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Demolition plans offer peek into future of beloved Katie Belle’s

Demolition plans offer peek into future of beloved Katie Belle's
Demolition plans call for the removal and salvage of the dance floor at Katie Belle’s.

The Villages has filed demolition plans with the Town of Lady Lake offering a peek into the future of the popular “residents only” Katie Belle’s club on Spanish Springs Town Square.

The work is scheduled to begin after the club closes down at the end of this month. Mark Cook Builders will be handling the demolition of the interior of the Van Patten House, home to Katie Belle’s since the early 1990s.

The demolition plan notes indicate that the contractor will “remove and salvage existing wood dance floor” per owner’s instructions” and “carefully remove and salvage bar top.”

The first floor of the building is to be sectioned off into retail space.

The second floor will be a dining area with stage with a separate bar area and space for a large salad bar, according to the plans on file with Lady Lake.

The second-story club will be accessible by both stairs and elevator.

There is a small “green room” with a private rest room for performers.

The plans show a stage and an area labeled as the “dance floor” but in the plans there are dining tables in that area. Presumably, those tables could be removed to make room for dancing.

The renovated Van Patten House will reportedly re-open in the fall.

What do you think about the proposed changes? Share your thoughts with us by taking our poll!

Demolition plans offer peek into future of beloved Katie Belle's
Demolition plans on file with Lady Lake show the new layout of the club.


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