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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Letter to the Editor: The alligator and the duck

To the Editor:

You know you live in a fairly peaceful town when “Breaking News” is about a euthanized duck that was attacked by an alligator. Wow! A Breaking Story! Before reading this we assumed that ducks were consumed daily by gators. They are, aren’t they?
I do not know why there is a need to trap a gator that is merely being a gator and eating lunch. They’re not vegans, ya know. Eating a duck residing in the pond is not an aggressive act by a gator.
What we do with our time: use radio controlled boats to rescue ducks from gators, a noble effort, even if useless and amusing.
I don’t wanna sound cruel but I do find this somewhat rediculous and humorous. However, if you must discourage the gators from eating to live, then consider enlisting the RC airplane club to monitor the ponds so they can dive bomb the gators – or scare away the ducks before they become lunch.
It may or may not work, but it would be more fun to watch. Maybe a coordinated sea and air attack?

Kenneth Peters
Village of Collier

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