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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Letter to the Editor: This U.S. Open worst ever

To the Editor:
It’s time for an opposing opinion. My wife and I have watched golf on television since the 1980’s and I must say that this week’s U.S. Open is probably the worst we’ve ever seen.  In a nutshell the course was only lacking the “Clown’s face and Windmill’  with its penalty for performance setup. But the incessant and never ending chatter from the cover staff repeating the same anecdotes was not only annoying but completely destroyed what we expected to see, golfers playing golf. Absolutely maddening! We tune in to the Golf channel as well as other networks covering various golf venues to watch the play of the participants not listen to the continual diatribe of announcers.  In my opinion the is the WORST coverage I have ever seen on any network for arguably the most important championship in golf and it was played on a course designed for the PUTT PUTT CHAMPIONSHIP and not  for these extremely talented men.

Erwin Muschter
Village of Chatham

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