Litter in our communities

To the Editor:

We all live in a beautiful, well maintained, community, where we do not deal with problems that most communities have as issues in their neighborhoods.  Trash, graffiti, dying plants, dirty common areas, etc, Those of us that have lived under these bad conditions, in the past, know how wonderful it s to escape those aggravating problems.. We live in an area, The Villages, where most are considerate to others and never want that to change, or be altered. However, one of the issues I see gathering momentum is littering. Not littering of the normal kind. The litter I refer to is caused by inconsiderate smokers using the entire Village as their personal ashtrays. As many know, cigarette butts are one of the most prevalent pieces of litter/trash on many beaches and common areas across the United States. They are an eyesore  on our sidewalks, streets, lakes and common areas all around our beautiful

Rick Freeman
Village of Dunedin