‘Blacklist’ star Megan Boone gets political on Twitter in wake of shooting

Actress Megan Boone got political on Twitter a day after the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub.

“The Blacklist” star tweeted about proposed gun legislation that was rejected in the wake of the San Bernadino shootings this past December.

The daughter of Villages VP Jennifer Parr tweeted, “I mean, how the hell did THIS happen?!” attaching a link to the U.S. Senate roll call votes, implying disagreement with the outcome.


The vote was 54 to 45, and blocked the passage of legislation which would have prevented suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and explosives, as well as ensuring universal background checks.

Florida’s two senators spilt on the vote. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson voted in favor of the bill, while U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio voted against it.

The vote took place a day after the 2015 San Bernardino attack. Democratic legislative officials are now revisiting the “no fly, no buy” gun control vote following Sunday’s mass shooting.

A Democratic filibuster was launched Wednesday afternoon to force Republicans into voting on the gun control amendment. The filibuster went on until 2 a.m.

The granddaughter of The Villages developer Gary Morse was raised in The Villages and attended Belleview High School. The 33-year-old actress recently gave birth to a baby girl, Caroline.