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Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade looking forward to return to The Villages

Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade will be coming back to visit The Villages on Saturday. He will be visiting Barnes and Noble in Lake Sumter Landing in support of his new book, “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.”

Kilmeade will be making an appearance at 3 p.m. to sign copies of his books.

Brian Kilmeade at Lake Sumter Landing in September 2011.
Brian Kilmeade at Lake Sumter Landing in September 2011.

In an interview with Villages-News.com, Kilmeade said that he looks forward to being back in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, where he gets to meet his most “knowledgeable” and “loyal” fans.

Reflecting on last year’s book signing event for “George Washington’s Secret Six,” Kilmeade called it “the best signing” and has high hopes for this Saturday’s book signing.

Brian Kilmeade signs a book in 2014 for Leo Bouchard.
Brian Kilmeade signs a book in 2014 for Leo Bouchard.

“Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” details a forgotten piece of American history and the first ever encounter with Islamic extremists. Taking about three to four years to research and write the novel, Kilmeade said that he thought that book was very relevant to today’s world.

Kilmeade believes that Jefferson’ battle with the Tripoli pirates has been forgotten due to Jefferson’s rich history. He wrote this book for the every day reader so that they can learn the real beginnings of America’s encounters with Islamic extremists.

In regard to today’s affairs concerning ISIS, Kilmeade believes that Jefferson would not give in to the group’s threats, take military action, and be “relentless and stubborn,” as he did during the Battle of Tripoli.

As for accepting refugees, Kilmeade explains that there was an “outward push from Jefferson to understand all religions.” Thus, Jefferson would be open to the idea of accepting refugees with a screening process and make sure those refugees came to America to be Americans and not for evil reasons.


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