mrs. Cheney, focuses on the life and presidency of the fourth president of the United States, James Madison.

“Madison is truly one of the figures you have to know if you want to understand the country that we live in,” said Mrs. Cheney. Cheney indicated that the book took her five years to compile and that she is happy to tour the country now that it’s complete.

“I spent so long writing this book that to be out and about is a great pleasure.”

Villagers lined up early Friday morning for the opportunity to have their copies signed, and some even brought copies of the former Vice President’s works.

Susan Idoni, a former teacher in Michigan who now resides in the Village of Gilchrest, said she enjoyed reading Mrs. Cheney’s children’s books and looks forward to reading about the Constitution. “I thought it was a nice thing for her to come here and have a book signing,” said Idoni.

John and Kathryn Connelly of The Village of Del Mar have been Villagers for four years and made a special stop to obtain a copy of Mrs. Cheney’s book today. John is currently reading up on the lives of the earliest presidents of the United States and hopes to learn more about Madison through Mrs. Cheney’s book.

“It’s mind boggling to realize [the early presidents’] intelligence and guts…to do what they did….we’re very lucky,” said Connelly of our founding fathers.

Rebecca Christensen, a new Villager living in Piedmont, moved here six months ago from Laramie, Wyoming and is graduating from the University of Wyoming tomorrow.

“I don’t get to go back to celebrate my graduation commencement exercises, so I celebrated my graduation with Vice President Cheney!” said an excited Christensen. Christensen indicated that these were the first of the Cheney’s books that she was reading.

“These are the first two [books] on my pleasure reading list now that I no longer have to read text books!” said Christensen.

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For more information on Lynne Cheney’s latest book, try visiting her Facebook page here.