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‘2016: Obama’s America’ filmmaker has warning for Villages Tea Party

Aileen Milton and John Sullivan
Aileen Milton and John Sullivan

After paying tribute to our veterans and fallen troops this Memorial Day at the Savannah Center, Aileen Milton led The Villages Tea Party to Pray, Pledge and Sing God Bless America, dedicated the the men and women who lost their lives defending America’s freedoms. “It is our job,” she said, “to protect America from tyranny,” and she thanked the crowd for attending the Tea Party meeting.  

Aileen then introduced well known conservative filmmaker, John Sullivan, who spoke about American culture and changing values.

The audience listened with rapt attention to Sullivan’s talk about the upcoming film: America — Imagine the World Without Her, which Sullivan co-directed and co-wrote with Dinesh D’Souza. Club president, Aileen Milton, and her crew, showed the trailer for the new movie and handed out movie posters which Sullivan autographed for attendees.

“It is difficult to envision a world without America,” Sullivan posited, “but I believe we are on that perilous course — and it could happen in our lifetimes. When we elect a government which promises to fundamentally re-make and transform the America we knew and loved, and we see the direction they are headed, it all becomes possible.”

Sullivan discussed how the world would be very different if there had never been an America, and sees George Washington as the first American super hero. America was the first democratic republic which promoted liberty and justice for all. My colleague, Dinesh, was born in India, and he understands what it was like not to have the liberties we Americans take for granted.

“No country is perfect, and we have made mistakes, but society would be very different if we had not had our Civil War, Sullivan stated. “Europe would be very different if America had not been involved in World War I and World War II. But there is a whole mentality of shame — Americans have been made to feel ashamed by people on the left, and by a thought police which uses political correctness to censure free speech.

“America is now at war,” Sullivan said. “We are fighting a big internal war against those on the left who seek to destroy us. I want my children to be proud of America. Americ is not the bad guy — it has in many ways been the good guy.” He quoted Ronald Reagan: Democracy is not passed along in the bloodstream. It has to be fought for by each new generation. 

“Back in the day,” Sullivan explained, “Hollywood was conservative. We had John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior — a lot of conservative spokespeople. Not any more.” On a positive note, Sullivan sees some television shows that have started to communicate good family values again, like Duck Dynasty; The Robertsons praying around the dinner table; and Pawn Stars and Shark Tank, which teach how business and entrepreneurship is conducted. “The kids aren’t learning about free enterprise in school,” Sullivan said, “and it’s important that they learn about business and entrepreneurship , about innovation and that capitalism works . The schools don’t teach the kids to think, and think creatively. And our culture does not show us it’s okay to try and fail, and try again. We need to teach our young people how to win and also how to lose graciously.”

Today, the NEW Democratic party is very different. It is does not value American culture, and seeks to change it.  Sullivan received applause when he said he was a big fan of re-distribution of money. “I believe in the re-distribution of my income, as long as it’s my money and I’m redistributing it. America was built on charity and helping the needy…but it is unjust and just plain wrong for the government to take our money and forcibly redistribute it,”

Sullivan and D’Souza’s important new film, America, is scheduled to open in The Villages on June 2.

Sullivan and D’Souza wrote, directed and produced the bold film: 2016: Obama’s America, which became the second highest grossing political documentary of all time. The latter film presented the concept that President Obama’s view of America derives from his father’s anti-colonialism and from a psychological desire to fulfill his father’s dream to diminish the power of Western imperialistic states — like America.

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